(barking) – [Kayla] He’s so mad. He’s like what’s this stuff? (laughter) (rock music) – Good morning everyone! It’s bright and early. We’re just getting ready
to take Tyler to his football conditioning class. Who do we have here? Who is that? – Poor Harley has to get shots today. – [Shawn] Harley gonna get a shot today! He’s all happy and he has no
idea what he’s got in store. Poor little buddy.
– He has no idea what he has to go through today. – None whatsoever and we had a little bit of a
disaster here this morning. One of Tyler’s exercises is to do a juke thing that he can’t wear his cleats for and we can’t find his regular shoes. We think they might be in the other car which is at the shop right now. I gotta drive over there real
quick and just check and see. This is the craziest thing. Look at this guy’s hair. He wakes up every morning
with the craziest hairdo. We gotta make him look
like a little stud again. Then we’re gonna be off to
the mechanic to see if we can find Tyler’s missing shoes. We will be back in a moment. – We just got to practice. – [Shawn] You just filmed the sun shade. (laughter) (upbeat music) – Mommy’s trying to clean
up the house and Harley is just having a blast chasing the broom. Look at him, he’s like why doesn’t this
thing wanna play with me? He’s like come back! – [Connie] He’s making it very difficult to get the house clean. (laughter) – [Kayla] He’s the whole
reason it has to be cleaned. (laughter) It’s like he attacks it. Beware of the multipoo. (laughter) – [Connie] The multipoo killer dog. – [Kayla] We should put
a sign up on our window. – [Connie] Look at him. – [Kayla] Say warning multipoo attack dog. (laughter) – [Connie] Come on Harley you can do it! There’s yucky stuff on there. – [Kayla] Let go you crazy. – [Connie] Alright time to get to work. – I feel like I did better
than all the rest of the days but he did not know what I
did ’cause he fell asleep. – Only at the last half. I saw the beginning and
you did look really good especially on the ladder drills there. How did those shoes
work out there for you? – They’re good it’s just
they’re really small. My heel wasn’t hurting but
the front of my toes were. – I talked to your mom on
the phone and guess where your shoes are? In the bathroom. Did you check the bathroom? No you didn’t because if you did you
would have found your shoes. – [Kayla] Harley doesn’t
know what this thing is and every time it comes backwards he gets. (barking)
(laughter) – [Shawn] Get it Harley get it! What’s it doing here? (barking)
(laughter) – [Kayla] He’s so mad. He’s like what’s this stuff? (laughter) That’s Harley’s thoughts on the mop part. He’s like just get this
thing out of my house! (laughter) – My armor came! My football gear came and this thing looks awesome. – [Shawn] What are those? – [Kayla] What are those? – [Shawn] Look at that man. – I wanna put it on. – [Shawn] Did you feel that? – I only felt the armor pushing against me not the actual hit. – [Shawn] That stuff is made
out of the same material that they make bullet proof vests. – This is awesome!
– [Shawn] And they got special padding in there.
