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welcome back everybody to another Ethan in ela classic today we've got another juicy hot one ready for you about a couple of performers who couldn't find any people to perform for so they said you know who will watch us no matter what that's that's right these are pet performance high art thespians I would some would even goes far to call them and with that being said I'm ready to jump right in either are you what what do you have had a performer now what do you say what does that mean in English it says let's go were you planning that or was that a spontaneous Wow you I'm impressed today we are meeting julik and Alex Bailey a group of course his name is great and he's got a bowl cut look at that bowl cut good I love the commitment to that bowl cut and he like not only did he go bull he like cut it down all the way that's full Bowl you know what they say never go full bowl cut to artists who love animals and have specialized in performing for pets most animals really is that a stroke or a performance yeah we have a seizure disorder and pets sometimes like to watch and sometimes so do their owners I do think shredder would love this performance I don't think he would I think he would do like what this dog is doing now and stare on from another room there's a couple of maniacs seizure around on the floor that pet is not into this can you describe what happens in your performances first the owner of the pet will contact us and invite us some leopard skin prints you know what I am I feeling about these two is that their pubes stink do you know what I mean I feel like they have stinky pubes I can see why you think that yeah you think his dick has a bull cut his balls ever polka the owner of the pet will contact us and invite us to their home we will spend about 15-20 minutes getting a sense of the kind of personality that it has the history of how it came into the owners life questions that relate to feelings I love how there's like a big debut like Nick crawl okay they're like okay we're gonna go in the bathroom and get ready it's beautiful the crawling on all fours who would have thought of this who could have ever imagined we were looking at pets already six years and one of the things that we're interested in is how much spare time they have I think you are the one with too much spare time frankly speaking having free time is really one of the important things you need in order to consume culture and then we also noticed how human audiences have almost no time so why not expand our work to this new audience this guy's like kid a lot of these guys posting this video to Facebook get a load of this dude Groot and his bowl cut sees during around with my dog human audience almost no time so why not expand our work to this new audience this thought this dog is not entertained look at how hard they're trying and this dogs just like what the hell is this this dog is not even close to entertained Alex and cleared have been doing their pet performance for over a year there's no fixed price but they asked people to pay what they want that's nice what do you pay out really for two hours of work it's two hours well they say I think he said he spends 30 minutes to get to know the pet see what kind of guy he is give him a sniff he sniffs his butthole he's like it seems like a decent guy cats react differently from dogs performance for the dog and performance with cats are different shows that looks like an expensive bull cut by the way yeah it's really like that is a nice bowl cut and I guarantee you that guy has beard oils too I'm telling you this high-fashion I noticed it's got more dumb votes than have but it's like it's not that serious yeah it's I know and I have to say I know we're goofing on these guys but I have to tell you they're out there getting weird and wild doing bull cuts like nobody thought you could pull off I can see people be like there are kids starving and you are spending your time entertaining pets those pets have a more privileged life than all of the kids in Uganda and how dare you down though the time for performance that's another highly entertained animal right there performance for a dog is much shorter than that for a cat another highly entertained animal right there cat the performance can last for 30 minutes and their attention span can be stretched much much longer it's not so intense we're at the tapis foundation where crude and alex are about to do a workshop on animal behavior and they've invited me to participate so I close my eyes yes cat a rabbit a whale so this is a workshop this is part of their training these are all like wannabe performance but they just get there one day right right you have to earn your credentials by laying on the floor and having eight people massage you're like the beginning of some poor I mean it's Frank that's frankly the beginning of a pornography I've seen several times and I'm also very interested in becoming a pet performer myself a whale being part of the workshop was very interesting and to think about how pets move and feel and to embody this now I feel very inspired to perform for pets we may not receive the applause because we're doing it for an audience of who can clap or can't thank us in a way that we understand but what makes it rewarding is the fact that we do see this immediate response it's a media feedback I love that they're like this this that cannot appreciate us they cannot clap they cannot respond but they do seem to notice that we're there which is a lot more than I can say for human beings that we've tried to perform for I mean the crux of this is that they're like listen nobody we can't get any but any person to watch us perform so pets but I will say to their credit you know they're sweet kids yeah