Fake In-N-Out Employee Prank!

Holy fuck that is actually insane you gotta show them this 905 We’re checking on eBay right now. You guys are tweeting us this shit nelk hoodies are getting resold for fucking insane amounts They even put like rare one see that’s a it’s going for a $510 U.S right now. Holy shit, that’s insane, boys if you’re gonna want nelk merch You’re gonna have to like wait for that upload when we release man Cause.. Yeah, that’s what we’re saying guys It’s gonna pop cuz now someone’s fucking making all the money off of us eh? buddy’s gonna get richer than us I want dope people wearing it. I don’t want everyone wearing it I don’t want your fucking grandma wearing it You know? I mean if she looks dope in it she can wear it as a dope grab a bean on dope gram is only Monty’s dope uncle’s also can pass yeah, yeah, throw your aunties in the hoodies boys And send me pics. Alright boys were leaving San Diego cars packed up. It’s quite a fucking adventure boys Copenhagen. Yeah? What flavor? Good man! How you doing bro? Good dude. The warehouse yeah, can I curse on your channel? Yes, you can be yourself! let it out right now. Fuck do anything you want let him let I don’t think I’ve ever said fuck on YouTube Oh my god Wow it didn’t bleep? no. Fuck, it didn’t bleep again? Try one more time one more time fuck it didn’t go I’m a fucking faggot! Geez boy. Holy.. this is where everyone gets everything done, so everyone like ship stuff out of here There’s just like literally people working here like all day long shipping stuff. These are all offices. You got to meet Jessica I Had you do it too hard, right No, no, I’m sorry I’m sorry. I had to do it No yeah, I will clean it I had to do it. I will personally get me work here you don’t It’s not funny I’m sorry Like where is it look? I already I’ve done it a few times. This isn’t my first rodeo good Well hot chocolate cones take some snacks for your road like just take anything from here. I’m already kinda guys. Oh Yeah, bro load up on huge plays bring mad props to Tanner man. Thank you, bro Fucking let it but to make a movie independent need new trucks independent. I need you to listen to the vision I said I noted this is Cruz when New York’s I moved out. Yeah, yo, it’s so crazy I’m like yo, what is this guy recording fuckin shitty my Fucking email – I don’t got Instagram and on that shit cuz I got a girl saw me talking to bitches on there Yeah, I’m not even trying to fuck with that. Yeah, why you say, I’ll buy you Get back for Christmas to Canada fuck Christmas. I know fuck parents and sure it is so flushes I am just an icon livid shut up like a level misfit. Just did it whoa? Five minutes today, we’re fuckin Merrill Morrell Merrill Good my idiot Yo, dude, we’re all out of animal fries By the way, oh, yeah, yeah, I was a Brina told me to tell you about That too just the regular fry for yours, then I’m sorry I ate the last bunch of animal fries cuz I was really hungry Sorry about that. Yeah, she got mad at me cuz I just munched them all you know so yeah, we gotta know Yeah, we don’t at the moment unless I get in there wired up. Are you good men okay? Oh Jade Marilyn Marilyn s Yeah, it’s my first day. Oh, yeah Someone just told me Meryl just told me It’s Morrell oh I got it. Okay. Oh they just told me that get on animal cries. Okay, okay, okay? Well, I’m sorry about that confusion here, so I guess I’m shadowing you today. That’s what they said oh, okay? Yeah, so I guess me knew Jarrod and Meryl yeah, yeah, man Yeah, yeah, let’s get it, so I knew it when do I get to fuck with the Machine and shit oh? Hey there. I’m Merrill here nice to meet you. I forgot my non-slip shoes. It’s my first day. Is that an issue? I don’t want to be slipping and sliding around in there. Yeah shoes no He didn’t I didn’t want to tell him because he’s kind of scary I’m really only doing this just a fun like my first rap mixtape cuz I’m an up-and-coming rapper I don’t know if you’ve heard of me I Don’t think you’re supposed to be out here Because they got mad at me for eating the animal fries already, so that’s why they said go shadow Jerrod Oh, okay, so you’re okay? Hold this okay? I’m gonna let you follow me. Okay. Let’s let’s do this Do you want me to play my mixtape while we do it? No. It’s okay right here. Give it a poke for me Honestly, I don’t a Savia It’s okay. I’ve been I’ve been stabbed a couple times I’ll just tweet it out if you stab me it’ll help with my street cred I feel like me and you could make like a dope team you ever thought about rapping? No, never? I’m gonna be a nurse there we go I feel like us three could be like the next