Fallout Shelter Pets Ultimate Guide

There are currently three types of pet in
fallout shelter at the moment. The cat, Dog and the parrot. Assigned pets can be used
either inside the vault or outside in the wasteland. One pet may be assigned to each
single unpaired room, with two pets the maximum for double rooms and three for triple paired
rooms. Pets can be found in common form, with generic breed names, rare form with generic
names or uniquely named legendary form. The rarer the pet, the greater the bonus it confers;
but even identical pets may confer bonuses with slightly different strengths. Pets can
be found in pet carriers and are assigned to dwellers in a similar fashion as weapons
and clothing. Today we will look at the different bonus
attributes that can be obtained through these pets and what can be achieved by each.
This one is fairy simple. Happiness increases the “mood” of the dweller its assigned
to up to its max of 100%. Its worth noting that this change is only available whilst
the pet is assigned and the mood will drop once the pet is taken away.
This bonus negates a certain percentage of damage inflicted on the dweller. For instance
if the attacker does a base damage of 10 and you have a 50% damage resistance, the damage
inflicted would be 5. It simply adds whatever value it currently
uses to deal said damage on top of the dwellers current damage. For instance if a dwellers
base damage is five and you add a +2 damage pet the base damage is increased to 7
Each of these bonuses, although different, operate in the same way. Whatever increase
is applied increases the likelihood of acquiring said items when there would be a change of
finding one. For instance when a dweller opens a locker, the dice are rolled and the likelihood
of finding an item is determined. With this bonus, that likelihood is increased.
This bonus simply decreased the time it takes to return from exploration and missions by
the factor applied to the pet, i.e 1.25x, 2x, 3x etc…
Increases the dwellers health by the percentage shown. The highest I have seen is 99% so in
this case if a dweller with 100 health were to equip (in this case shadow) their health
would become 199. Healing speed applies to dwellers in your
vault. They will heal over time if food level are sufficient and remove rads so long as
there is sufficient water in the vault. Both cost and time are reduced by a certain
percentage. The cost reduces the amount of caps needed to produce the item and the time,
well makes it faster. There are pets that can do both making them far more valuable
but usually at a much lower percentage. Reduces the time it takes to reach the next
level in a specific S.P.E.C.I.A.L training room. Fairly simple
Increased the amount of experience rewarded whenever it is earned. For instance, when
killing enemies or whist working in rooms that generate resources.
This pet increases the frequency of the mysterious stranger appearing. It doesn’t seem to stack
and from what I can tell from my research on the WIKI’s and Reddit it seems to be
vault wide and does not make the mysterious stranger appear closer to the pet in question.
The max effect is 7.5 When this pet is applied to a female dweller
it will create a chance for a second baby to be born with the same appearance and specials
as the original. This effect does not stack with the father using a similar pet. I have
found a 75% twins chance pet which seems to be the highest.
This stacks well with the twins chance and increases the special stats your child is
born with. Combined with the twins chance and obtaining a legendary baby, this pet can
seek to give massive advantages to new dwellers. The plus specials are randomly distributed
amongst various values. Perhaps the hardest to get your head around.
When applied to a dweller, their actions count multiple times. Taking Dogmeat for example
who has x3 objective completion, when crafting an outfit it would count as if three were
crafted. The same goes for fire put out, enemies killed, enemies killed barehanded, outfits
collects etc. The effect doesn’t seem to stack but they
can be applied to “groups” who are completing tasks. For instance missions or outfit crafting.
As the effects are localised, it’s safe to use multiple in various different rooms.
Thanks for watching and if you found the video interesting, I have a few other helpful videos
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ill catch you next time. Ciao.

20 thoughts on “Fallout Shelter Pets Ultimate Guide

  1. Why Dogmeat over PiP? Same bonus.
    Just wanted to say I have been playing about 2 months now and since I found your channel I have progressed a lot faster, thanks.

  2. i love that you can have pets. you see i have dog that have 25% chance of twins. so my question is how to i breed pets? getting another dog would be a huge boost.

  3. How do you use the pets that give a bonus to a childs SPECIAL points?

    Do you assign the pet to a female dweller before she falls pregnant,during her pregnancy or what?

  4. Do the pet bonuses affect everyone in the room like does the damage resistance or increased Health regeneration affect only the person it's assigned to or everyone that's in the room with it?

  5. Do objective completion pets effect training? Like if I have a dweller that's training up stat points and has a pet that has objective completion, will it act like it did more than one stat point in one training session?

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