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After months of colorful
teasers and posters, Warner Bros. has finally dropped the first official trailer
for “Birds of Prey.” From its references to the
Joker to this adorable hyena, here’s everything you
missed in the new trailer. The trailer begins with Harley Quinn announcing her breakup with the Joker. Harley: The Joker and I broke up. Narrator: This changes
everything for Harley, including a new haircut and
a symbolic change in attire. “Suicide Squad” showed
Harley wearing a T-shirt with a reference to the Joker, while the new Harley
Quinn symbolically wears an outfit with her name on it, identifying her as a more
independent character. The song that plays throughout the trailer is Édith Piaf’s “L’Hymne à l’Amour,” or “The Hymn to Love.” It’s an obviously ironic choice for a song that exemplifies the
love-and-hate relationship between Joker and Harley. So, how does Harley try to move on? By burning down a building, of course. A shot from the trailer
shows Harley burning down the Ace Chemicals factory, a location that essentially created both Joker and Harley Quinn and was also featured
briefly in “Suicide Squad.” The same factory seems
to later be inspected by none other than Renee Montoya, a detective from Gotham City who never technically was a
member of the Birds of Prey but has had a history of
accompanying them in comics. And, speaking of Montoya, we see some of the other official
members of Birds of Prey. Like Black Canary, portrayed
by Jurnee Smollett-Bell, working as a singer at a nightclub. And this cool shot briefly
hints at her superpower, the “canary cry,” her ability to let out an ultrasonic scream. The cup is shaking from her singing. Perhaps she doesn’t yet understand
the extent of her power. We also get a better look at the Huntress, a lethal vigilante played
by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The character also made an
appearance in CW’s “Arrow.” And from the looks of it,
it seems like the Huntress is already very much active, serving justice with
her trademark crossbow. And finally, Cassandra Cain, an assassin who once took
the mantle of Batgirl in the comics. While she was always portrayed as having difficulty with
speech, this adaptation seems to have no trouble
bantering with Harley. So it’s safe to assume that the filmmakers are taking the most
liberty with the character, the film being one of her
first live-action adaptations. And, for the first time, we get a look at them together as a team. The Birds of Prey. So, what brings these
unlikely characters together? The best guess is this man, Roman Sionis, or Black Mask, an infamous villain from
the “Batman” comics. While he’s a villain most well
known for his iconic mask, we never see it in the trailer, although it’s heavily
foreshadowed throughout, such as from these dancers in the club or the painting behind him during what happens to be
his psychotic breakdown. But for now, Ewan McGregor
seems to be playing Roman Sionis before he becomes Black Mask, also suggested by these
initials on his gloves. The trailer also implies that Roman has an obsession with Harley. We also see Harley performing
in Roman’s nightclub, a scene that is a direct homage to Marilyn Monroe’s performance in 1953’s “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” It’s also the same nightclub that Black Canary performs
in and meets Harley. Perhaps the two characters bond
with their hatred for Roman and recruit the help of others
to fight a common enemy. And perhaps the fight
turns Roman to Black Mask. And is that when he
hires the help of Zsasz, another famous “Batman” villain we get a glimpse of in the trailer? We can only predict for now. And, of course, it’s impossible
not to talk about the hyena. The trailer shows Harley adopting a hyena from an exotic pet shop and even reenacting a scene
from the “Lady and the Tramp.” This is a concept that first appeared in “The Batman Adventures: Mad Love.” But the hyenas are more popularly known for their appearances in
“Batman: The Animated Series.” What’s odd is that there’s
supposed to be two of them, Bud and Lou, named after
the two famous comedians Abbott and Costello. So, where is the other one? The hyenas aren’t the only reference to the animated series. An outfit that Harley wears in this shot closely resembles her attire in the episode “Harley’s Holiday,” which also features Harley
firing a cork as a weapon, similar to how she fires a beanbag to knock out an officer in the film. Fun note: You can see various items throughout the letters of the title that symbolize the different characters, like this arrow that
symbolizes the Huntress; Harley’s hammer, which can be found here; and a razor and brass knuckle that most likely belong to Zsasz. So, was there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Hey while this official trailer only shows one hyena if you look in the It teaser trailer for birds of prey when Harley winks there are in fact two hyenas in the back seat of the car.

