11 thoughts on “Exclusive preview: Dogs are dying after PetSmart groomings. Families demand answers.

  1. I wish I knew how to make videos and put them on you tube. I am one of only 9 nationally cert. master groomers in NJ and I have been grooming for 50 yrs and I have NEVER had a dog die on me, NEVER! Sorry there is no reason a dog that walks in should not walk out alive and happy. Don't try to be in such a rush for the ol mighty buck and cram to many dogs in a day. Take the time a dog or cat needs be it 2-3 hours or more hours per dog or cat to do the job right. Jennylyn

  2. I get my dog groomer at PetSmart and I only trust one groomer to handle him because she was the only person that knew what she was doing. Plus she has two kids and dogs of her own so I know for a fact she treats other dogs well while grooming them. Plus my dog absolutely adores her and stays away from every other groomer there and he's friendly with EVERYONE. I hope these families get their money and some answers.

  3. Do not take hush money . Take them to court and in court kick their ass . Your dogs would never give up on protecting you . Yes your friends are gone but for them you can make sure this will not happen again .

  4. My groomer used to work at PetSmart and told me all about the unsafe practices. She believes that these deaths are indeed due to the manner in which PS handles grooming. I personally brought my last dog there once. She came home with a topknot in her hair (yorkie) and when it was removed I discovered a fairly deep laceration. When I called them they said that it must have happened at home. There is no way that she could have been cut under a topknot. Never bring your dog there, please.

  5. i’m going to be real frank with you guys but most of these dogs were unhealthy and died of preexisting conditions. it is horrible that they died but ultimately it is unfair to blame the groomers. bulldogs have breathing issues due to their smushed faces. by the other pictures i’ve seen of that corgi in the video i would say it is at least 30lbs overweight and probably had a heart attack. the one yorkie that has died in a petsmart recently suffered from heartworms that the owner lied about and died as a result of that plus the added stress of being in any grooming salon. almost every owner of a dog that died in a petsmart refused to disclose the necropsy. if the results from the vet actually proved that petsmart was at fault i am sure they would have posted them online everywhere (the actual paperwork! not just “the vet said so”). these poor groomers who are just tryin to pay their bills could have gotten a job anywhere else if they truly didn’t love dogs. but now because of a few extremely unfortunate incidents they are being sent death threats from thousands of strangers online when they already feel guilty and traumatized over these dogs’ deaths. this kind of thing does not just happen in corporate salons. this happens in private salons too. accidents happen and any job where you work with a living being is going to be unpredictable. i myself now work at a private salon but i used to work at a petsmart salon where most of the groomers had 6-8 dogs a day. and there were 11 of us in the salon. i don’t even know how many stores there were in our district. so if you think about it there are probably thousands of petsmarts grooming anywhere between 66 and 88 dogs a day, not including bath dogs and nail walk ins. if there has been less than 10 deaths in petsmart grooming salons even in the last month i would say that’s pretty damn good and they have some stellar safety precautions in place. yes petsmart and petco are corporations and money is every corporation’s first priority but the groomers who work there are still humans who grew to love your dogs and cats and they still cry from guilt when they so much as nick your dog’s wart. this movie is insensitive and will absolutely only be one sided. they are most likely going to use “””former petsmart/petco groomers””” to lie about how cold, heartless, and dangerous these salons are. i am not saying that all of these salons are perfect but it is unfair to attack all of these people because of a few isolated incidents that are most likely not even the groomers’ faults. please take this film with a grain of salt

  6. Is this one particular Petsmart? Or are dogs dying at multiple locations? There's zero information given on the story! It seems NJ.com is more interest in clicks than giving pet owners information that may help them avoid this!

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