Fake Sea World Employee Prank!

Better know my name, i don’t play no games I don’t pay for weed, but I pay the price of pain Can I get three coffees medium! Yeah two with two cream and two sugar and one with just cream! Is that what we want? Or milk? I already have a coffee. Oh shit, it’s too early for this shit boys. Can you hear me okay? Okay, I was wondering I was going on there. The boys are actually doing a FaZeCast right now with FaZe Clan I might get some Ronas for the boys interrupt that FaZeCast and I got the lime Boom. Nelk website is officially live boys. How quick do you think it’s gonna sell out? Don’t know man. I actually have no idea I’m thinking a lot of people are gonna buy it you know they’re gonna sell out probably within at least I’d say 12 hours before we go to bed. Like we said Before we go to bed for sure they’re gonna sell out. I’m fucking shocked right now. Sorry Mic Check one two and three boys just dropped bambinos. What’s that sound? North SP County Do we have to get out of here does that mean we have to dip? No wow if we actually did vlog? How’s that look? That looks sick But he looks more wider now let us know more fat jokes no seasons though what he look like a tree trunk Let us know if the audio is a little better boys. We just got this fucking dead cat it’s called Well, I thought they took the whales out man because of that whole like whale shit yeah But apparently they’re still here That’s kind of fucked man. I don’t know if you guys have seen that documentary on Netflix Called blackfish, but that should actually woke me the fuck up. It’s pretty sad man. I’m like the sea roads actually Fox I hate to say it the way Let’s just die man like there’s no fucking way around it so a lot of comments So like everyone was like kind of cheese They really wanted a hoodie And they sold out so quick so we want to get people a little bit more of a chance We’re gonna actually give you guys some of our own a little stock to be up left We’re gonna give away five Nelq hoodies all you guys got to do follow me on instagram follow jesse on instagram our instagrams are right here And then go spam our instagrams. We’re gonna be choosing five people and we’re gonna send you a hoodie in your size We’re gonna be announcing the winners next week if you’re following us new spam our instagrams You got a chance to win a dope hoodie this one. I’m excited for cuz I want to fuck with them We got Sea World the fuckin name tags lien oh Man when your parents were fuckin rappers, and we actually at Sea World right now. We just got absolutely rinsed on parking $17 to park here The fucking fucking take home a whale First step is always sneaking in boys we got the SeaWorld uniforms on under school boys were you doing the black thing? We’re gonna hide the hot inside the hood I think lean for it Baby buddy look like a certified idiot or what? I’m gonna see some dolphins fuckin flipper Some shitty stars and a fucking shitty day at SeaWorld boys. I’m gonna shit at SeaWorld Buddies come to say hi, eh Hi there Don’t know if I met you. Yeah, I’m leean Yeah, my parents. Oh, you’re not, but I’m is there an employee discount for beers yes What is it? Oh, I can’t…. because I’m working sea lions today? Do you ever work sea lions though no so boring like I definitely need a shock top to get through that you know You can’t just swing a fast one for the boys today really I’ll try that guy over there somebody Yeah, no I just I came to you guys for some advice. I think like I just got recently hired here I’ve been loving the job recently like I really love the animals and stuff, but like last night. I got stoned and watched blackfish I’m just like I don’t know I’m having second thoughts now like how does that ever happen to you guys like? Or. No, maybe it was the blunt. I don’t know, but I’m just like I’m just having second thoughts about it Yeah, no no yeah last night, I just like me and my boys just rolled a quick Jay I don’t know if it was the weed or something but like now I’m just having second thoughts about working here, but I do I fuck with the sea lions and stuff like Like I like the sea lions. They make me happy and stuff, but I’m kind of having second thoughts about working here now I was just wondering if that’s ever happened to you guys Really you never got stoned and watched blackfish? Oh really oh When is that I’m gonna have to prepare for that then oh really So I shouldn’t be stoned right now then oh Okay No, no, I’m kind of burning out. You know yeah, one of those Yeah, is it I might have just been really stoned too. You know that happens, right? Oh Really You’re probably right yeah, next time. I’ll try a backwoods or something. Maybe it’s just it must have been something you know Okay, yeah, let’s go yeah. Let’s go Fuck that lady was not happy. I think she’s trying to follow us now already man Yeah, there’s cops at the front. I saw her like seven times, dude The world has heavy ass security I don’t think that girl like the blackfish joke sound like sure that was like a trained dancer from her man sound like she scripted that shit out of her ass they like an Undercover girl on her phone like following you the whole time really yeah I don’t know and then we were walking out there was like the three like What do they call this officers with like the beige jackets and shit yeah? Coming out as we’re leaving you know what boys we’ve still got another opportunity. We have the zoo uniforms We’re gonna have to destroy the zoo, man. We’re gonna have to make up for it Oh drop a thumbs up if you guys want us to go fucking fuck around at the zoo Yeah These videos are getting Fucking pretty fucking epic boys sucks boys you guys know we’re doing our best even though We still got our court case going on so we’re still doing all this shit for you guys 100% I’m Yeah, oh, we got it okay chimera act like it’s not bad, but it’s pretty bad pretty fucking bad these guys Park, man Oh wow oh wow

