I thought those were like squishy food versus real folks I probably do a food uh yeah can you be this any pumpkin seeds well no [Applause] okay what's up so you have to know if me and Karl win or : everyone by getting more squishy okay guy said we are doing this swishy versus real food challenge now you say we did it on every channel we'll put the link to her video down below we're gonna do it again so we have a friend that you see that's putting this stuff under the lid we have no idea what's under here one's a real food one squishy food we're gonna get going there's like a billion rosen stuff like that diet and here's round one and every always has a choice to either keep or swap we have no idea you might keep it on boom we've got a squishy baby these are frozen pancakes these things are like frisbees let's go let's go through this what you thinking so here's the squishy fan kick it has a mother and a syrup and it's a real squishy round we're stuck no idea what's under here what do you think's under go [Applause] just even like a can see that the yoke I think these are like there's like little splat balls they're popping with a screwdriver you do this scissor you can tell us going on a little tiny brain so here's a splat ball let's see if it actually works it did you won't even pop boy for what Oh peanut butter peanut butter jelly here we go they're like squishy food versus real funky pumpkins your food uh yeah preciate your real food okay I think we have okay yeah throw them in the air and catching your mouth okay well while you guys figure that okay keep going I'm a nice person coolest popcorn squishy you'll ever see it's so cute this one is my car it was like this bush is so far this is just like home I think it's like much versus into like nothing I know this one's mine look at this one round we were told that we can't we have to hold on to don't under estimate we can't switch okay it is interesting you guys I am getting all those cookies why am i why would they give you the squish around they know that you're waiting and I can't smile a little bit this is so he'll community I love this life all right H okay squishy for the food I think you guys might have this little loves cookies did we have this which is you have it so we should swap backward psychology I know I think he's trying to trick us cuz obviously she wants to win delectable cinnamon roll as you can tell it's got the icing it's got the curvature it's got the leakage what's delicious what is this rotten I that we're going to soon yeah we're going into round round mine oh you left her a little bit and while you're gone your team I got all three two one lift up [Applause] again it's healthy I suppose all the other Dutch carbody pretty nice looking pretty nice looking good colors really squishy I like I'll squeeze so you're ready for the finale round yeah yeah [Applause] so here's the squishy of cake that we got very nice nice who's your boy in your box go take a shower I just took a shower I just did my makeup and others take all over my dude she's not you can girly relate to this right now yes Big John do it for the vlog Louie nice looking go go cherries on top Emily Emily's literally over here with her hand eating this intarsia challenge is to go garan look at her and then I snow looking okay well this is our octo family thank you guys so much for watching this video this video a big thumbs up subscribe to our Channel also go over to Emily's channel we're gonna link that below and go subscribe to her toy channel cuz it's so cute all going it's gonna be right here because we're giving shoutouts to people at the end of every video last week's video shout outs go to my phone okay so the first route out from last video goes to Alina dawn and the second shoutout goes to Madeline BAM Dalek you wrong Madeline been gone so thanks guys wait so thanks guys for following us on Instagram and liking our pictures if you want to be next video shout out which we pull all of us right here and we love you guys so much and thanks for watching that video and [Applause] you

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