EXTREME Durability Test: SMARTCORE Flooring – Mobile Home Remodel #28

hey everyone my name is Sam and welcome
back to Green Acre Homestead where we’re in the middle of a mobile home
renovation and we’re currently working in our kitchen it’s time for us to talk
about flooring for the kitchen a lot of you have asked and we have been thinking
and planning and choosing and we are 90% sure we have it picked I say 90% because
I need to do some tests before I really decide and that’s what this video is all
about so the flooring we’re going with is a product from Lowe’s it’s called
smart core it’s kind of a lock flooring style kind of laminate flooring system
you know they’re very popular nowadays it’s got its own underlayment on the
bottom and a nice vinyl coating on the top but the number one selling feature
that we are most interested in is it’s advertised as being 100% waterproof
right here on their website 100% waterproof well we’re going to put that
to the test we’re going to test if smart core
flooring is actually 100% waterproof by doing the most hardcore tests I can
think of and that’s taking this little scrap piece of flooring and submerging
it underwater for at least an hour what I have here is a spare Tupperware dish
out of the cabinet don’t tell Angela I’m using it from a
science project here and I’ve got it about a halfway full of hot water I’m
going to go ahead and take this piece of flooring and submerge it in the water
set the camera on time-lapsed and let you guys see firsthand with an hour
underwater if this is actually waterproof all right it has been 10 minutes here
let’s take this out and see if we can see any swelling or any kind of
noticeable differences in the flooring I don’t see anything at all you see if I
can rub the side off and see if we see any evidence of water absorption in the
edge and doesn’t it look like anything here all right let’s go ahead and put
this back in the water push it over to the bottom and let’s
give it another 10 minutes all right another ten minutes has passed
let’s pull this sucker out and let’s take a look at it here I don’t see any
differences in it this this is surprising this might actually truly be
100% waterproof like they say all right 20 minutes underwater is a pretty good
test I don’t previously set an hour but I
don’t think an hour is gonna make so much more difference than 20 minutes
will I tell you I’m gonna take this out and I’m going to dry it off with a towel
and then we’ll compare this with the other piece we have that has not been
exposed to any water and see if there’s any noticeable differences here we have
our two pieces the one on the right was the one that’s been underwater for 20
minutes solid the one on the left is the one that’s not been exposed to any water
this is gonna be a little bit different to compare because these pieces
interlock with each other which means that this piece is not identical to this
one as far as edge profiles and everything I’m just gonna have to take a
look at this and see if they match up how they look and then also will they
still connect and join as well now that one of them has been underwater looking
at the differences between the two I really don’t see any changes in the
middle membrane whatever this is I would say normally presswood but it’s not in
this case because it didn’t swell I don’t see any noticeable differences no
changes no delamination going on yeah I can’t pull that top cover off or
anything even the underlayment that’s attached to the bottom of this piece is
not coming off at all you’ll see some edges frayed here on the sides that’s
from this is from the store that way so let’s go ahead and see if these two will
still lock together and give a good solid seal yeah no difference is there I
can’t fill any changes or any disruptions and the joint here there’s
no undulations no puckering no waviness that is awesome so for all intensive
purposes with the exception of the label on the back
this one I can tell has been in water this one I can tell has not other than
the label differences I would really not see any difference between which one was
under water and which one has never been exposed Wow guys I am honestly genuinely
impressed and shocked this floor is actually a hundred percent waterproof
good job people for telling the truth alright little friend you’ve had your
bath but the tests are still not over for the next test I want to see how
durable this top coating is the lamination the actual pretty part of the
flooring the thing you’re gonna see the most and the thing that’s gonna really
take the most abuse and wear for that test though let’s go down to the
workshop I got a lot more things that’ll mess you up we were down in my workshop
now and as you can see I’ve devised a horrible torture test for this poor
little scrap piece of flooring I’m going to give it several several abusive tests
things that any normal kitchen should never experience items such as how well
does it sing in with 80 grit sandpaper what happens if you drop the largest
kitchen knife point down from head height as a crowbar really damage it but
four drops what about if you hit it with it how about a burn test how
flame-resistant is this floor in case you decide you want to torch it the same
thing applies with what happens if the red-hot metal object drops on the floor
well it sat on fire and lastly we will have sledge abyss maximus give us a can
I break the floor I’ll start with this this won’t work or if I have issues I’ll
get bigger and bigger devices until I either give up or I smash it alright
just start off with this is the same little piece that we dunked in water for
the water test still surviving we’re going to start with this random orbit
sander it has 80 grit sandpaper on it and let’s see how long it’ll take to
sand a piece of the finish off let’s take a look here all right we’ve
got somewhere from the edge for sure and I can see a differences in color let me
wipe that off and see that’s just the dust or if that’s genuine difference in
color yes so that’s definitely you starting to take it off there
that’s not too bad considering 80 grit and pushing down on the sander so let’s