100 thoughts on “Fake Sea World Employee Prank!

  1. I clicked on this video to see how you guys would approach this to see if yall were in favor of seaworld or not but thank god i knew yall were smart!!! Fuck sea world. Thank u for caring. They deserve to be fucked with

  2. This is what fake prankers don't understand. The prank doesn't have to have screaming reactions every time, they just have to be real. That's why I'm never unsubbing

  3. YOOOO I remember that fire. I live in north SD county, that shit was kinda close to my house, it damn near burnt my cousin's house down

  4. Hoodies sold out in 33 mins…. idk if y’all can do the math but if you buy 100 k of hoodies and sell them all the more you sell the more profit you get…. cmon guys if y’all wanna be successful sell more merch common sense

  5. Omg when I watched blackfish I was like I never want to give my money to sea world again, ☹️

  6. Yo y’all actually still looked healthy at this point. You guys should detox or something bro, don’t feel like you can’t cause the fans. Put your health first, at least to maintain some kind of balance.

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  8. Hey nelk I have a six flags uniform you guys haven't done a prank yet about six flags let me know !

  9. It must be pretty rough having to show up to work having to f*ck with the sea lions with a weed hangover ?

  10. holy fuck i just watched blackfish that girl talking to kyle is in the movie skip to 41:17 and watch for a few seconds. (its on netflix)

  11. I love that the Canadians are destroying Bud Light. If in Canada and a real Canadian caught u drinking that garbage you would no doubt be shamed and called a piece of shit pussy/jizz spam. Just my two cents

  12. Almost 2 years later and at 2:10 when you mentioned the documentary, I had to watch the movie on Netflix. Good shit guys, keep up the vlogs.

  13. You guys should do a lectures prank where you come in as a waiter and you have a menu and you give it to Jesse or something and make him order some thing off it. Then ask random people stuff like, “can I take our order” and then start panicking when you realize that your low on stock for food

  14. “I was fuckin stoned and watched blackfish last night and it was an eye opener” ??????? fuckin love Kyle

  15. Get deliveries for stuff and then answer the door wearing bondage clothes and ask them if they want to join

  16. That bartender was a fucking piece of shit! How is she gonna be a dyke and not be about the boys? That's why I don't believe in lesbians. Oh my god, those ladies are so fucking white! The way they reacted to him looked like if he told them he'd shot up meth and went on a murder spree.

  17. "Blackfish is propaganda. It's trying to sway you." -Wendy
    Wendy needs to go fuck herself. Or get raped by a sword fish.

  18. Dammm, I wanted u guys to go @Seaworld hard, Those workers get so uptight when u bring up that documentary!

  19. Bro that chick at sea world was swaying you into thinking sea world is an actual good place that treats the animals right. Hell no that place is far from morally correct.

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