EXTREME Pest Control – Shooting Alligator in Texas

Welcome to Team Wild’s Varminators. This week we’re in Texas with the guys from L3 Outdoors. And they’ve got an extra special job on. With an extra-large case of vermin control. Josh has had a call from one of his regular client and there’s a gator in the irrigation pond. So its just got daylight and what we’re hoping is that we can catch this gator on the bank sunning himself. If not we’ll probably shoot him in the water and try to fish him out. I brought with me a Remington Model 700 .243 Winchester, which uh… is plenty big for gators. So we’re gonna ease up here. And see what we can do, hopefully we’ll catch this gator on the bank. If not we might have to do some waiting. L3 specialise in pig control. But they’ll take on any challenge. So Josh sets himself up on the bank and watches the gator as he swims in the pond. He’s a little bit too far out for a good shot at the minute. But the boys are patient. All right, so we found this gator he’s in the water we were hoping he was on the bank but er… He kind of seems to be swimming towards us out of curiosity so. We need him close enough so we can finish him out you know. He’s kind of coming right at us so Hopefully we’ll get lucky. The only problem so far is, every shot he’s giving me is just been straight on right between the eyes. Anybody thats shot a lot of gator know that if you shoot one between the eyes it’ll skip off. As he comes in close enough for a shot. Josh gets him in his sights. He fires! The gator flips over and there’s a pool of blood in the water. That’s a great shot at that distance. With so little surface area visible above the water line. That’s what I’m talking about baby. So what we do is , that gator never really gave me a good shot. He was a little curious about what we were doing over here you know. This is a private pond and the only reason you can take gators in Texas is off a private pond like this. So uh… I pretty much tried to angle the bullet so that… When i hit him it would break his neck. Brian shots are fine and dandy and I’m kicking roll out there but I wanted to break its neck. I didn’t want him swimming anywhere. Now what we’ll do is we’ll get a big rod. And we’ll cast it out there and we’ll snag him and drag him back in. But we got to. We got to give him a little while you know. Gators are tough. Erm, even a good hit gator, uh… sometimes you know. Sometimes wont wont be dead like you think he is. But uh… We’ll give his some time and if he pops back up we’ll give him some more love from this .243. But it sounded like a real good solid hit. Jeremy behind the camera he was. He zoomed in on it and he said he could see blood in the water and stuff. Of course i lost him in the recoil. I’m kinda shooting off this mono pod stick here. And its not the greatest rest in the world. Jeremy prepares the fishing line. As the boys plan to hook the gator and drag him in. Uh Oh Jeremy hasn’t gotten far. Boat is filling up with water pretty quickly. So I sent Jeremy out here and a sinking boat we found it on a washed up boatyard. One of the hurricanes or something like that. It’s got about fourteen holes in it. So I sent Jeremy out there all he’s got is all rotten log for a paddle. By golly we’re gonna get this gator. You need to paddle about a mile over here. You need to improve your paddling skills sir. So they go to plan B. So I get emails all the time, people wanting a job. Oh I’d love to hunt for a living. Well yeah you don’t want to work for me. Not at all. Dude just bail in there. Bail in there and start treading water. Once you get past your nuts you’ll be all right. Josh just shot that gator. Now he’s too scared to go in there and get it. So that’s where i come in. with a treble hook. I’m gonna try and get a snag on him. Swim back with him. See how it goes. He swims out to the gator. And even though this may seem dangerous the shot was spot on and that gator is dead in the water. The amount of blood that immediately spilled in the pond showed that gator was hit really hard. Once he’s hooked the gator. He swims back in and reels him in. Yeah buddy! There he is. The boys drag him onto the sand. And celebrate a good mornings work. And a dangerous gator taken out of commission. Well done boys. Subscribe to Team Wild TV for all the best hunting shows on YouTube.

70 thoughts on “EXTREME Pest Control – Shooting Alligator in Texas

  1. I have no problem with hunting Bears on the ground but going in the water with a gator, no thank you.

  2. Great shooting! You should get an English Gator Hound to retrieve your next one. Saves a lot of time ! lol

  3. Good Shot placed by Josh.. !!! yes delicious meat on the planet !!
    but you missed to show where the shot was placed !!


  4. So reason for a 700 over a savage when the savage has equal or better accuracy out of the box and is several 100$ cheaper?

  5. Personal choice. Not everything is about what's 'cheapest' otherwise we'd all live in tin sheds and drive Chevy Cobalts…

  6. My favourite bit was "You'll be fine when you get past your nuts"…Classic, that water looked cold!

  7. No, but get an otter hound and pump it full of 'roids then get it to bench press a lot and you'd be pretty close. Wouldn't you?

  8. We tryed everything for several days as well as baited hooks and he was just not playing fair so we shot him.

  9. Baited him for several weeks with no luck. Why relocate a problem gator to be someone else"s problem.

  10. Had plenty of both brands that didn"t shoot worth a hoot. Comes down to luck with mass produced rifles.

  11. The odds are in your favor. They only have one foot of snappy end and eight feet of not snappy end LOL. All the rivers where we live have tons of gators so if you ski or float the river you swim with lots of gators and get used to it. We also spearfish a lot so we are pretty used to swimming with sharks.

  12. Ha ha! There's lots of different ways to hunt, but I'm sure we'll head up n the choppers soon! 🙂

  13. that Alligator is way to small to be a danger to anything bigger than a dog…. id kill it to protect my dogs but livestock weren't in any threat

  14. Headshot @2:12. But why film it if you can't handle holding the fucking camera?? As he fired you FUCKED it up by shaking! Stupid mf!! I wish I could bash your FACE IN FUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKKK I FUCKING LOVE HEADSHOTS!!!????

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