Farm Girl's puppy goes to BOOT CAMP! FUN! Mini with doggy booties, funny stuff!

hey everyone welcome to the Banshee moon Channel thanks so much for watching the videos if you like them don't forget to give us a thumbs up and definitely subscribe to the channel that way you can see all the good stuff we have coming out and if you leave a comment in the comment section below I can respond at least member we have a new booth Minnie has new boots for the wet season because this last wet season was awful and she didn't want to go outside and get her titties wet so we have love it oh my god how cute is that pink for the little Minster let's see Minnie come put your boots on are you ready to go for a walk sees Minnie mmm she's ready for boot camp camp you're gonna go to boot camp do you like your booty ok so pretty let's go to boot camp thank you good we can't really you ready to go to boot camp okay good breakfast yo your new manager mini come here we'll go outside your turn look like mini funny you you you

30 thoughts on “Farm Girl's puppy goes to BOOT CAMP! FUN! Mini with doggy booties, funny stuff!

  1. I laughed so hard at your poor dog in the booties that I hurt myself. Your videos are so much fun! Thanks and keep going.

  2. Not a bad Idea / Mini gets better traction on a hard wood floor. With those Pink boots. lol. I have seen a lot of dogs slipping and sliding. la la." Slip Sliding away. You know the nearer the destination the more you are slip sliding way: lol Song by Paul Simon

  3. I want to come back in my next life as a puppy ( ; [ I better live a lot of lives, It seems you make me I want to come back as a lot of things. Refer to my other posts. lol]

  4. Esta hermoso tu perrito JENNIFER cuidalo mucho yo estoy muy triste porque hace 3 días se me perdió mi perrita Chihuahua y ya repartimos volantes y no la encontramos estoy triste JENNIFER porque la queríamos mucho a mi perrita

  5. lol that is so funny I knew what was going to happen before you put her done but it was still hilarious. did she ever get use to them.  you should put then on your cat…. lol  I stuck a wad of shipping tape on my cat and it run from one end of the house to the other jumping on tables and sofa , beds up /under drapes trying to get it off. I was cracking up so much but I felt bad after I knew it wasn't harming him. but he didn't know. but still funny ..  p.s. love the dress. You look sweet…. 🙂

  6. That is really funny, Should send that to America Funniest Home Videos, could be worth $50,000 ya never know. lord Bless.

  7. I subscribed to see banshee moon because you are very sexy .now its about animals and dumbshit .go back to what made you famous .if it ain't broke don't fix it ? stay hot gorgeous ??

  8. lol…when I had my chocolate lab "Merl" I would put socks on all his legs and pull them up to his body, I would be in tears laughing at him because he would do the same thing…lol ya it freaks them out for a bit obviously because they can't feel the ground like there use too..:)

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