Every One Was Told Not To Touch This Cat But Then One Man Did not Listen

facts verse presents everyone was told not to touch this cat and when one man didn't listen it changed his life forever it's not uncommon to see stray cats on the streets some are born out in the wild some are abandoned by owners who couldn't or didn't want to care for them any longer most stray cats look like your typical cat just maybe a little bit dirtier well there was one strike had on the streets who looked a lot different than most people called him ugly because of his appearance well ugly spent most of his time around the same apartment complex he had one eye missing the same ear on that side his tail was gone and he had nothing left there but a stump one of his feet was deformed it looked as though he had broken his foot at one point and it never healed properly he was also covered with sores which disguised his tabby fur when people saw ugly they commented on how ugly he was children were told not to touch ugly and adults often threw rocks at the cat or hosed him down if he tried to enter their homes the cat didn't care when people did these things though he'd allow people to keep their hose on him until they gave up – someone threw something at ugly he wrapped his feet around their feet to beg for forgiveness ugly didn't seem to mind that his life was very difficult you like to eat garbage and if he needed to he would fight one day a man was outside when he saw a few Huskies around the neighborhood when they saw ugly they attacked him the man was in his apartment when he heard the fight and he ran down to try and help ugly sadly when he got there ugly was seriously injured everyone was told not to touch this cat but then this man did and it changed his life forever we'll tell you how in just a moment first though click that like button to let others know you're watching the video and be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell so you don't miss our future videos the man quickly took ugly up to his apartment hoping that he could save this injured cats life the man carried him up the stairs worried that he might hurt him even worse by carrying him into the house as the man carried ugly he could hear the poor little creature gasping for air next he felt ugly trying to tug on his ear even though ugly was dying and gasping for air he was trying to show the man some affection as the man pulled ugly closer the cat turned his eyes well eye toward him and ugly began to purr the man says that at that moment he realized ugly was the most beautiful cat in the world because he was beautiful on the inside even though he was in pain and covered in wounds he just wanted to show affection ugly was scared but he never tried to scratch or bite the man the man felt that ugly was just trying to show him a little bit of life in his last moments the man says that he felt horrible because ugly wanted him to take the pain away but he was unable to do so it wasn't long before ugly took his last breath in the man's arms and died after ugly took that last breath the man held him in his arms for quite a while he looked down at this lifeless cat thinking about how horrible his life was he lived on the streets never saw love never saw compassion a life like this cat had would break most creatures making them as horrible on the inside as they looked on the outside but that wasn't the case with ugly ugly had love and compassion for just about everyone even though they treated him poorly when this man talks about ugly today he says the cat taught him more about kindness and compassion than he could ever learn by reading listening to lectures or watching TV specials he says that being there for this cat in its final moments had changed him forever he says ugly was only scarred on the outside but the man felt that he was scarred on the inside he says a lot of people wish that they were rich that they'd be more successful or more beautiful the man didn't want any of those things anymore all he wanted was to be more like ugly the man says the meeting this cat for just a few moments changed his life and it changed his entire outlook on the world rest in peace ugly subscribe for more

47 thoughts on “Every One Was Told Not To Touch This Cat But Then One Man Did not Listen

  1. Omg that is so messed up that cat is so nice but people are just mean I would take him in my house ???

  2. I’ve never ever cried to a sad video before.This was the first one to get me 🙁 ❤️?? I love you ugly ??

  3. you know the ugly cat but it so cute but you say the cat is ugly WTF I hate you I never subscribe you know fuck

  4. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    1 like to save this cat
    Your beatiful too?????

    Edit:will miss ugly???

  5. just noticed..why is everyone in the comment section calling the cat "ugly"…i mean yes it is its name but we've got to show respect to that poor cat…can we just call him *kitty*?

  6. This is a story right?? But it's sad and I learned my lesson. I used to throw stones at cats and birds cause they creeped me out xD ikr if it's real I would pet a homeless cat.. Like wut I did on my adopted dog he was lost I found him on a gate nearby and we checked him to the doctor he had a disease one month he got better and grew up to a better k9… And make friends with my husky and my parrot.. That's all true Note: DON'T LIKE JUST REPLY OK!!! Also can u sub to my channel pls xD

  7. That's so sad that no one ever tried to help the cat. Satan loves people to just not give a damn, and many don't. Thank God for the man who was with it in his final moments on this earth. God bless you Sir. You are a true sweetheart.

  8. I remember that I had a cat like ugly, she doesn't had one eye, her one leg was broken, she was like that by birth…. I'm just crying now because She died..

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