see how much more pressure it takes to take this whole section off all right given odds are you’re not
gonna try and sand your floor with 80 grit sandpaper for a good minute but if
you do you’re probably not going to wear the finish completely off unless it’s
close to the edge like this and just picks it up and really tears it off so I
would say sander test passed all right for the next test we’ve got our largest
kitchen knife I’m gonna do some hacking and chopping tests I’m gonna do some
close stabbings and I’m gonna do a knife drop test on this so let’s go ahead and
pick a new area I’m gonna go right through here and let’s start with some
chops first let’s see if we’ve got any abrasions I can definitely feel the chop
marks I don’t know if this camera will pick it up maybe a little bit of the
reflection of the light I can definitely feel it here maybe you could sand those
out I’m joking but so chopping it like that yes you’re gonna get marks you’re
gonna be able to feel it later let’s try stabbing it okay yes that’s
pretty definitive there you can stab it and you’ll definitely make it through
the finish there there’s a little piece let’s try and couch it out here yeah so
you don’t want to stab your floor if you can help it all right let’s go ahead and
do the knife drop test this is from about three feet above and same kind of
outcome here it’s a little bit deeper of a gouge obviously than the closed
stabbing but you drop it from three feet up you’re really going to penetrate and
damage your floor there now let’s do the crowbar test let’s say you’re working
along and you’re being crazy and you’re like hey I just want to hit
the floor if you do that you’re really gonna chunk it that totally broke
through this gray layer and it made it into the middle part of this floor for
sure let’s see how much more abuse this thing can take there we go
so it took all of that beating to actually crack the floor and break it
through and obviously this piece is completely toast hammer test crowbar
test crowbar wins the floor still pretty durable though for this next test we’re
going to use an old cast iron Drupal that I’ve had hold it in some pliers and
I’m going to heat it to red-hot with this torch and then I’m going to drop it
just like that onto the piece let’s see if this smokes any if it melts if it
catches fire or what happens this is the equivalent of a hot pan on the floor and
I’m just not going to pick it up test well that took some time to heat up but
as you can see probably you don’t want to drop red-hot stuff on your floor
unless you’re willing to have a horrible plastic burning smell and melt a part of
your floor now I will say this it is pretty cool that it did not burn with
flames it didn’t burst into flames it more or less kind of just sizzle and
made its own little puddle and otherwise set there so it seems pretty safe while
I have the torch out and I’m in the burning mood let’s go ahead and give it
a direct fire test and see if I can melt through it and see if I can get this to
actually flame up well as you saw there this will flame up
but it does not continue to burn very easily so good good good this floor
won’t set you on fire hopefully so I know what you’re probably thinking Sam
that’s that’s not really real life test you’re doing you’re doing like extreme
tests of durability and incredible feats of magnitude and amazement that’s cool
and all but I really don’t think I’ll drop my hot pants on the floor I really
don’t think I’ll hit what the hammer stabbed with a knife or even try and set
it on fire on the torch what I’m really curious is is how well
does it do with scuffs how well does it do with normal traffic well don’t worry
I got this other fresh piece of flooring here that’s not been abused and what I’m
gonna do is trying to emulate a couple of scuff tests I’ve got a wrench here
but I’m gonna use the bottom of it has a smooth metal surface in the vent you
have let’s say a metal stool or some kind of furniture object that is smooth
and hard harder than the surface of the floor and rub it back back back for
fourth fourth fourth I’m going to rub it back and forth a lot and see if I can
emulate any kind of normal wear and tear abrasions for moving furniture or chairs
around all right I’ve been at it for a little
bit longer texture wise without looking I could not tell you where I’ve been
rubbing the floor the only difference in thing I can see is kind of a shiny spot
where it’s been going back and forth so for non sharp abrasions and moving looks
like it holds up pretty well for this next test I’ve got a screw here and I’m
gonna do a more of a realistic real-life scratch test let’s see what happens if
let’s say there’s a screw on the floor and maybe you step on it if you move it
around with a little bit of weight but not extreme and let’s see if this gets
it the screw definitely definitely affects the floor there are texture
differences here in the light I can see the scratches and I can definitely see
that something has gone on so start screw test fit on the floor yeah not
that good that’s one sad looking floor huh well guys I hope you enjoyed this
video where we test it if the smart core flooring was in fact 100% waterproof we
did some drop tests some knife tests some salt tests some hammer tests some
red-hot iron tests flame testing metal abrasion testing and every other testing
I could think of I hope you enjoyed this video leave us a comment down below what
you thought of it if you have this flooring we’d also love to hear from you
Angela’s not expecting me to order this floor because it is three times the cost
of the other option that we’ve been considering but after doing all these
tests I believe this floor has earned our hard-earned long saved money to put
this in our kitchen so I’m gonna go ahead and surprise her and order the
floor today it should be here they say between four to seven days in this
special order so it takes a little bit longer I can’t wait to show you guys
what it looks like stay with this subscribe if you’re not a subscriber so
you can see us install this in our kitchen check out our other videos and
as always thank you so much for watching we’ll see you next time on the homestead you

