Explaining How Balance IT® Works: Homemade Pet Food

balance it is a brand trusted by thousands of veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists for pet food solutions it is board certified veterinary nutritionist founded developed and supported balance it provides the most commonly used method for homemade diet formulation with proprietary online software and the simplest method for fortifying human foods to make them appropriate for pets with patent-pending all-in-one mineral vitamin and amino acid products unlike a recipe that one might find for a human meal focused solely on taste recipes that are appropriate for long-term feeding to both healthy and sick pets must have over 30 essential nutrients accounted for nutrient levels must not only meet minimum requirements but must also not exceed maximum safe levels since each human food or pairing of foods has a unique overall nutrient profile one must compare that specific food or pairing against nutrient needs to determine the best option for supplementation as well as the needed dose of any supplements used as typically fed human foods alone will not have a complete and balanced nutrient profile for pets supplementation is always needed the balance a team is proud that our software has been widely adopted and has been used in multiple peer-reviewed university studies to evaluate homely pet food recipes in fact a 2013 study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association found a 98% accuracy in our software predicting deficiencies that were found with third-party laboratory analyses of prepared homemade pet food at times human foods can also provide an excess of a particular nutrient even without any added supplement this is especially true when there is a health condition thus such a food may need to be avoided or may need to be limited in amount or proportion it is also possible that some nutrients from a food or food pairings are already close to a maximum while other nutrients are concurrently still very low this might mean that certain supplements may not work as they're used to try and meet the nutrient at the lowest level also known as the limiting nutrient could lead to over supplementation of the nutrient that is already close to the maximum level when the supplement also contains this already high nutrient thus balanced it has features powered by the auto balancer that has been developed and refined for over a decade to determine not just what which human food or pairings will work but also to determine the best proportions and what supplement if any will work if a supplement will work to fortify the selected human foods the software also determines the needed amounts of food and supplementation to ensure that the overall recipe meets the calculated energy or caloric needs for the pet therefore many of our ballensat products do not have any dosing instructions based solely on the past weight like one may see for drugs for those products that do have preparation or feeding instructions the recipes on the packaging are very limited with far more options available via the online recipe generator at balance it calm a detailed video on how to use the recipe generator is available on the recipe generator page itself via a prominent link this frequent lack of dosing instruction on packaging means that one should always have a very specific recipe in hand before buying any product or giving any supplement to their pet having a recipe beforehand enables one to know that the overall diet is appropriate for the particular pet and helps explain in part why balanced it is trusted by veterinary professionals it's helpful to understand that if a recipe is designed for health condition or conditions one must either be a veterinarian to view it or must have specific approval from their veterinarian to see the recipe this is necessary to meet US FDA guidelines this veterinary approval can be requested by non veterinarians by entering some brief veterinary contact information after clicking view next to passing recipes on step 5 of the short recipe generator process submitting this vet a contact information results in an automatic request being sent to the entered veterinarian for approval if approval is not received back from one's veterinarian the ability to view the recipe for health condition is limited to veterinarians some veterinarians prefer to create the recipe themselves to make optimal choices and review specific nutrient information that is available on the fifth step of the recipe generator process by clicking on the see nutrient profile button veterinarians that create the recipe themselves for a particular client may charge for their time to do so since some of our products are veterinary exclusive as they are designed to help nutritionally manage a condition they may only be available for purchase from one's veterinarian or online from our site with specific facts veterinary approval for the use of a special alphanumeric vet code this veterinary approval to buy certain products is necessary to meet US FDA guidelines when products are purchased on our site they may ship to one's veterinarian to sell directly at their practice to their clients or may be purchased directly online by clients for direct home delivery to help with food preparation generated recipes that have detailed instructions and there are also several online cooking demonstration videos also as many of our products are very limited ingredients and avoid the use of any additional ingredients like palette ins or flavorings slow transition to the full dose of the supplement is usually advisable in pets with poor or selective appetites the balance a-team is available for questions via the methods and at the times listed on our contact us page at balance it calm please note that we cannot provide specific patient management advice but can give general assistance to clients and can also directly speak to fellow veterinarians that contact us for assistance thanks for watching this video 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