Farming Simulator 19 – Tending to Animals Gameplay Trailer

Here are my cows And here’s how I feed them… They give me milk I can sell! Now let’s see my pigs! I’ve got what they need! Time to find my sheep… Cute, right? Thanks for the wool! I’ve got chickens too… They seem happy! And happy chickens=lots of eggs! Let’s take care of the rest of my horses… Time to go back home… Farm like never before!

86 thoughts on “Farming Simulator 19 – Tending to Animals Gameplay Trailer

  1. Omg stop hating farming simulator is a good game a lot of people play so deal with it your not forced to watch this video but yes to be honest the format of this trailer was dumb but the other ones are good

  2. the trailer so good, i like it

    single player games always live! fuck multiplayer, battle royal and online games and multiplayer gamers!

  3. I don't think you guys know what a "gameplay trailer" is…. this is not it. I mean it's a nice trailer, but it's NOT gameplay.

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