Facts That Prove Pugs Are The Best Dogs Ever

32 thoughts on “Facts That Prove Pugs Are The Best Dogs Ever

  1. I own a Pug and I agree on all of this! But, it's surprising my Pug is healthier than other pugs and she can breathe properly <3

  2. Bulldogs are great, too. Tied with pugs, in my book, for my faves. I've owned both, and both require a bit extra attention to keeping them comfortable in heat & cold, but they are absolutely wonderful, affectionate, loving, comical, kind and intelligent.

  3. FACT: It’s buzzfeed so the video title is actually the opposite of the truth a.k.a pugs are bad and the worst waist of vet bills you’ve ever seen

  4. Oh it’s just buzzfeed, my bad they don’t believe in FACTS anyway! so this video is made by male hating lezbos and should not be taken seriously

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