Explore the Science Behind Havahart® Wireless Dog Fences

After years of testing and development, Havahart® Wireless shakes the dog
fencing industry with groundbreaking technology capable of outperforming any
wireless fence system by far, with an instant circular fence that can expand up to a four hundred foot radius and customizable fence that can go up to
five hundred feet in any direction. But how did Havahart® Wireless
develop a fence capable of expanding to over one and a half football fields? It all started with the revolutionary
nanoLOC TRX 2.4 gigaHertz transceiver chipset. Hi, I’m Professor Paul Cuff, PHD in Electrical Engineering. Although other wireless fence systems have
similar hardware, Havahart® Wireless was able to push the nanoLOC transceiver to the next level by asking one simple question: How should a wireless fence really work? To begin, the statistical data that can
be collected from the transceivers proved invaluable in creating a smarter and
more efficient wireless doc fence. However, raw data alone is all but useless without thorough analysis and refinement. Thus, the transceivers has to be enhanced
with complex algorithms, modular signal amplification and strategic distortion filtering. Havahart® Wireless uses the Kalman Filter, the same data filtering technique used by
NASA. Advanced analysis and rejection of
statistical anomalies, anomolaies that typically result in a fuzzy boundary became the catalyst to filter out erroneous statistics and design the
appropriate hardware and software to enable the nanoLOC transceiver
to perform beyond its standard capabilities. This translated into a crisper boundary, giving the Havahart® Wireless Fence Systems
the ability to maintain constant signal strength throughout the entire boundary. But what truly sets the Havahart® Wireless system apart from the rest and defines how a wireless fence should really
work is its patented time-of-flight ranging
technology between the chip set in the Base and the chip set and the dog Collar. Simply put, time of flight is the time it takes for
a signal to travel from the Base to the Collar and back at the speed of light. This enables the Base to accurately
calculate the distance to the dog. By continually ranging to the Collar to determine the time of flight, the Havahart® Wireless system is able to track the real-time location of your dog. Based on the data that is continually captured,
filtered and refined, the Base can determine whether or not
a correction should be delivered through the Collar. Better yet, with motion sensor technology if your dog isn’t moving, or is safely within the Roaming Area, the sampling rate becomes less frequent,
saving battery life. A unique feature of the Custom-Shape Fence is a process known as event-stamp mapping. When creating the boundary this allows the base to record the coordinate location of the Fence Boundary, similar to the way GPS technology works, allowing you to create a wireless fence of virtually any shape and dimension. Using the same technology, Havahart® Wireless was also able to create a fence within a fence. By once again sending your coordinates to the Base, you have the ability to create custom exclusion zones inside the Roaming Area to keep your dog out of designated
locations such as flower beds and pools. Last but not least, to pinpoint the location of your dog, Havahart® Wireless uses a technology
known as trilateration. The two Bases closest to your dog each send out a radial signal. The system uses a third signal from one
of the two remaining Bases depending on the location of your dog in the Roaming Area. It is the exact intersection of these three
radio signals that rounds out the amazing technology that results in
a real-time location of your dog for the Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence, giving you the peace of mind that the
system knows exactly where your dog is at all times. After examining the ground-breaking
technology that has gone into these systems, it is clear that Havahart® Wireless has developed the most advanced and
reliable dog fences in the industry. Havahart ® Wireless Groundbreaking without breaking ground.

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  1. I'm guessing this is not for every dog owner. I can imagine some strong and aggressive dogs don't care if they get zapped shorty, and then they're out of range. 

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