Facts About Flies: Pest Control Guide for Homeowners & Tenants

The annoying buzzing can drive you mad, the high-pitched sound and erratic flying are not the only reasons why flies are pests. They can also carry dangerous disease-causing organisms. But did you know flies can be beneficial decomposers and pollinators too? The best way to prevent flies is to practice good sanitation. Make sure trash cans are routinely
cleaned and trash is kept in tightly sealed containers. It is also helpful to eliminate areas of excess moisture, as these are perfect breeding grounds for
flies. For more info on your specific pests, chat, call us, or stay right here on Catseyepest.com Our pest library is full of information on hundreds of pests, and how to identify them. Just fill out the form below, and we’ll get you back to pest-free living as soon as today.

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