Fake Dog Rescue Videos Need to Stop

ladies and gentlemen welcome God welcome to another exciting segment of you gotta keep my career going welcome back to the pay money webby channel you're probably thinking well be that's a nice hat I bet that's not being used to cover up a really awful haircut that was oddly specific and wrong stupid I got kind of a shit haircut with that being said the hats gonna stay on how's every how you guys doing it's been a while today we have this content coming at you in new and exciting ways guys too and and and and and and and though most anal play exists on the outside of the anus there are penetrative activity I see a kitty hey kitty do you want to be on camera oh all right boys so this channel was sent to me I'm Sam Cooke so full docs in the name and specifically the video that was sent to me was the video titled hundred layers of glue I'd like for you to come on this journey with me I feel like I'm not gonna YouTube video and so long this is not I'm not even trying to be mean right now I'm just saying though this man's here has the same haircut as me but I think his was intentional that is not appropriate look at this look at this can you even tell alright you guys so today I'm going to be doing the hundred layers of glue my man if you're gonna I'm gonna just give you some quick YouTube advice – don't put your goddamn medication on the counter right before filming that is not a good look I would feel bad that for people that do challenges like this and then it ends up with like 42 thousand views like they like you know like in my Susu video where I pulled my fucking shorts up into my asshole and literally my nut popped out and I had to censor it like imagine if that video didn't give you also side note why do none of your water bottles have caps goddammit that is degenerate state of living that is that is actually the worst thing I can possibly see in this room not the weird cursive on your shirt why the fuck do you have two water bottles both at least half full with no caps on them Jesus Christ I am NOT looking forward to this fucking all good like I'm gonna ply it like a facemask don't do that don't come on now no I got like over a hundred subscribers I didn't I just got like over fifty subscribers like fuck look at how much just got man oh no the way his lips just popped up you've run out our slash simps you boys on on-target Mountain Boys on reddit you been to our slash simps there's some dsls boys yeah guys get your ladies out of the room [Laughter] it's like the huh the sex it's like some weird ritual shit someone would do right before I might have the sense of that one no one was like it is like it is like an Indian out dude not the hair oh my god stop no why why that's not even part of the goddamn challenge why why why Sam nothing no Sam some signs in the lamp shit dude I swear their motherfucking 100 dude we fucking made it as it isn't roommates walk it in like hey bro we were gonna head up oh okay I'll come back later alright okk me you motherfuckers he's so clean he cut it kind of reminds me of he ever seen American Psycho this is what a hundred layers of glue is dry oh my god I guess does what do I do now rip it off look oh my god it's like feels like a vagina getting torn he strikes me as someone who would know more about an asshole being torn no the hair his hair parents my man not the eyebrows it's invasive that's a regret face right there look at that shit oh my god that is fucking insane his hair his hair is so fucked and you know what I love in epidermis straight of a fucking epidermis dude I did it maybe you guys fuckin did it he's so excited that he completed it this is a man who definitely didn't go to college I know I just made that joke about him not going to college and I'm looking at his other videos now I did not know this at the time I dropped out of high school I don't know how do I know there's not much to talk about with that guy but I just wanted to show it and honestly I wanted to bait you into a video I wanted to bait you in my said comedy so I could slap you with some shit but before we get into that video guys let me first take a minute to thank the sponsor of this video nor vpm they've been a sponsor before they're gonna be sponsors in the future for a limited time guys go to Nord VPN comm slash pay money to get seventy five percent off three years with Nord and you get the first month free all you got to do is click the link down below show your support for my channel YouTube doesn't want to pay me nor it seems to like me god bless and also I'm gonna tell you guys right now for what we're about to watch you're gonna want to make sure you're on a VPN Sam Internet anonymity Internet safety is hot right now boys listen if you don't want China looking at the weird Pony fetish videos you gotta get Nord there's no data logging there's a wicked fast app for Android and iOS servers are fast as fuck and now with Nord VPN comm slash pay money you can get a 75% off deal guys it's a great fucking deal more importantly it helps support the channel you allow me to keep doing what I do and once again thank you so much to Nord for sponsoring and continuing to sponsor all right back to the video boys this next clip these next videos are they were sent in again they were on my subreddit I don't know who discovered it first I'm gonna lead you in slowly okay and I'm gonna lead you in the way I was let