Fake Gas Station Employee Prank!

this vis sucks We’re looking to do our merch way different than any other youtuber We’re going to try to treat it like supreme or something like that once our merch drops, and it sells out We’re not gonna be restocking it. We always want to keep the Styles fresh new and clean guys We didn’t buy a lot of each size in each color so like so if you want it get it Right now get it this week cuz I can’t guarantee how long it’s gonna be in for and we will not be restocking the link is at the top of the Description nelq CA do you guys want to wrap the boys support now look at the same time? 107 every time you buy p submerge you’re literally just making nelq grow bigger Travel the world new crazy videos. I gotta show them the fuckin signature nail t to the fucking get 905 and the Signature now p baby if that these green is are very limited Yeah, we first designed these when we were so small I can’t say the number like we did not make very many of these if that’s not an elk right there That’s the definition of milk right there, man and of course every T’s got the the N on the side here full sends to You like these you know default you know to full send is Full send From Canada, and it’s hard to explain, but basically like girl with the boys and you’re cracking a few beers darling just Wanna get some Jack and Coke On a Monday. Yeah if we call you on a Friday be a full set Oh after three I get fucked up What sir you don’t really want to give me a shirt you moving off slow and stuff cuz nervous system I first day on the send yeah, Wilson, baby Beauty-full send in south carolina yeah, South Carolina said all the time almost since old I get off Have a good day hey Buck might be your only season boys South Carolina’s lip dropping merge So we had to shoot a fucking banger at the same time this one’s been a long time coming It’s a little ballsy, but that’s why we’re on the road guys cuz I’m Canada we can’t get balls Do you like this fake gas station employee the shell uniforms here? We got some fake cigarettes here, so maybe we gonna have to fucking let up some darts at the gas station I think it’s dart season boys Hey, how’s it going man? Okay Yeah, I’m sure Boris. I don’t know if I met. You know front. I’m just it’s my first date today. We’re gonna go yeah Yeah, I never met you yet, what’s your name? Yeah, I’m brand new. I’m on pump I usually pump the ladies, but I’m I took my talents to the gas station. You know oh Yeah, man. I had one question about the pump here too though about the regular gas. You know But you know all those idiots that get premium gas like all the idiots that get fooled with the premium shit Okay, do you want some Jack and Coke at all no you want you all a little swig? Okay, um Frank there or later. No ok bye did somebody blown away 104. No Can I light up a seguir now? No over shibaura s– This show Like it’s my first day here. I was like trying to help people pump and stuff. I was telling Frank I usually pump the ladies, but I try to take my talents to the gas station Okay, okay I’m just gonna go grab my nametag quick. I forgot it in the car I’ll be back in five Juh Boris Tobias Yeah, yeah, I pumped her once and she wanted me to pump here How’s it go with us? Yeah, you don’t got a light bunny chance to you. They’ve got a light body chance to you know You don’t fuck my fucking boss always twisting my nuts about smoking near the pumps. I don’t get the bigger They go they go with you All right, oh like like something is that flammable here, I mean subs off flaming pool, right? You want me to fill her up for you? You’re good. I don’t mind I got an extra hand go walk my parents thinking that I’m in a hall in studying medicine right now But let alone them in South Carolina All right, no this big fat bitch got me stuck here living in an apartment. She just bomb at though that’s all God Hey boss. You’d help me a pump for your You’re cool. I’m sure you want me to pump. I got extra hand Skyfox I Have no idea if someone just oh shoot Yeah Nozzle put it back in there. Oh, sorry Also pumping oh oh oh fuck oh fuck Sorry, Sorry Wait don’t know what’s going here. Okay, put it put it in there. Oh here, okay? Mike lift this up. Why didn’t I put it in and push it down okay? Oh, sorry. I’m so confused here put it in and push it down put it in put it in here. Yeah, okay? Lesley and it’ll go down, okay Oh, it’s not working. Oh, it’s done. That’s why You might want to put the kitty litter. Yeah, fucking shell sock de bas need help filling up You good, what was your name great great? Oh cool? I’m just Sean there You able to do me a little favor we’re due to hold this one sec Yeah, it’s only way to get through my chef, honey. You know I mean talk just maybe a couple shots. Fuck it. We’re going all-in Fuck it you want a swig. No you’re cool. All right, buddy keep you worry, okay? Fucking it’s my first day on the job. I’m supposed to fill up that customers gas tank. I’m fucking up man I’m pretty stoned. I don’t even know how to fill it up Did you help me, but I don’t wanna ask my boss cuz I feel like an idiot Could you just show me how to fill it up. Do you know how to fill it up? I mean, I’m a fucking certified idiot right now. No no this is not Michael. This is a customer’s car I’m just filling up cuz I’m a pump boy. Oh, yeah, usually at pump rods, but he just show me so no I don’t so I hold this So take this out Okay, so I hold it like this yeah, so take it out Don’t plan what I know. I do. I’m just trying to see alright do it and then what this yeah Oh shit. Oh. Oh fuck put it inside No fuck what do I do? What do I do get get out let it go help me help me fuck Fuck man, dude my boss is gonna kill me. Just put it back put it back. What do I do with the customer? Can I tell them it was you I’m gonna tell them who’s you in the green shirt All right guys just got to our Airbnb in Miami duplicate and show them around But he was a fucking wizard, but the camera angles men, but he made this place look like a mansion We’re not complaining cozy little spot two beds. We ran out the fucking throw 9:05 SAS on an air mattress tomorrow I all right cuz boys can’t be cuddling for two weeks straight We can do like the occasional like maybe the four night cuddles. We can handle that but two weeks It’s like you know we’re not trying to cuddle for two weeks straight, right Miami’s our home for a little bit, so makes you guys subscribe. We’re gonna be shooting balls He asked videos now that we’re not in Canada You don’t want to miss them so give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video subscribe And stay tuned because the next one’s gonna be even bigger all the time almost in schools I get off

100 thoughts on “Fake Gas Station Employee Prank!

  1. Funny thing is (I’m from Charleston SC) we don’t have pump attendants anywhere in the whole state ?

  2. Hate to be a half sender but spraying gas ain't cool. Somebody could've caught their car on fire after you left. That shit gets in your tire splashes on the exhaust when u start driving and boom your cars on fire.

  3. Fuck boys was that a fucking send or what, I love it, didn't expect that fucking spraying the petrol ?

  4. Good to see NELK for laughs since I missed JACKASS was gone but I hoping old crew of Steve-o, Johnny, R have good their future. ?

  5. Yo was he really pumping gas all over the ground? They used to be fuckin crazy.you coulda killed someone lol.

  6. I think it's funny how they thought people were gonna freak out cause they were smoking, as if people just blow up instantly if they smoke near gas

  7. Wouldn’t Monday be the best day to lose your job? Then you can send it and apply for jobs the whole week

    Nelk: Sure.
    Chick: But completely blur me out so your intro is fucked.

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