Everything you NEED to know BEFORE Owning a Husky!!

hey guys what's up welcome back to my channel Oh Johnny you guys remember Kai and Jax this guy this guy right here and judging by the title you guys already know what this video is it's very important for those people that want to become husky owners but yet probably don't know how much responsibility comes into owning a husky yeah after what can you say oh yeah educate yourself so if you guys want to know all these facts about Huskies then just keep on watching okay so the first thing you guys definitely need to know about Huskies is that they are super super playful and they can get extremely bored really fast so you guys always need to have some kind of toy your bones for them so they have something that chew on and play with they destroy all the toys that we give them but you know bones help with that sometimes they are oh good with children it's like the cutest thing ever when my little cousins come by sometimes they get so excited and they just all just all they want to do is just play with them and it's all secure thing ever Jax can get really not aggressive but too playful you need oh I need a watch out for him only one of the most important things you need to know about husky is they are they are known to be escape artists you guys need to watch them closely when a door is open even a window kai has left the building like so many times when you see that open door he just runs out Jack he also runs out but he doesn't get very far sometimes he's a little chunky good look at that face if you guys have fences they'll probably dig under the sand because we have a brick wall and they don't take dig can't they bolt cause it's a brick wall you guys need to watch them very closely when even when you're walking them because they'll try to escape out of their leash sometimes we have to put a harness on them so they won't escape but you know it's just you need to watch out because like I said they're artists for this kinds of stuff they love to escape don't you now and when they do leave a try food may be like a hammer a hot dog and see if that will make him come back feet high does not listen when it comes to goo he does not give to clubs he does not care he just runs forever and ever and then we some by some miracle we catch him yeah we'll try food and it's not get your car and our trees and after them jacks you'll come with food definitely if you shake a bag of trees you'll come running for the bag you just remember so the other thing about Huskies is they do not get fatigued it is scientifically proven they have a lot of energy so they need to run and whatever for hours sometimes sometimes we take them to the park at night and we like put them in this baseball field words like all closed off and kind Ranjan oh they were so strong chi literally dragged me once and it's kind of dangerous for me to take them out walking because like I said Chi was not properly trained to walk on a leash and he hugs and he just called and it hurts and it's the worst thing ever but sometimes I try to run with him sometimes I can't could be too bad and too strong like I said you literally dragged me once and the barges horrible they can regulate them it's their metabolism so that they can run incredibly long distances for an incredibly long amount of time one of the other important things that you need to know both have skewed also is when it's Oh funny when it's summer they start blowing either cold occults it's called blowing their coat and they shed like crazy you literally need to brush them like twice a day I have not been brushing them but yeah you need to and you need to get a really good brush so that goes into the second layer of the coal because they do have two layers of fur the their undercoat is short and warm a while the overcoat is long and water-resistant so whenever whenever they're in the rain the snow they're not get went this whole shedding thing does happen twice a year so y'all need to watch out for your clothing because we gets everywhere and your food never shave your Huskies it is probably one of the worst things you can possibly do to them because their coat protects them from the heat from the Sun from the coldness so never shave your even when you think it's like super super freakin hot never shave them some Huskies howl and some dull jacks I've never heard of how only when he likes stretches and once when he was a little tiny puppy kai sometimes how only when someone like provokes him but it's it's málaga everyday saying so count your blessings if you're if you're husky doesn't howl because it sounds like when you sing or like when you scream that's when he Stephanie health and I did get a video and I'm going to treat it right now he's not a very big howler neither a Barker but he only barks when this guy over here bugs him too much or when he see someone he doesn't know that's when he only barks or when someone is like yelling at him like my mom or like my dad or like when my parents were yelling at us kai defends us and she started barking at my parents teachers thing ever I don't know I have a video I'm look I do something else you need to know is they are not very great watchdogs Lamine are kind of I only say this because because they are so friendly they like I said do not do very great watchdogs except for Kai and Jax when we adopted Kai he was very protective of us especially from our parents like when my mom tried to hate us like just a little tap here and there I would get really protective start barking at my mom and get in front of us and sometimes when he saw someone he didn't recognize she would bark at them and Jax I would like to think he's kind of protective of us when he sees someone also that he doesn't know he growls so loud you would think it's not in like it's crazy how loud and scary he growls I've never heard him grow apart until one of my kids in my cases what am i okay and so one of my cousins came Jack saw him and he's like who is that and he just started growling at him it was so scary my mom even woke up because of what's going on what's going on now with my cousin and they did not recognize him so they started going crazy and being so protective so I'm pretty sure these guys are pretty guarding material if you guys want to make them a homemade food oh my I'm kind of do recommend it because it's a lot healthier for them sometimes when they're out of food I like to make them a white rice with a brown rice no seasoning whatsoever because it's bad for their come you sometimes if we have chicken I'll put some chicken in there not raw eggs boiled hard-boiled eggs they really like those but they really like rice it's crazy like Jax eats it no he sucks it all in within like seconds because he just loves it so much and Thai really does like it they both really like rice so yeah if you guys want to ever make them like homemade food just make them all of that or salmon they really like salmon – but I've never really given given them salmon like just that salmon in those and I can mix the whole bunch of other stuff kind of gold but yeah well yeah if you want to make some homemade food that is what you can mix up together and trust me they're also gonna really really like it's the only reason you guys want to have these because they're beautiful dogs then don't get a husky because they come with a lot of responsibility I actually read somewhere that like 7 and 10 people take their dot they're Huskies two legs shelters because they can't handle them and they didn't realize how much responsibility to owning a husky was so they're like I'm done I can't do with this so they take them to like the pound or whatever and if we remote for adoption because we can't handle it so yeah if you just think a husky is cueing our money cuz it's so cute and please don't get a husky because that just means that you're not qualified to take care of Huskies BH you guys need to have like a sense of humor because oh I cannot tell you how much clothing Jax's ripped up Oh since you've lived here like sold much clothing like I am running low on certain things have them steer clear of clothing or anything fabric II in general because they probably will swallow it like Jax has and he's thrown it up you can see the fabrics and oh it's so bad I'm glad he threw it up oh so yeah make sure there are no clothing on the floor because your dog will probably rip it up and eat it sometimes when he does grab the clothing I kind of laugh cuz it's the cutest thing ever because he thinks I'm playing with him he's like I run after him because the clothing is in his mouth he's on he's grabbing on to it and he'll just run around like if I'm chasing him and I am chasing him but I'm trying to get my clothing away from him and I just yeah you get me to have a sense of humor because they can destroy some things and they are they love to dig Jack's more you love to dig oh yeah okay well I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you did please give it a nice big ol thumbs up sorry and if you haven't already please subscribe to my channel for weekly videos and if you guys want to follow on their Instagram pages because I just made one I'll put it right here for you guys to follow and I will put a direct link in the description box okay you hear a nice day and a great week and I will see you guys next time