– This feels so good! – [Shawn] I want you to stand up looking forward and don’t move. (laughter) – It’s so big. – [Shawn] That is such
a cool looking helmet. Look at that facemask. We’ll get it tightened up
there for you in a minute. Just put it on right now for that. – It smells so nice. – [Shawn] It smells so nice. Look at that! That is a cool looking helmet. We got this equipment from
Xenith Football Equipment. – [Tyler] They are awesome. – [Shawn] I did a lot of research. Right now the rules make
the game really really safe but there still is an element
of danger and risk out there. I wanna make sure that my boy’s got the best equipment out there. I did a lot of research. Xenith has the highest
safety ratings out of any of the football equipment out there. It’s very reasonably priced. Their technology that they put in. They’re a relatively new company. Have only been around for a few years. – [Tyler] Oh my gosh! They have airbags in it. I can feel the air. I can see it too! – The way that it fits and the way that it diverts
energy away from the head when impacts are done, it’s nothing like any other helmet does. If you play football or if you got a kid that’s gonna play football, I highly recommend. Follow the link down below. We got a link to their
website right there. You can watch their tutorials. You can see what I found
out through my research on why I am so excited
about this equipment here. – I’ve never had my arms this high. – A lot of mobility. It’s very very light. Like I said it’s made out of
the same stuff that they make bullet proof vests out of. He is going to be
indestructible this year. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. Xenith the big X. It looks cool too! Look at that! Get a close-up of the
helmet here right here. You gotta take a look at that. Look at that helmet! – I wanna see. – [Shawn] Hold on a second buddy I gotta be able to see
what I’m doing here. I don’t have light again. Here we go. (laughter) Quit moving your head I’m trying to get the side there. There we go look at that! You got these cool little
air ducts right there. – I wanna see. – [Shawn] Tyler wants to take
a look at himself right here. – This looks awesome. – [Shawn] It looks awesome! – These pads feel so good. Thank you Xenith. I’ve been playing
football for three years. Nothing has been this good. It feels so good I can
make my arms go up and down but never had shoulder
pads that do that before. Can’t feel anything. Oh my God! Xenith you are awesome! – [Connie] You ready
to take him to the vet? – Yep he’s going to get
all his vaccinations. – [Connie] The rest of his vaccines. Come on Harley let’s go! – [Kayla] Gotta bring the dog food because it’s not puppy food so
we’re gonna see at the vet. – Did you get the dog food? – [Kayla] Yeah it’s in daddy’s office. I’m gonna check up with the vet. – We’re gonna take Harley
to the vet for his check up. He’s still working on getting his vaccines and then he should be good. So let’s go. – Now he’s four pounds. Last week he was only 3.6 so he’s doing well. – [Connie] Almost a half
a pound in one week! Are you sure he’s not a lab? A golden retriever I mean? – Maybe he’s just gonna
blow up on you guys. (laughter) Based on his little paws I don’t think so. – This stethoscope’s as big as you. This is Dr. Herb. He is our local vet and he is
taking care of Harley for us. So far so good. He said everything checks out. (upbeat music) – He sounds great. Give me back my (mumbles) (mumbles) – We just got finished with the vet and Harley is all tuckered out. He’s just sitting here right by me. We’re gonna take him
to PetSmart real quick so that we can get him a nametag. The ID tag with phone number and his name. We’re gonna bring you guys with us. Maybe you guys can help
us pick out which tag. (laughter) We’re looking at all of them. – [Connie] There’s all the tags. Yeah that’s a cute one. It looks really big though. – [Connie] Lots of tags.
– [Kayla] That’s the smallest type they have. – [Connie] That one with the
paw print on it is kinda cute. I don’t want it to be too big ’cause we don’t want it to pull on his head or his neck.
– [Kayla] It wouldn’t pull. – We need it to be light. A light weight tag so it doesn’t hurt his poor little neck. – [Kayla] What about that? This is the one. It says Molly. – [Connie] That one’s kinda
cut too but it’s still big. – We’re getting him two tags. One for each of his collars ’cause we have two collars at home. We don’t want it to
matter which one we get. – [Connie] They’re getting really simple ’cause we need something
light because he’s teenie. – I wanna pick out a out a new color. – [Connie] Kayla wants
to pick out a color. Let’s see what kinda colors they have. – I like this. It’s so cute! I’m freaking out over the colors sorry. Just don’t mind me. – We picked out a couple toys. We got some little
teenie baby tennis balls and a new little squeaky toy. – ‘Cause he wrecked his other one. – [Connie] Then what’d you get? Some treats there? – We have biscuits for him.