62 thoughts on “EXTREME Durability Test: SMARTCORE Flooring – Mobile Home Remodel #28

  1. Two boys calls for elcheapo vinyl until they move out.
    Then, go for the more expensive stuff.
    You'll thank me later. ; )
    You really will.
    Love you guys! xoxox

  2. Our flooring only has a surface pattern, so when you drag across it or drop sharp knives, the under material shows, which is black. Ours is 12 years old, Allure brand.

  3. Humm, I do not think I'd want it, real wood ya could at least refinish, and I do not mind if wood floor has wear and tear, looks weathered, that is life, I painted,my laundry room a light color and with all the wear and tear on it I still love it but I live on a farm in an old house. I want to live, not live in a picture perfect house.

  4. I really don't think a floor normally goes through all that, but the water was a biggie and a quick drop of something hot on the floor. After all it is vinyl, not cement , I think it is durable. We put a 25 year commercial grade flooring in and after 5 years it is doing well.

  5. The flooring is pretty. Realistically, it seems to be durable. The torture chamber was pretty tough ?. Years ago, my son ended up sitting a skillet down on the linoleum floor in my kitchen – it left a perfectly round scorch mark (still there ? – hoping to change the flooring soon.) Your kitchen is looking great. ?

  6. Waterproof is a biggie for me. I have been looking for something to go into our bathrooms and I believe you found it for me. Thank you for your review on it.

  7. I don't know very many floors that could pass all those tests. Maybe granite or marble? But, not ceramic tiles, wood, or porcelain. You really gave a good review.

  8. Of course it is waterproof, it is basically just plastic. Personally I am not into plastics in my home, off gassing is a real thing.

  9. Great testing on the new floor. We purchased "lifeproof" vinyl flooring last year for our finished basement with our two large pit bulls. Its water proof and lifeproof just like your flooring. Great choice 🙂

  10. I don't think I would want that kind of flooring even though the company claims it to be waterproof. This is for your kitchen area and you will have plenty of things falling on the floor in that area. I highly recommend ceramic tile .

  11. We are look for waterproof flooring as well. We have slab floors and any leak would be pretty devastating. One of the rooms is the breezeway I am currently building which will be a mud room and will take a lot of abuse. Also, we have gravel roads and a gravel driveway so stones stuck in shoes can do a lot of damage as well. We are currently looking at solid vinyl planking which do not interlock. They are waterproof and a damaged section can just be lifted out (they do not interlock) and replaced. I haven't looked in awhile, but they are considered a commercial tile and were only available on-line when last I looked.

  12. I installed the Smart core solid vinyl Lexington Oak in my mobile home bathroom/ hallway/laundry/kitchen and I love it. Installation was easy with the installation kit and I purchased a laminate cutter. It was worth the cutter cost to be able to stack the pieces on the floor, measure a piece, cut and snap in place without having to get up and cut it with a saw or knife. I plan to do this in all of the trailer.

  13. Perhaps it’s my 70 year old eyes. After the water submersion you locked the 2 samples together for a fit test. I “thought” I could see a tiny line or a gap on the surface where they meet, both top view and edge on as you were moving the sample around. A micrometer measurement before and after immersion would be a better swell indicator. I would do the test overnight.
    I recommend as a scratch preventative that you be sure chair/table bottoms have felt pads and any furniture that could move on the floor have the pads on the bottoms or put the circular floor sliders under the legs. Enjoy your new floor. You and Angela are a great team.

  14. We installed laminate wood flooring in our mobile home kitchen. About five minutes after we were done, I dropped a sharp, heavy knife tip down into it. At first, it didn't look too bad, but after time it has turned into a bigger gouge. Oh well, it's still better than that awful flooring we had before.

  15. Vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof, if it has the wood on the ends I promise it’s only waterproof for 72hrs which is plenty long just like laminate. And the bottom that’s not an underlayment it’s just how they make the material you don’t need underlayment for it just prep your surface good.