39 thoughts on “Everything you NEED to know BEFORE Owning a Husky!!

  1. I have a husky puppy but ANOTHER tip is husky puppies bite they don't do it on purpose but it's just playing around.

  2. All that is because your dogs are not trained properly at all. Huskies are pretty good watchdog but not guard dogs

  3. Would you recommend a husky for a child as their pet because I have wanted a husky for MANY MANY years because I love everything about them their personality EVERYTHING and I have done my research and I know their a lot of responsibilities but I am only 12 but I think I could handle the responsibility just wanted your honest opinion!

  4. I have had 2 Huskies in the past.
    Yes, they DO run away alot.
    But I find that if you take them for lots of walks and runs at the dog park, the beach etc.
    then you'll have little to no issues anymore with them running away.
    I MISS my doggies!

  5. A husky seems so easy to care for after coming from a HC wolfdog. My wolfdog chewed through drywall in my house and escaped EVERYTHING. These dogs seem like a breeze. I had to get a shih tzu after my wolf so I could have a lazy dog.

  6. Im 17 and i have 2 huskys of my own. And i can handle them perfectly fine. It all depends on how you train them. You have to be consistent

  7. Soo husky really don’t protect you…so what’s the point of getting that damn dog then? Lmfao ???? nah pass…I’ll get a different dog or something

  8. All of these things can be fixed/managed with training!

    Also it sounds like they are reactive, that is usually due to improper socialization.