in okay amazing km daily and it's a cute little picture of what appears to be a dog in a in a just classy bandana now in that the cutest shit you ever seen also nine hundred and eighty-six thousand subscribers pretty active they haven't posted in two months that's the longest they've gone without posting they've kind of slowed down up until that point they were posting multiple times a week this appears to be a dog rescuing channel this is two million views posted two months ago smart boy rescue puppy stuck in foam at River and give some food to a little dog I wonder I'm still racking my brain not too sure what giving some Doug foote is but hopefully the video maybe will explain keep in mind comments are disabled for this video amazing km Dame I wonder what km stands for okay that was awful so here we have a cute what appear this cute little pup or appears to be stuck in the water he's trapped at a piece of foam clearly terrified did somebody shush him I didn't catch that the first time watching this somebody shifted the dog and it listened anyway next thing you know goddamn Captain America walks up to save the day in that beautiful it's it's truly beautiful but it might be a lot more beautiful if you weren't the ones who put the dog there I don't know for sure I can't confirm it but it from what I can tell the videos on this channel are set up and staged in an attempt to get views and they are putting their this dog and many others into disgusting situations like that so a kid can come in and save the day this is already bizarre at the very least this is bizarre that dog is inside a perfectly cut piece of foam why would that family take out their camera and film it 4 minutes before letting the child go save it but we are jumping to a conclusion right that's bit of jumping to a conclusion it's at the very least we can't tell for sure but what we can't tell is how the fuck does the same poor dog keep getting stuck in situations like this for example rescue very poor 3 puppy dog stuck in mud it's the same dog rescue three little dogs stuck in cement pond it's the same dog here's another one rescue puppy that got stuck and stuck in a tree and give us some milk either we have the clumsiest fucking dog in the history of the world or these people are putting their dogs in disgusting situations it's not even turn a good job of getting them out this is actually hard to watch this is like actually awful you can't even do it Jesus Christ can we get an adult please Christ it's foam just break the foam big snake attack little puppy rescue little dog from Python attack oh Jesus Christ you're kidding me okay I'm not even gonna show this one I cannot even show this one are you fucking kidding me oh my god I'm okay I actually didn't expect what I just saw um this shit needs to be taken off of YouTube what the fuck I did not expect what I just saw what the fuck they just I thought this was I can't even show it I can't even show they just fucking staged a Python attack okay I'm being honestly I'm this is I'm reacting this right now live for the first time I had not seen this what the fuck basically it cuts the dog is being literally strangled they're just filming it and then a guy casually walks up and I mean he fucking frolics up pulls the Python off like wrestling he'd like uncoils the Python from the dog's neck the dog does not look okay okay yeah no this is too much this is insane this is fucking insane holy shit what the fuck man that was shocking I'm sorry guys well hopefully this brings some fucking attention to it and this channel gets a yeet it off the fucking planet because so long as you give these people motivation and I'm clearly the motivation here I'm assuming is money it's the same as like the Susu family and that that kid hitting the fucking frog on the rock shit this is this is the worst one I've seen though like legitimately if you if you want to go watch the big snake attack puppy video I mean go for it but that is that is that was bad I could see somebody maybe making the case like oh it's like National Geographic like you just let nature happen but this is clear if you watch any of these videos these are clearly set up by whoever's filming bro oh they forgot to cut out this part here's the part where they actually shoved the dog into the tire oops he's pushing him in he's actually pushing him in wait did they accidentally forget this part he's pushing him in I think they forgot to cut this shit out wait look at this and this fucking stupid cheesy music yeah there's that there's that squat when you see someone doing that squat in a forest on camera you know they're up to no good I've seen too many squats like that I'm on to you sue sue family I've seen too many squats like that in the middle of a fucking forest to know that whenever you see that kind of movement they're up to no good that's that third-world squat dude that isn't that's that squat dude I'm on to you what's this one the dog is just tied to a fucking rock these are almost becoming comical with how lazy they are fucking music did that dog is tied to a boulder he's shaking to the same puddle with the foam this puddle is just fucking danger zone for dogs this is like sickness on a level I haven't seen because there's animal abuse but then there's animal abuse that's painted in a way to look like animal care and that is next level you're fucking insane dude why can't we go back to a simpler