EXTREME Pest Control – Frog Gigging in Alabama

Welcome to Team Wild’s Varminators. This week we’re back at Alabama on the Enon Plantation where TR has promised us a bountiful night of frog gigging. Yeah, you heard right! Frog gigging. All right, about three weeks ago I took Ian Harford to his first and only frog gig and it was absolutely the worst one we’ve ever been on so. He’s back in the UK. I’ve got a group of guys thats been going with me for years. And we’re gonna go out here. This time we’re gonna bring the legs to the table. Ian I’m sorry you missed it we’re gonna get fixed and get started because we all got to work tomorrow. Y’all stay tuned, see what happens next. Out, over, cut! In the darkness of the night, the guys head out to one of Enon’s many lakes and ponds. We got a frog out here about twenty yards. Its normally not big enough to gig. We’re just going to get ready for some action. So me and Tyrone gonna strip out here and put a gig in this frog. Just so we can say we got one tonight anyway. See anything. I’m ready. The guys wade into the water armed with a high tech frog gigging equipment. Which basically is a sharp pointy stick. They’ve set their sights on one frog. And ease into a position to wade in. But the slippery little sucker has made a run for it. And its lost in the darkness. The guys continue around the edge of the pond. But there doesn’t appear to be many other frogs out tonight. So the guys regroup. There not being very vocal tonight but and not co-operating. We’ve seen about three or four frogs that’s just medium size. Its just been one of them nights. We’re gonna go over there and atleast gig one of these frogs. Just to show you what its like. We got to work about fifty yards so Tyrone you ready to get in the mud? I’m ready. Lets do it. They’ve got a medium-size frog in their sights. Man you don’t know me. You had there a lot I’d put my foot on it with the camera. He’s in capturing it with his hands, redneck stylee! That’s just catch it one. Those are chicken fried baby. turn him around. show the camera. I’ll pop him around. They’ll eat good. That one boy weighs about three pounds.No doubt, let him grow. They head on around the pond and set there sights on two nice big bull frogs playing some sort of piggy back game. But they pass when they spot a snake a little further on down the edge of the pond. They fire at the snake but it still manages to wriggle away. Snakes are a huge problem in Alabama and any chance the guys get they take out the poisionous predators. And then they move in with the gigger and pin him down. Now what this right here is what ruins a lot of good frog gigging. He’s very deadly. Cottonmouth snake indigenous to the South. We’re fixing to end his days right here. They pin the snakes head down with another gigger and then slice it off. The only way to make sure a snake is dead and will not strike is to cut its head off. If its body is sliced it’ll die but his head still intact he could still strike and deliver a lethal dose of poison. Just yards away the guys have found another snake. So TR traps him with his gig. And Rob delivers a second blow, trapping the snakes head. How you doing boys! First try and get it right! TR finishes off the slippery assassin. Although its been another unsuccessful night of frog gigging. There’s been two deadly poisonous snakes taken out of action so the night hasn’t been a total failure. The following day and TR is still determined to prove the merits of frog gigging. Ian I took you on the worst frog gig. I guess you’ve ever been on and by the way it was the worst frog gigging I have ever been on. But tonight Brian and I have done a little. We’re a little more prepared. We’ve located some frogs and i’m gonna
show you how it’s really done redneck style. Tonight so get ready! Stay tuned. As darkness falls, TR and Brian are out playing with frogs again. But the first thing they come across is a Whitetail deer. Yeah I’m pretty sure you cannot
catch them with a gigger. And we don’t want anyone giving Mr Harford any ideas that’s for sure. Brian wades out into the pond and spots a pair of froggy eyes in the water. He strikes and bags one. Brian slices of the legs, ready for the pot and then they move on. TR has his sights on a nice little frog. They ease towards the side of the pond in the boat. TR slides his gigger out towards the bank and strikes! Another frog in the pot. All right Ian I hate that your not here buddy to share this experience we’re not gigging the biggest frogs in the pond just yet. But we got something to put in the grease. I know you’ll be back in a few weeks and when you get here I’m gonna treat you to some absolute great Southern fair, fried frog legs. TR has his sights on another one. But he misses and it gets away. They ease into the side again. On the trail of another one. TR picks his spot and strikes. Three frogs for the pot. Its not going to feed the entire county but ts better than nothing I suppose. This is number three for the night. There not the best choice. There better than what we been getting. Then as the night draws to a close, Brian spotted a snake. He eases in with his gigger and strikes at him and the snake wraps around his gigger. As Brian lifts him the snake drops into the pond. The deadly snake injured and angry is not something to be trifled with Brian gets back in there. Spots the snake on the bank. He strikes and this time that sucker aint getting away. He disposes of the snake and that’s another deadly critter taken out of action. So after a whole two nights of frog gigging. TR and the boys have bagged three frogs, three snakes. I’m still not convinced that frog gigging is all its cracked up to be. But TR and the boys will no doubt be out again to prove us wrong. At least the snake population took a small hit hey! Subscribe to Team Wild TV for all the best hunting shows on YouTube.