    If you get any type of dog get them trained and socialize them to different things, places, people, noises, dogs ect.

  9. Lol my husky ran out of the house when we were playing with fireworks then when we relized her was gone we fond him running around in someone’s house ?

  10. Hello I hope you see this and reply . I have a husky and he’s very playful and never gets tired . I walk him for 4-5 hours to get him tired but nope -.- he still has energy:( and I keep him in the backyard because he’s too strong he knocks down everything inside. What can I do to calm him down ?? Are calm pills a good idea cause I know they sell them in petco or pet smart . I ask because when I take him to a park or something and we’re in the car we had escaped from the leash and literally jumped out of the window and it’s so scary . I get so scared . Please help !! Thank you .

  11. I have a husky, and for those of you that live in an apartment and want to own one, let me shed some light. I live in an apartment, and I don't like to leave that often. Though when I do I take the dog. Here's my experience with a husky that's been raised in a 1 bedroom apartment.

    1. Endurance level
    -if I get him excited, which doesn't take much, he will run around the apartment in circles for 30 minutes.
    -I try to take him to a Gated soccer field for an hour or so on my 2 days off of the week to burn energy. If the weather is good.
    -if he hasn't burned enough energy every time I try to pet him, it activates his excitement and he's running around the house again.

    2. Attitude
    -Doesn't like to sit still and cuddle for too long.
    -very explorative around the same small apartment he's been in for 8 months.
    -everything is a toy
    -eats everything. Has eaten a small woman's sock before, threw it back up.
    -very clingy, always wants me in view.
    – in a crate when we aren't home and at night. Cries whenever we leave the house for 30 minutes. Then attempts to escape. I tried to give him the bathroom instead of a cage and he ripped up bathroom tiles and the bottom of the door.
    -get a sturdy crate like a Kong crate.

    3. "Not an indoor dog."
    -He's very loud when someone comes over.
    -terrible guard dog because he loves everyone
    -if i give him a toy he will be fine he doesn't need to be outside 100% of the time
    -most of the time while I play a video game he will sit and watch or go in a small space and nap. Like my closet, under my entertainment center, or in his crate.
    -If the dog has lived the indoor life for all its life it will get accustomed to it. Just because you don't have a backyard does not mean u can't have a husky. Though it is definitely better/easier for the dog to have a backyard.

    4. Loud Dog
    -Like I said he is very loud.
    -I know it bothers the neighbors but we all have dogs and meet up on the weekends sometimes. They know his breed and they know what he entails. If you have asshole neighbors that don't like when you walk too hard I wouldn't advise getting the husky.
    -whenever we leave he screams like he is dying. He really hates being away from us. I thought it was the cage so I left him out in the living room once and left. He did the same thing. He is young and being crate trained so I wouldn't recommend leaving ur husky out like that to roam free at a young age.

    5 Not a beginner dog
    I've never owned a dog before of my own. Yes my parents had dogs before that I lived with but I was young and the parents pulled most of the work. Dogs cost a lot of money between food, toys, vet visits, emergencies. And they also cost a lot of your time. I would say this is not a beginner dog, but if you have experience and have researched how much work it all takes and have the money and time for the challenge. I'd say go for it. But you have to be mature enough. Treat it like your kid, not an animal. And don't quit on it. If you have tendencies to give up half way and quit things because they are difficult, do not get a husky. Do not get a pet in general.

    All in all I've had a very good time with my husky. There have been difficult and very frustrating times but its all in the package. I may have gotten lucky, because some things he does are rare. Such as liking small spaces, and being very clingy. A husky is already a challenging dog and if you are raising It in a small apartment it is going to be even harder. But there are ways around everything.

    I'm thinking about starting a YouTube channel about raising a husky in an apartment to help other people that want to as well. Let me know if you think it's a decent idea.

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  13. I want to adopt a husky but I can't keep it inside my house but in the yard we have and I'm afraid that he will run away and not come back if it is alone outside ?

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