time in the web' world when all we did was looking at mommy up skirts and inflatable porn what happened I miss the old Wahby dude I'm with you for the first time ever I'm with you guys I miss the old lobby what the fuck is this dude I'm so uncomfortable oh and then here's really feet it is this where they feed it to make it seem like they're good people listen man there's nothing anyone's gonna be able to do about this because like this shit's so removed it's just so out there you know but the very least can we get it off YouTube holy shit what's that the fucking music dude that's give it a beat is so good this music would like make anything seem happy the kid it's like fucking Easter egg hunting with this kid he wakes up every morning alright dad where's the dog this time this is the same fucking dog from the other ones too it totally is it's like some Apollo just landed music okay this kid is just has no fucking clue how to get the dog out ever but he may he's made it worse he's just made it worse the dogs like dude stop let me die in here God kick can we get a fucking adult do they all have that if they all have that fucking song that's actually really funny that they all oh no poor poor puppy dog stuck an iron rescue dog by smart girl and get dog food okay she's just right and she's got places to be man look at her she's got the Gucci slides on oh oh this whole fucking city looks like tetanus town all right as someone who is paranoid of that shit my hands will be in my pockets guys she not know how to park a bike I've been watching this woman struggle with for 15 seconds now look at this shit oh there goes the kickstand oh well maybe not okay I'll just roll it over here can't kick stand up maybe ever here let's try it let's try right here No okay kickstand down oh there it is oh my god oh my god what are the odds [Laughter] god it's not funny but it's funny as fuck at this like it's not funny what's happening these poor dogs but goddamnit Oh yo is this a vans ad what the fuck your vans is getting really wild with their ads man I don't know what this device is even the dogs like really how come how come my brother got stuck in mud the worst part about these videos is that none of these kids know how to rescue the dog so it's like eight made it to them fumbling okay cold the dog was rescued that's super great oh my god she's eating the dog I'm kidding but you fell for it didn't you you you did for a second you racist nothing about help me get to 100k that seems familiar doesn't it with the fuck related channels what's patch I wanna see what Paget's what's patch got going on he's only got a thousand subs badge what are you up to my man how do you upload a video upside down I'm this is more impressive than I how do you accidentally do that that's not you know whatever okay so there doesn't seem to be anything else on these people yeah again I'm not gonna say with certainty that they're trapping these dogs imma let the audience decide that cuz I don't want to come under fire fire for saying that shit when I can't prove it cuz I can't and I'm not saying that in any way I'm saying from an outsider perspective this looks kind of weird and I really hope if that's the case that this shit gets shut down is that did they put fake blood on this dog's face okay some of these some of these are a little too graphic and I'm not I'm gonna show them some of these you know they bring it right back down to reality and it's it's not funny and it's not entertaining so some of those are pretty graphic and honestly YouTube you got to get on that thank you guys so much for watching the video if you liked what you saw please consider supporting me over at twitch.tv slash pay money webby we're live right now having a good time talking about the video anyway again guys thank you so much for watching and I will see you soon okay that's good

30 thoughts on “Fake Dog Rescue Videos Need to Stop

  1. Wubby: “Next thing you know capt America walks up to save the day”

    Me: “and gets eaten by a crocodile?…ohh….bummer”

  2. Dude I'm so happy you're talking about this!! I was watching those videos for a while with such hope in humanity restored feels but then I had to wonder how the fuck do they get those perfect shots of the animals being in trouble and the whole rescue OP with sad music blasted on top. Such disgusting audience manipulation for attention and views.

  3. Nord vpn already gives out 75% on the 3 year plan, you telling me I get another 75% with your link? Because I do not, your sponsored link does nothing. And altough I accept VPNs are great for some security, if you trust them since theyll know what you are doing, they add more hops to your communication, meaning, your internet WILL BE SLOWER with increased latency.

  4. So I'm pretty sure this is Cambodia. That channel has a created playlist with one video in it. The foreign language on that video is Khmer, a language of Cambodia.

  5. I don't know if this will even make a difference but I'd say the best way to get youtube's attention on this issue is to report the channel and its videos as much as we can. It only takes like 2 minutes and might remove this disgusting content from youtube.

  6. Wubby, check this shit out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pQ91Zm8SBU …..you reviewed her on your "Creepy moms" vid. Now she does this shit barf

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