FARM ANIMALS at SCHOOL? Adley Rides Spirit the Horse on FIELD TRIP with class! (family invited)

91 thoughts on “FARM ANIMALS at SCHOOL? Adley Rides Spirit the Horse on FIELD TRIP with class! (family invited)

  1. I'm not a you tuber;) but I got money! I would pay anything to take garlicb out for the night/weekend & his queen ! I do best night ever 😉

  2. Enjoyed the farm vlog with Adley, but really enjoyed you skate boarding you haven't done that in a very long time and as always the space station with the boys always a lot of fun times!!!Roxanne?

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  4. Now THAT'S a best day ever!! One thing I learned in my 7-ish years of riding…white hay is moldy, green hay is fresh for horses to eat.

  5. Great video with a little bit of all the greatness in one. The skate horse graphic was awesome. The dock-n-park looks amazing already. Best day & Best wishes to you & yours.

  6. My daughter Lilah loves Adley soooo much!! She always asks if she can meet her or FaceTime her ? if you ever want to make a 3 year olds day let us know if she can FaceTime Lilah!

  7. Gone from my daughter picking Adley videos to watch, to me now choosing to watch Shonduras videos. Those old skate videos are awesome man. Love your work!

  8. I just wanted to say that my granddaughter watches your channels every day but I don't mind because I would much rather watch you guys than some of the other channels she likes, you guys are real and you don't pretend that some stupid doll is following you guys & the adults don't dress up and do these dumb skits with your kids! Your real people doing real things and I actually enjoy watching you guys right along with my granddaughter . Some of the other channels I flat right out refuse to watch!! Your doing a great job and your good people with beautiful children!! And you do educational things and fun things. Of coarse I may not enjoy every single thing you do but for the most part I do and my granddaughter doesn't always want to finish watching one of your videos if Adley doesn't make an appearance after a couple of minutes lol! But sometimes I want to finish watching the video, curious on what happens, lol. Oh, and my granddaughter loves the music you play, the sound affects and one of her favorite videos is the one where Shaun got knocked over by those arms going around in a circle then he got hit in the head after, she made me play that over & over & over!!! Lmao!!! She laughed so hard! It was great!! Then she had to show everybody! The sound affects really make the videos so much better! Thanks!!

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  10. Kevin man I might have to fly you out to Toronto so you can build a backyard bowl with an integrated pump track and all the greenery in the world

  11. Instead of telling Adley and Jenny no to a horse break down why you are saying no. All the cost, maintenance, and the huge factor: THEY DONT DO WELL ALONE! So you would have to have at least 2. Its why a lot of people who only own one board them so they are around other horses and so they dont have to muck a stall. Boarding is well over 600 a month, probably even over 1000 and the horses already are 2000-10000 each depending on size and breed and athletic ability. You want to know more watch Skyes Family or Nicole Skyes' videos that have horse in it, especially the one where she buys Girl and the one where she buys Flight.

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