  16. Hold on. These testes are spot on real life if you have kids. Especially teenaged boys!! How easy is it to, assuming you have a bit extra, replace a section?

  17. I had wanted to do a cement type floor in our kitchen, but my husband isn't convinced yet. We remain undecided still. I am sure Angela will be very happy with this product. Good job Sam. Take care and God Bless.

  18. After testing you should put it back in the water to see if the qater breaks it down then. Because wear and tear happens and you're not going to stop washing your floors

  19. I hour is not enough. Wear and tear and water come after a few years. Then what. We had a very small leak from our ice maker it warped and buckled horribly and I'd course had to replace it.
    History shows linoleum has lasted test of time, except for popularity!

  20. Hopefully you didnt order the blue color it doesnt match counter tops something in beige/tan color is what I suggest..

  21. I took some lanament from Home Depot that was NOT listed as water proof. I soaked it in water and it took three days for it to start swelling and then it didn't do bad. So I feel if yours is stated to be water proof it is.

  22. I have drop meat shears on the laminate floor and left a tiny puncture. My next floor will be water proof due to dogs.

  23. I was actually thinking what if you need a small piece in a corner that that one piece would fit to finish the floor? And you just ruined that piece. But I can't wait for you to surprise her with it. Lol

  24. good video. I checked the link and it is a pretty flooring. I've been wanting new flooring and have searched a lot. thank you for the upload

  25. Hi Sam! I used the LIfeProof (pretty much the same thing). I laid an whole piece in the bathroom I was renovating as a test. We removed all the old pink and black tile etc and let it fall where it may. I walked all over the floor piece. No scratches. Nada. But I was thinking. I kinda thought waterproof meant that the seams would not let water through to the subfloor also. Wanna try that??? Excellent video! Very informative.

  26. That is really good flooring. I put a similar flooring that I got from Sam's club in my diy camper and it looks great. I've even dropped some tools on it by mistake and held up well.

  27. Good to know thanks for sharing this video! I'm going to be investing in a new basement floor and this seems to be one of the better ideas for choice! Call the company and see if they will give you a fraction of the cost after this awesome testing! 😉 All the best folks!!

  28. The test you should be doing, is it waterproof at the seams. If dog pisses on it and it lands on the seam where you connect them, does the piss go thru to subfloor?

  29. You forgot the most important test of all….dog or cat urine. For those of us with pets it's a problem finding a floor that holds up to urine.

  30. Say, now I like this flooring 🙂 In my other house, I put down vinyl sheet and will never, ever do that again. It worked well in the bathroom but in the kitchen, it was torn within a month.

  31. For the water test, I wonder if you weighed it before and after if it would be heavier? If your floor gets stabbed, is there a filler you could use for it to seal the divot? That seems like it would be a good product. If you burned it (and at this point you should be banned from the kitchen), could you pry up a piece or two and replace them? I know they are hooked in tightly one to the other but maybe there is a way. What is the recommended care for this floor? Does it have any guarantee? Thanks for this test. I have a bunch of plywood only floors so this was an interesting test to me.

  32. We are laying Smartcore Naturals in our upstairs hallway and laundry room. We love it and it’s so easy to put down.

  33. Hopefully, you'll never need to deal with those disasters. But, if you do, at least you can replace a tile or two. It's pretty flooring, great pick.

  34. I just wanted to compliment you on your workshop. I remember when you were building it. It turned out very nice and your keeping in pretty organized.

  35. We did all of our floors with NuCore from Floor and Decor. I submerged a piece too but for 48 hours and not one thing changed in the flooring. We later discovered a piece that was in the yard through the Florida rainy season and did not change at all either. Great floors.

  36. Cant wait to see your new floors. I think waterproof is huge, most of these floors peel up or warp from water so if they have a floor that wont do that it moves to top of my list!

  37. Great testing. One test I would love to see. If you drop ceramic or glass, does it just break or does it shatter. That is a concern with children for me anyway. Can't wait to see it down..

  38. We have the smart floor as well and love it.  I've had the washer and sink leak and once locked together water does not penetrate the seams nor harm the floor.  Would highly recommend the product.

  39. That's pretty impressive for the waterproof test. I bought my house and it came with oak hardwood floors in the kitchen. Never again will i ever have hardwood floors in a kitchen. I honestly would rather have laminate over hardwood floors. I would 100 times over rather have what you're putting in your kitchen area than what I have. I absolutely despise hardwood floors in a kitchen for the water areas much less all the other issues I have such as a husband and his red wine and chocolate ice cream.

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