Migos or something like that like it’s a cool story Like we all started at In-N-Out I might have to drop some bars about that actually would it be weird if I made a song about you? Inaudible sound. OH! man. Oh no it fell off I don’t even think I’m gonna be able to do this job Kara. I’m being dead serious How am I gonna be able to do this every time? You know what Kyra here, I love you. I have to quit I can’t do this job look like that you know I’m done. Honestly. You’re true search me up on WorldStarHipHop. You’re gonna be my inspiration. I’m gonna make a song about you Hey, how’s it going? Good day what’s your name? Oh? Hermione with a freeze Hey, how’s it going boss? What’s your name Mike Mike Hermione nice to meet you? That’s my first day on the shift, so it’s gonna start. It was a on Craigslist What yeah, yeah, what was your name Hermione What do you mean we don’t have University Did maybe able to go in sooner some of my first days that come in so there’s no way I’m working today You want me to even just like mop up or anything? Is it cuz I smell like weed a bit I mean I smoked a little bit for the first ship Just gonna grab that phone, and they’re not talked about again You can’t just get me in get me in there kick cooking some burgers for the boys Whatever, I don’t care. I quit. I’m not working here anymore. It’s my first day. And no one even knows me here Bullshit it’s good. I’m done I’m gonna McDonald’s actually In a note plays a fucking territorial is they actually more you know why cuz in and outs got that customer service? Everyone’s so fuckin dope in there. That’s why these dude is a lot harder than every other place when we try not to get sued Fucking hunter boys Jeez, you look like a dummy so it’s my idiot you guys can trick me all you want But I got some beers two guys with the boys back home. I’m just not trying to get fucking sick for Christmas You know I can’t call in sick for beers with the boys boys I think we should fucking full set and drive throughout the night. We got three people Who take naps pull send back home to Toronto? We’re walk-in 29 hours further boys full scent. We’re driving all the way to home. Oh, this guy wants to stop in Chicago Got a reverse cat waiting form in Chicago, okay, how first Chicago uh? That’s a bitch We’re in fucking Colorado driving Street, Chicago, let’s go 18 a couple coffees couple Yaffe’s Red Bulls You guys just randomly see us, that’s so funny is the fucking yellow the left-turn Fucking morons, ban Her, she was the one to me whether Three and four McGregor my boyfriend’s mom she was the only she thought was if I she kept saying it She’s like one super guy or wanting me either three former guard We make a stop at the beer game Boys you know first night back in Canada. Just grab a quick too far. We got room for more She’s got like fucking a hundred gotta grab some chew for the boys back home to Fucking go, baby – a star back in fucking Canada and look where we are there’s already new first stop. We’re coming here boys We just drove across the fucking continent literally we even went to Mexico So we did we’re literally just gonna get a couple coffees drop a thumbs up we have two Canadian bangers in mind absolutely Fuckin Canadian videos while we’re back home for Christmas both of them have to do with hockey so that’s it Subscribers show them fucking shady coffees. I don’t have a jacket, so I’m literally just wearing every fucking shirt in my luggage I Play a snowman

100 thoughts on “Fake In-N-Out Employee Prank!

  1. Tanner fox is like white he should not swear should go to church and go home to his DAD that’s not at the shop

  2. Nelk is not the type of guys to hang with tanner fox there so chill n tanner has to much energy

  3. I'd just be like bitch i own this building and pay your salary so I'll do what I want. Walk out I have 10 more people waiting to have that job. Dont let her disrespect you just because you're a kid. You earned that shit

  4. lmao I work at in n out and on God if you tried to shadow me I’d run with it and defend you if my managers came for you. Full send for tha bois

  5. buddy i got in a fight with my girl at this motel bc i took to much acid and sat on that white wall crying bc she left my white ass

  6. 9:20 hahaha I feel ya. Here in Aus its 15 Degrees C so I literally went to work with 10 tshirts, 1 jumper and 2 jackets on. I was still cold….. Imagine if I was in Canada

  7. That's funny, that's my cousin the chick at tanners store that's bitching about him throughing the pot on the ground.. Thats funny.. I quit.. Funny Jess

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