72 thoughts on “EXTREME Pest Control – Frog Gigging in Alabama

  1. Hi Teamwild, great video as always! 😀 One other thing, I have a small favour to ask. I've been out after bunnies recently but my hay fever is playing me up something chronic. I tried all the anti allergy tablets etc, but out in the field with pollen blowing everywhere they don't work! I know a while ago you did a video where Ian was wearing some kind of face mask, but I can't find the video to save my life. I'd be ever so grateful if you could send me a link to this product. Thanks a million!

  2. You should try some of the steroidal nasal sprays. I'm the same as you, tablets don't do a thing for me. The sprays though are amazing, I can stay outside all day and sleep fine!

  3. in Google search for teamwildoutfitters…in the web page search for outfox.
    (Outfox WOODLAND Balaclava ERGOTARN Filter – Realtree AP)

  4. Great vid fella's looks fun just not the snakes. Im gunna have to have a look at that link also as my hayfever is terrible this year

  5. The one I use is called Beconase, I've used it for a good few years now and since I started I've never had a hayfever problem again. Not sure if it's a UK only thing though? But one spray up the nose in the morning and I'm sorted for the whole day. It basically suppresses the cells that react to the allergen, so no stuffy nose or runny eyes.

  6. Anyone else notice the knife was upside down when he cut the first snakes head off? I wonder if it was on purpose? Eh, oh well.

  7. It was an Outfox facemask. It contains a filter that removes odour and also works on pollen! Check out our online store teamwildoutfitters . com and search for Outfox facemask!

  8. Looks like a lot of fun fellas, reminded me of my younger days, we used a small fishing pole, hook, and red piece of rag, waved it in front of frogs and they went for it every time. God Bless Kevin <-:)

  9. Alright forgive me for being pedantic but the spear is properly called a gig-not a gigger. Frogs were pretty tiny – you boys hit Delaware or the eastern shore of Maryland – our frogs legs alone are longer than a whole Alabama frog

  10. dayum ian just ban these loozers from team wild already. they make promises then cant find shit, and when they do, they miss it, or take undersized shit. and he still had the balls to invite you out again "in a few weeks"? who does this clown think hes fooling?

  11. Hey Hey JJ..Go easy. We can't pull off big bags every time we go out. It's part of what makes hunting fun, if we don't succeed we get out there and have another go!!

  12. Yes, we use to go deer hunting, but mow i'm locking forward to go reindeer hunting together with my dad=O) I just finished the hunter cours (don't know what it's called in english) and isn't allowed to shoot reindeer yet, but i hope my dad could take down one as we did last year.
    My target for this year is a roedeer, and i thing Norway is a great place to hunt!!! You'r welcome!!!!

  13. I don't mean to be rude, but at around 3 minutes in the video he said that particular frog was about three pounds? That was extremely wrong, as I have caught way bigger bullfrogs and they only approach one pound. Also, those "bullfrogs" you see playing a piggy back game at 3:20 are NOT bullfrogs. Those are toads.

  14. Also, you said that snake was poisonous? Snakes can not have poisons, as they have no kind of body to secrete poison. Snakes can only be venomous or non-venomous.

  15. thats the worst english accent ive heard, and i thought jeremy clarkson was bad… good video, lose the commentary

  16. y'all should of let the babies live. you shoulda bought some decent sized frogs legs and told your buddy he missed out on the gigging trip

  17. Hey fatttttttttt fuuuuuuuckeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrs donttttt kiiiill snakeeeeeeeeeeees oooooooooorrrrrr uuuuuuuuu wwwwwwwwiiiiiill geeeeeeettttt rrrrrrrrrrrappppppppppppeeeeeeeeeed

  18. Better gigging on the river at night with a good spotlight from the boat. Just extra fun after a long day running trotlines pulling in those 40+ lb catfish.

  19. Great! A bunch of morons trying to get frogs. I am surprised they did not catch cat fish and think they were frogs.

  20. Has anyone been on Mr.Toad's Wild Ride after cow tippin'….stumble into some cow patties and think…Self…why don't we turn this pie over? Then after seeing Mushrooms decieded to eat some just to wonder who was the first one to figure this shit out…

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