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Oh animals West Virginia man fine for keeping deer a Huntington West Virginia man with a soft spot for deer was fine on the fourth of July for keeping two wild bucks in his home though one of the deer took off into the woods and never came back one in particular developed a bond with him and lingered according to Ronnie Chapman two years ago he found the injured deer bleeding to death in his yard he then nursed a deer back to health by this point Chapman and the deer had developed a rapport Chapman insisted that the deer came and went as he pleased though police suspect that they've been living together for months possession of wildlife is legal so when a passerby saw the odd household the police were called on to investigate and when they did officers were shocked to find Chapman's living room filled with hay and deer poop oh he was fined $300 from misdemeanor offense released back into the wilds of year still regularly returns to Chapman's property even though they're not allowed to hang out anymore all give an insightful comment on Tom a news net and you could win up to 500 dollars every month

37 thoughts on “Exotic pets: Man living with deer fined $300 for keeping wild animals at home – TomoNews

  1. This was an interesting article: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/bambi-or-bessie-are-wild-animals-happier/ The animal was not exactly busting its tail to get free. I suppose the general feeling is that wild animals are much better off with (most importantly) GOBS of space (which some share with their predators), no access to vet care, uncertain supplies of food and clean water, infestations of fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites, precarious access to shelter, etc. The thought occurred to me that: Keeping a few animals in human care/zoos (some zoo enclosures actually lead to animals' demise-I know this too) protects them from possible viruses or other factors in the wild that could decimate their populations. Every once in a blue moon, a wild animal (for whatever reason) is going to seek out humans. Why does this phenomenon have to be criminalized if the animal poses no threat to anyone? It's a deer! Not a lion!

  2. This is absolute bull shit. If he can provide for the animals at all costs then he and ANYONE should be allowed to keep them as pets. I don't own any major animals (besides bobcats/Lynx hybrids and reptiles such as lizards and snakes) BUT, if you're against having exotic pets then who gives a fuck about your opinion. No one said you have to have one. No one said you can't have a traditional pet. And what's heartbreaking is that he developed a bond with one of them. Like this man has feelings. And a $300 fine?! LMAO SOUNDS LIKE CALLI. But of course bigoted state politics don't give a damn about other people's opinions they only care about their own. 🙂

  3. That's sad. People should change the law on wild animals as pets so many people (including people who keep deer as pets) are allowed to have wild animals as pets, only if it's not a dangerous species of wild animal.

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