Farm Basics #1106 Insect Control At Home (Air Date 6-16-19)

B: During our Farm Basics time
today, we’re going to talk a little about insects around
your house, around your yard, and around you! So for
Darren and me we’ve been doing the Ag PhD TV Show for
about 21 years now and we film outdoors, primarily. Well, today is one of the
worst gnat days we’ve ever had, we’re just spending our
time swatting them away. So we want to talk about how to
get rid of some of these insects, so you don’t have
to spend all of your time swatting at bugs. D: Alright
first of all everybody looks at bug spray and thinks,
“Ah, I’m going camping I am going to be outdoors, I am
going to have some bug spray and keep mosquitos off,” and
it does work pretty well if you’ve got some DEET to keep
mosquitos off, and there are other recipes that people
use as well. One that we’ve found that works pretty well
for gnats is a mix of vanilla and vinegar, and it
sounds weird and it sounds like it doesn’t smell the
best, but it actually works pretty well on gnats. Now
nothing’s perfect on gnats. They seem to be one of those
bugs that just comes no matter what, but that would
be our mix of choice, if only we had some today
that’d be great. B: The other thing that we’ve done
pretty commonly is when we’re out wearing caps,
we’ll throw little dryer sheets, so like Bounce or
whatever brand you use – throw a dryer sheet or a few
of them in there, and that, for some reason, seems to
keep the gnats away, too. The pesticides that we
commonly use to kill a lot of insects, like, for
example around your house or around your yard, we suggest
using Tempo. Well that’s made from the chrysanthemum
flower. So it’s like sprinkling a flower around
your house and your yard, and by the way, that Tempo
is labeled for use in your house. So I’m just trying to
say here – yes, pesticides are dangerous to some
degree, but everything is dangerous to some degree,
just always use caution with everything. D: Now the other
thing – with any kind of insect – now today we’re
dealing with some gnats flying around, and this may
not pertain to them quite as much, but when you have
insect problems, a lot of times you have to look at –
well what are they going after, and if you can get
rid of their food source or their breeding area – well
that really helps things. Like with mosquitos, for
example, if you have standing water – water
sitting in an old tire that’s laying around or
something like that, that is a spot where they can breed. So if we can get those
things away from where we want to play during the
summer and have our kids outside, that’s a good way
to keep mosquitos down and other bugs as well. B: Yeah,
and the big thing that a lot of people forget is – it’s
not just that insects are annoying, it’s that they
carry disease. And when you get disease entered into
your body, even if you are a relatively healthy person,
it can take you out for a week or two, and especially
if it’s a child or maybe an elderly person, that might
knock them out for a month or two. So we’ve got to do
everything we can to get harmful insects under
control, especially around where we’re going to be,
like our house and our yard. D: Well stopping annoying
insects is certainly important for your comfort,
but stopping weeds is really important for you to make
profit in your fields. We’ll show you how to stop this
tough weed later in the show.

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  1. I can remember as a kid that everyone had a brown 1 gallon glass bottle in their basement or cellar. I don't what it was but it sure stunk like hell. Lol. But it kept the bugs out of the yard.

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