they are not harming anyone it's intriguing it's fresh that's very fresh okay it's a fresh hot thing good it's a it's a pot and I'm get actually got somewhat chubbed up watching them in that workshop and I thought that was fascinating particularly the workshop [Applause] another video came to our attention that needs to be brought up have you guys heard of bark mitzvahs that's right these are people who celebrate the coming of age of their pets with a bar mitzvah which as you know and the Jewish religion is when you celebrate a man or a female coming into adulthood and so we celebrate with our pets and I hope you all enjoy this one as well Niki this is a very joyous occasion for you and rabbi Otis who was a hundred years old to centuries all right he's gonna help me oversee this with you Nicky you look smashing look at that snapper little guy I mean that is fantastic they're like listen it might be a Bar Mitzvah but there's a dress code what I am curious about is how serious is this yeah I get the feeling that it is actually more serious than you would think I think this is serious I think this is this is a serious thing here so don't laugh all you at home don't laugh because this is serious perform bark manners because there's blessing for the animals and I really believe that the animals have a right to have a party and a religion and people have it and it's a blessing for the animal and it gives them attention and that to me is very very important I love the idea of a dog Jewish by the way just like oh yeah he's a Jewish dog he's a Bar Mitzvah a bark Mitzvah by the way can I just express the freshness of this mean this video has zero likes 1500 views that's basically like no one saw this is as fresh as it gets here folks you come here for the freshest names possible where bark Mitzvah today okay I don't want to hear anything about not being fresh he's gonna be a lawyer just like his father okay so proud to be a lawyer I've never signed one oh did I mention I'm a lawyer um everybody he's gonna be a lawyer like his dad I'm a lawyer serious stuff you know the tours are made they're made from like special parchment and hand written they cost like 10 20 thousand dollars I've never seen that just laying on a table next to bread what that what is the dog have a Torah portion you get to chew on this oh yeah destroy to uh an edible Torah when I first heard about it I have to admit I was taken aback I was a little silly I thought at first but then as I thought about it more there's kind of an insulting element to it this is a sacred ritual a tradition that goes back centuries and this is something that young Jewish adults prepare for four years and it's really a part of a sacred tradition and to imagine that a dog could do anything like this is degrading all right take it easy good it's just a bark Mitzvah he's like you know at first it was silly but when I thought about it I realized hey I can be angry about this no I mean suffice rather on purpose just because f that guy yeah okay shreddy today's your special day you become a real big boy now this is your big – ready wow your apartment your bar mitzva shredder what a mitzvah hey how does it feel to be a man shredder how does it feel to be a man I've never seen anyone so depressed to be Jewish before this is what it looks like he's like I don't want to be a Jew I don't want to be a Jew that rule ha ha I don't know hello hey no matter how long okay now for your Torah portion the Bible for dummies pretty much just as good as the same and Isaac said to Abraham raise your knife and plunge it in wait what Abraham do not lay your hands on the boy I I know you fear God but do not kill your only Son well this shit's messed up shredder front forget about this I like to think that if the Nazis came for me they would gasp my dog as well the death I wonder did the Nazis gasp Jewish dogs well I I know I know it's sensitive a lot of people but it's I think it's a valid question this dogs a Bar Mitzvah does he go down with the family or the Nazis you know what I'm saying probably that's right or die fortunately unfortunately this is you know you ride or you die literally in this case thank you guys so much for watching here's what's going on with us there's only one day left on our ugly Christmas sweaters vaping Santa of fade stat Santa and mother ela at represent calm / h3h3 also supplies are dropping fast over at Teddy fresh calm with our new color blocks and additional item and most importantly the great bill works will be joining us tomorrow November 30th at 3 p.m. PST on the h3 podcast creator of history of Japan and history of the world I guess and so many more links are all in the description I hope to see you guys tomorrow during our podcast or now for your goof of the day

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  1. Omfg that bark mitzvah cannot be serious, it’s too fucking funny.
    Also, I’m pretty sure that Torah wasn’t actually Kosher. the whole situation is rly uncalled for and in pretty bad taste, at least if you do it with an actual Sefer Torah bc dogs, or any animal for that matter, are not supposed to be anywhere near the Torah or any religious texts like teffilin, mezuzahs, haggadahs, or Torah’s.
    For the record, I’m agnostic, but half my family is ULTRA orthodox and they would probably be super offended by this lol ?

  2. To entertain a animal just throw a ball away from the dog. Drag a rop along the ground for a cat. They will play with it. Performing is just stupid.

  3. I’m really thinking of how it’s really their job to play with the animals in a way that animals play with each other.


  5. You and your parents look so great together your mother is gorgeous and your dad looks like a very wise kind man 🙂

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