Exotic and Unusual Pets – Kinkajou

this is a kinkajou kinkajou scum from south america they're a member of the raccoon family if they're very loving they're very active very jumpy and they like to play and run around a lot at Arab Oriole if they have a prehensile tail that helps them climb they eat fruits and vegetables in the wild a little bit of meat every once in a while they might catch a bug how they like bananas pears apples we feed them a thing called monkey biscuits this is a baby I think it about twice as big as this and in captivity they make very very very good pets they're very loving they're very playful it's usually better to have them fix as adults if you're not planning on breeding them how this keeps them even more loving and more calm you need to check your regulations where you live and make sure that you don't need a permit or if these are allowed this is probably everything good about a monkey without any of the bad things about a monkey if they like to be played with loved cuddled and then when you're done with them you put them back in their very big cage and they go to sleep and they actually like that too it's like having a big live teddy bear in your house I like these a lot and they're very fun

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  1. Are they taken directly from the wild, or are they usually raised by private breeders? I don't condone taking pets from the wild, and I don't think it's fair. But if they are already raised in for example, an exotic pet's shelter/office, I'm all for it.

  2. For those of you who think not living free in the wild is better than domestication, that's an ignorant point of view from people who have no true concept of freedom. I lived this way and PREFER it. They prefer their freedom. Nothing you can offer them in a home will be exactly right for their bodies temperature wise, or dietary. You can only mimic what the animals' bodies need. Many animals actually have longer lifespans outside because their bodies are built to change with the outside world and not being exposed to those elements often shorten their lifespans. Educate yourself before you assume what you do to things in nature is "best". In my experience, when people think they are doing "what's best" for nature, nature suffers greatly at the hands of man. Think about it.

  3. They are untrainable for the bathroom. They do NOT make good pets for anyone who doesn't have an 8foot long 4 foot deep and six foot high cage. They get into trouble and danger unsupervised so they must have adequate cage for safety. They make VERY LOUD calls especially for food. They can get agressive and territorial with food and for this reason may not mix with your other pets. Like toddlers that don't grow up and can live 20-40 years of age and may out live you, they will need constant care and are a HUGE commitment. For all of these reasons they do NOT make good pets. Plus there is an illegal pet trade with these animals where the parents are killed and the babies stolen from the their natural habitats. If you buy one, you are most likely promoting this activity. Don't listen to this man. He just wants to make money.

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