Fantasy Pet Grooming

I’m Jazz. I love pets. I have a dog. Her
name is a bagel. She has been with me for seven years. I really like the way she
looks at me because I can feel the trust through her eyes. No matter how tired I
am at the end of the day, Bagel always makes me feel happy and relaxed when I got home. I graduated from University of Houston
majorly hotel-management. I always knew I would stay in service
industry but I never thought I can open a pet hotel. I still remember the first day at school
my professor told everybody if a hotel is not clean enough, people will never come
back. In our shop, we have at least 30 different size of rooms to accommodate our
customer’s dogs. We keep the rooms nice and clean and organized. We also offer the surveillance cameras which
the owner can monitor their pets at day time through their smartphones. Here, periodical haircuts are very important to
keep our dogs healthy. In our shop, we have well experienced
pet stylist to provide a professional pet grooming service. I have three cats, compared with dogs, cats
don’t like small spaces, so this is why rather than lock them in the small cage or cubes we build a large playhouse for them to jump around. Pet and animal care have always been my
passion, I feel so grateful I can build my career on this. I hope I can share my expertise and a
joy to all the people who love pets.

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