Exotic Pets

we do primates which would be the lemurs and the marmosets we do kinkajous hedgehogs which are like small pocket pets like hamsters flying squirrels and spotted genex and we have one quantum Mundi but we don't bring him he's just have very specific needs like vet care needs food it's like a different person I mean it's like adopting a kid that has you know certain traits they're all very very special we don't really try to sell them and market them towards pet pets as much we really want them to go to zoos and to people who have more experience with them because we know that they have experiences what they're gonna do with them I was attacked by one of the marmoset I had to clean out the bottom of the cage one day I figured it was alright to get in there so I reached my arm and instantly he just jumped on there and latched on with his teeth and claws like lengthwise on my arm and I'm shaking it trying to get it all we got it for the animals who really would need a place to live but the land is for you know what we wanted to do so I would say anywhere from between like 10 to 15 animals at one given time inside of our house are you like a cat or dog where do they like they're not like anything that you've ever know

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  2. your retarded dumbass some actually are! plus the definition of "pet" is a animal kept for companionship and enjoyment. please go to school or do your research before you call someone names fucktard.

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