Faking My Death In Front of My Cat – Mean Kitty Reacts

40 thoughts on “Faking My Death In Front of My Cat – Mean Kitty Reacts

  1. He didn’t do anything probably cause he knows you’re alive and maybe he can hear you breathing cause they are animals with that kind of ears

  2. Dude she can sense your breathing and everything . Maybe try holding your breath . She just thinks that layed down

  3. I love cats but most people say cats are selfish. I don't believe that cause every cat is different. In my opinion cats can be very friendly if treated well.

  4. I tried this once with my cat. She was snoozing on top of the sofa (her perch to
    look down upon everyone). I came in and faked a heart attack and collapsed. I
    was down a good five minutes. I looked up. And she looked down at me like
    What? You want an Oscar? You know feeding time is soon… so… get to it

  5. Cat: dude remmember i am not a dog i am not gonna panic. my grand father "lion" taught me to panic only over food

  6. Lol it's a good question but sadly animals know if your really dead or alive we give of a scent that they can smell before rigor mortis great video keep it up

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