Exotic Pets : How to Adopt a Squirrel

let's talk about adopting a squirrel now there's a there are legal issues with this squirrels are considered wildlife in most states now there are some places where they're bred and there they're sold but in a lot of states these are considered wildlife and you can't adopt one unless you have a rehab rehabilitators license and so you can have you have to check with your state as far as state state legal issues with them and lots of squirrels when their babies become orphans and so you never want to handle an orphan unless it's traumatized or you absolutely have to the best thing to do is called your state's wildlife agency and get advice from them first or if you have local rehabilitators that are listed to call them as well but only at their direction should you handle an orphan because sometimes orphans are not necessarily orphans but baby squirrels seem to get in a lot of trouble because they're in trees if there's a storm or something like that it will end up with some of those guys being out of the nest and so again it's a legal issue you're not allowed to typically rehab squirrels and most states by yourself and so always check with your wildlife agency locally and check with rehabilitators because they can guide you

40 thoughts on “Exotic Pets : How to Adopt a Squirrel

  1. A girl at my church just took a squirrel up off the street. I know she doesn't have a license. No cops have come to her house.

  2. fuck the legal… we should own any damn wild as pet whatever we wants. goverment could not tell us what kind pet we can keep what not… goverment tell us what to do? no… they cant… it we choose to take them as pets that our problems not goverment… their jobs is give people what we wants foods for any wild needs we can handle them ourselves.

  3. SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO KILL THE SMELL! This little fucker's piss is worse than smelling my ferret and I have a small apt. Fucking wildlife places won't take him cause they said they have too many and PAWS said they would just put him down! One non profit told me they would only take him if I gave them $35 which is ILLEGAL! So yea they really care about the wildlife in Wa. state! smh

  4. Does it really matter to have a license to have a pet squirrel? A squirrel? It's not like it's a bear or a mtn lion, it's a small rodent, and an adorable one at that. It's not like the police are gunna bust the door in and fine you for having an extremely common animal in your house as a pet. They have way more important stuff to do. So imma get a squirrel if I want one

  5. ill take in a squirrel if I want too…especially if its sick and I give it love and food….I don't care what the f the rules are.

  6. is it illegal to buy a pet squirrel and keep it in mississippi? i googled it and its not really telling me exactly what i am asking for.

  7. I have two I raised from 2 weeks old by bottle, now they are 6 months old and I have no issues with them, great pets not destructive, their nails on the skin get some getting used to at first, but they are super smart, they learn their names and play with you, they are cautious of new people but once they know you they are really good and funny lil animals!

  8. I had to endure a 30 second commercial ad just to watch this jack ass talk?? How the hell is somebody supposed to know the difference between an orphan or non-orphan squirrel? Ask it??

  9. for the most part true. however most dogs were made by mans prediction of selective breeding and animals such as a mule does not exist in the wild unless a horse randomly feels like gettin jiggy with a donkey.

  10. Squirrels are considered wild-life? I wonder what they consider rabbits? I got plenty of those and havent been arrested yet. Its stupid States think they can govern everyone like if we are trained animals. If I find a little squirrel in my yard call the conservation pigs. Right.. I can see it now. It's safer to make meth then dare get caught with an illegal squirrel.

  11. I handled a young squirrel who almost got himself attacked by our dogs, he seemed pretty sweet to me after I petted him. No idea why they can't be considered pets without a TON of work. There's lots of videos of squirrels as pets, it's not like they're coyotes or sugar gliders.

  12. '
    come on squirrel can be adopt same as ferret, hamster, rabbit, rat, dog, cat, raccoon, opposum, belly pig, without a license,,
    no no need it a license at all

  13. @AbduCola We had one. Watch: Annabelle's Pet Squirrel on YouTube. He knew is name and we rehabed him when our cat killed his mother. He was so cool. We learned what too feed him and when he got old enough we were able to release him. He still lives in the yard.

  14. @silenteyesspy exotic animal regulations are state laws not federal laws. In texas you can have any animal as a pet but in california it's illegal to own a squirrel.

  15. @AtheistPatriot1: thank you..America is coming up with too many irrelevant laws and not enough laws that actually matter..first off how is anyone going to know that you have a squirrel for a pet? second none of my friends would care they'd probably find it cool..so how would you even get reported..America should start focusing on actual laws that matter

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