  2. I missed the whole trailer bc I don’t want to watch a whole movie about Harley Quinn…. she’s like salt. Good in small doses but just a little to much ruins everything

  3. Insider is so fast❤️❤️❤️love it…..after watching the trailer i always think insider for making this video❤️❤️❤️❤️





  8. She has the voice down but she doesn't have a nice set of tits and she's not as good looking as Harley Quinnreally disappointing she's damn near flat chested the complete opposite of the character everyone came to know and love

  9. next thing we know Harley Quinn will be a good guy like she does in the comics after she leaves joker will eventually she does and the DC universe needs bad guys that stick aroundthat's one problem marvel has they've killed off all their bad guys so far from what we know at least we don't know how Loki will it return and technically he was killedalso we don't know if Ultron can return or not because technically they destroyed every bit of tech his programming was in at least that's what vision said and that's just naming to out of just about every single super villainbesides red school and technically he's dead as well he doesn't need to eat or anyting he lives in the soul gym as its Butler basically lol

  10. Black mask is DC's ripoff of Red skull DC is ripped off just about every marvel character there isbut technically when you have a universe full of superheroes and villains you're bound to come across something that are similar but they're just a little too similar

  11. This popped up in my recommendations and when I saw the thumbnail I was like "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT GIRL?!? IS SHE EATING FROM A DOG?!?"
    Then I saw it was Harley Quinn and was like "Oh, ok"

  12. Yeyee ! … you've forgot to point out a baseball bat inside of the "O" of the "OF PREY" … yeyeeyeah . … now you have to make another video … ááárgh .
    … and a Bow inside of "D" forgotten as well …. oh mine ! …

  13. some are saying that the costumes or the actors don’t look anything from the comics. And feel like oceans 8 movie.
    It’s still a teaser trailer if you ask me.

  14. I never knew about this movie/ trailer until yesterday. I knew about the joker movie, but I’m excited for both!!

  15. Oh we dont care about the other cast, were just gonna make the movie really, really bad

    – Joker 2017

  16. Harley probably has only one hyena because of costs, aparanately it costs alot of money to cgi fur (learnt that from got lol)

  17. You missed some things in the title card
    The "D" in 'Birds' looks like black Canary's comic mask and the "O" in 'Of' has a baseball bat as it's center which should have been more obvious.

  18. 2:12 lmao finally Cassandra Cain, my girl be in the spotlight AAAAAAAAAAA

    Seriously hope she has those fighting skills, really known to high skills

  19. Another Blonde, Blue-eyed character turned Black. That too, the sister of a racial hoaxer. All this Blackwashing will bite the media in the ass in a few years time.

  20. Theres an episode in the animated series where Harley goes to Metropolis and she’s in a disguise very similar to the one in this trailer she had a trench coat a hat and a head scarf and shades and she knocked out the security guard with laughing gas

  21. ''daddy's lil monster'' is NOT a reference to the Joker, Harley doesn't and wouldn't refer to or even call the Joker ''daddy''

  22. Ok Her nooowww her outfit makes more sense cause her suicide squad outfit is her wearing stuff because of her joker relationship and now that she’s not with him she wears her own fashionable attire. Makes sense now.

  23. Everyone misses the old Harley Quinn and the Beautiful one but now she's just I don't know how to put her but I think that that one bud

  24. I noticed she had jokers "J" anchor as a charm on her dog collar (which he has tattooed on his left cheek). Along with the dog tag that says 'BRUCE'

  25. black canary isn't black. Sometimes casting black actors for white characters works out great (heimdall and valkryie) but this actress cant sell it, sorry.

  26. I love harleys outfits and attitude in this. If you compare it to her suicide squad performance, it’s so clear birds of prey is written and directed by women

  27. To fully get over your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend is to burn the first building you went to together. It seems 190% logical. I would do it too.

    I'm honestly super excited to watch the Birds of Prey movie!!!!!

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