– Little biscuits that we’re gonna cut up and make even smaller ’cause he is really small and we don’t want him to fill up on junk food, even though it says it’s all natural. We’re gonna make his tags! Let’s see how this works. We’re putting the tag in. Is this the good part? – [Kayla] There it goes! There’s Harley’s name. I like the print you chose. – [Connie] Yeah it’s kinda ritzy huh? It’s not even touching
it and it’s engraving. It’s so weird. Yay all done! He’s tuckered out. He’s ready to go home! – We went to the vet and then when we came to
PetSmart everyone was like, aw he’s so cute! Everyone was wanting to pet him. – [Connie] Now he’s tired. We have a special guest today and her name is Gabi. – I have bad hair today though. – [Connie] She just got back from cheer and she’s going to be doing
a spend the night with us. – We just introduced her
to Harley even though she’s already met him. – [Connie] They’re playing
with Harley right now. – He loves my hair and my toes. He loves everything about me. (laughter) He will take my socks away. – [Connie] What can we say? He loves cute little girls. We’re getting ready to do the barbecue. We’re gonna be eating and hopefully after that we can go swimming! Let’s check out this barbecue situation. How are you doing out here? I know Shawn’s been
running back and forth. He’s trying to do 500
things at the same time, helping me barbecue, and he’s working, and I’m working, and we’re all working. (laughter) – [Shawn] Working hard
and loving live baby. – [Connie] You know how that goes. Hopefully within a few
minutes we’ll be eating. I don’t know what Tyler’s doing. What have you been up to? – Trying to bunny hop. – [Connie] Trying to bunny hop? That’s the french fries! What’s that BMX? Is that on the computer? (laughter) – It’s a bike. – [Connie] I thought that there
might have been a BMX game. (laughter)
– [Connie} I don’t Know. Laugh at me all you want. We’re eating dinner in a minute. – Is my computer on? – [Connie] Usually you play on there. What about your guitar? Have you played that lately? Maybe you should get on that. – [Shawn] Every day dude. – [Connie] Do some practicing. (guitar) – I’m bad at that part. (guitar) – [Connie] It sounds like
you’re making progress there. Why don’t you keep practicing
on that for a few minutes and we’re gonna practice
making burgers because we need to practice. Did you finish eating? – We’re pretty full. – I saw a fly! – Yeah you did! – I’m trying to get the fly! – [Connie] I never seen
anybody so excited for a fly. Do you guys wanna go swimming? Let’s get your bathing
suits on let’s go because I don’t know how late the pool’s open and I don’t wanna miss out. We made it! Let’s see what the kids can do. We got a few minutes before
they close this park on us. ♫ Tonight we’re running on the right track ♫ I know we never gonna look back ♫ Oh I just wanna have a ♫ Good time call me whenever ♫ Is some up for anything like that ♫ Oh no we don’t wanna do ♫ Slow notes so tonight we’ll just let go True monkey if I ever saw one. Last little few minutes at the pool before they close it down and we’re just enjoying the sunset. – A little bit more daylight left and it’ll be night time again. Or how about I should be happy! Yay night time!
(laughter) I get to go sleepy soon! – When we’re done here.
(whistle) I think that’s it for us. We’re gonna pack up. We’re gonna head home and
the kids are going to do some face painting. It’s not just any any kinda face painting, it’s gonna be glow in
the dark face painting. – Not me or you? – I think it’d be more
fun to watch them do it. They have big ideas so
let’s see what they do. ♫ Tonight we’re running on the right track ♫ I know we never gonna look back ♫ Oh I just wanna have a ♫ Good time call me whenever ♫ Is some up for anything like that ♫ Oh no we don’t wanna do ♫ Slow notes so tonight we’ll just let go ♫ To the beat in the street ♫ Every freak out singin’ like ♫ Singin’ like ♫ Party like ♫ Freakin’ out ♫ To the beat ♫ Do the freak out singin’ like (upbeat music) Comment below or vote in the iCards above. Whose makeup do you like the best? (upbeat music) – This is the end of the video here. We had a lot of fun doing
face paint and stuff. It looked so cool and glow in the dark. Vote for me! (laughter) – Don’t you guys think the
kids did an awesome job putting paint on? – They look amazing!
– We love them! All of them. All three of them did such
– Gabi get up here a wonderful job. to show your beautiful face. (laughter) – Shawn I believe has a joke of the day. – From Fernando Galindo. What can you catch but can’t throw? – A pokey ball. (laughter) – That’s a good one. Thank you so much for sharing you guys. Keep ’em coming. – And until next time bye! (upbeat music)

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