FAKE LOL Surprise fuzzy Pets wave 2 Makeover Series LOL Surprise dolls

37 thoughts on “FAKE LOL Surprise fuzzy Pets wave 2 Makeover Series LOL Surprise dolls

  1. HI Kristen Ingold! Great video! The LOL pets are so cute. That fake shampoo bottle looked very similar. I think cheap ones do not cost as much. I think that it is okay if there are kids that can not afford the real ones. They should get to have fun too. If they fake ones cost the same then that is bad. The fake stickers are not good, I do not think they stick that well. I still think the fake pet looks cute. I just always love pets and animals. I do not even know where they sell fake ones. I have never seen a fake one in real life. You said it was super cheap so that is better then being super expensive. The is funny that you thought the cat was a pony. I think that pony looks a little like a cat too. I liked her dark hair and her dark tail. I thought she looked cool in her out fit. I forget what her name is. Your video was really great and fun to watch. I wonder if they will LOLs forever. I hope you have a very nice day and I hope you have fun making lots of new videos. Good bye.

  2. Your nails are Gorg! Thanks for comparing the fake vs real LOLS. Super interesting. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. What an awesome video Kristen…enjoyed watching every minute of it and stay connected ^^ Keep it up

  4. I like the idea of the fuzzy pets staying fuzzy maybe just take off the fuzz from their face…the fake one is cute but not a pet and definitely not as good as the original ???

  5. I think these dots on the bottle top on the original fuzzy pets is the water drain. And after you got the first round of the pet, you can take this cap out and drain the excess water while the fuzz is in the top of the shampoo bottle shaped capsule for the fuzzy pets~

  6. I'm sorry to have to say but the music is hurting our ears we can't tell what you are saying … but we still love your other videos! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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