Family Fun Trip to PetSmart Animals for Kids Children and Toddlers | Jai Bista Show

He want to get one i am getting on of these today i am gettting one of these ones i want that one jai which one do you want jai which one he is getting one too? thats cute I like that one you like that one oh that one is nice oh look there is another he is funny let’s get that one then welcome to Jai bista show Please subscribe my channel mew mew mew Can i see it? Can i see it? mommy look at the birds this is awesome oh no one fall down look its trying to climb because its is trying to get out i want to see it so cute, he wants to come out what is that? is that a dragon? wow so cute he wants to come out wow i think he is going to be happy he is happy now? he is climbing up he wants to come out which bird do you want? you can only pick one look there are three of them in the back 3 what kind do you want do you want one more? can you tell me what kind do you want? awesome wow look black gold fish they have glod fish black gold fish look so many gold fish how about this one? what kind of fish is this? its goldfish too yes wow i have never seen fish like this one before wow i have never seen fish like this one before gold fish so big. what is that up there? goldfish too golden tiger small one yes they are good one this is the good one look at this. this is a small one daddy look let me show you look jai i found the big one, so cute wow hi do you see fish? Its so good jai look i ca see the fish can you show me? its so good thanks for watching, see you tomorrow. Thank you for watching Jai Bista Show please subscribe to my channel

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