Famished, Exhausted Girl Was Rescued From Under A Bridge | Dog Rescue Stories

47 thoughts on “Famished, Exhausted Girl Was Rescued From Under A Bridge | Dog Rescue Stories

  1. Thank you for saving the little baby Goodwill bless you for what you are doing you are a lovely person thank you

  2. Awww, poor little baby – i would’ve given her bits of food and treats to gain trust. Thanks for rescuing this little darling – you’re a good man! ???

  3. All she needed was love and to trust humans again. Thank god for people like you. Who give these precious animals a second chance. ?

  4. So good to see, this poor little adorable doggy was found by you.
    There should also be penalties for people who abandon their pets. This poor little guy would have died if you didn't find him. How can people be so cold hearted to abandon their pets to die. Humans. People we can be so crueli

  5. BRAVO; that was great what a sweetheart. I love the way she wanted you to keep rubbing her back and head. Thank-you from one rescuer to another.

  6. She is so precious and did not deserve this treatment! Too bad we can't find and punish the horrible people who abandoned he. Thank you so much for saving her. I would adopt her if I were close enough. Thank you God bless you.

  7. Hi thank you so much for rescuing that sweet little Soul. But when you put your hand up above its head with your palm facing downwards it may be threatening to the dog and she may think she is going to be hit, especially if she was hit in the past, where as if you put your palm facing up it’s a friendlier manner of introducing yourself to the dog. Also I wonder why you just don’t take a towel or blanket to throw over her to catch her and bundle her up in it, instead of risk getting bit? That’s how we catch wild and unpredictable animals. They often will freeze and won’t run away as they cannot see. So it a safe way to rescue for both human and animal. Thank you for rescuing!

  8. Thanks for the rescue but don't approach stressed animals with your hand held over their heads, it is a threat gesture. Keep your hands below their head.

  9. This person is doing everything wrong … no wonder the dog isn't responding. His hand over the dog's head is a threatening gesture to dogs. And putting a cup over her head? SERIOUSLY??? I'd bite you too – getting some training in how to rescue appropriately!

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