46 thoughts on “Every Dog Knows His Own – In Pursuit of Truth Presents – 6.10.19

  1. I believe that the Sinaloa Cartel has been operating in the US with the full cooperation of the FBI and possibly the C_A for many years, That is the real reason Sonny Bolger was killed, to keep that secret. "Whitey" Bolger was the FBI's confidential informant and go-between with the cartel. The cartel's purpose was destroy competing large drug organizations in this country by providing information/ bribes to authorities and in exchange were allowed to expand in the US without interference.

  2. Just a thought… what do dogs signify? What is their gift?
    They signify unconditional love and protection.
    They are gifted with the ability to sense something wrong, sense evil, sense unembodied energy…
    So, what does it mean killing "man's best friend"? You are killing unconditional love, innocence and getting rid of the one thing that could protect your family from evil…

  3. Do you think the key to these dog's names themselves might be the answer to someone's secret question? As in trying to hack into someone's account by resetting their password and having to answer secret questions to get in i.e., what's your favorite pet's name? Then hack and get some news to hang the president or one of his faithful cabinet members? Sounds about right. Catch em all up by pretending to being interested in their life.


  5. OMG.. I been missing my IPOT!!!!!!..Just RE—-RE—Subscribed… these TechGiantTyrant radicals are imploding faster weaponizing censorship & force feeding their Alinskyite tactics. (Just see MSMfakenews radical antics) They will NEVER brainwash the MAJORITY to hate America as they do regardless how desperate their attempts sway ELECTIONS including control/steering public opinions may be.
    I need to re-up on popcorn watching Patriots deflate these YellowBelly, PinkoCommie, Silicon Sackless Valley, agent provocateur nabs…

  6. John is an expert in Computer security, you bet your ass he has dirt on these deep state knuckleheads. Go John!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 20"35 why do all the left sound like bullies? they all talk the same way…fingernails on chalkboard of the mind.

  8. “Orange man” bandana. “Every dog has its day.”
    Color fits, how cheesy af! As serious as (educated guess) DS coded 187 messages may be.

  9. I was in NY in 89 during that stupid al sharpton race card fiasco….the anti trump books talks about that time

  10. Juan O Savin tagged you on Abel Danger told everyone to listen to your video about the dogs lol love your show anyway

  11. ok if they wanna keep showing off their dogs…but DEMS better NOT start EATING their dogs!!! Dems just get creepier and creepier…

  12. hol up hol up hol up BANGOR, MAINE… I need more info. Bangor, ME is a popular, short, cross border trip for a lot of Canadians.

  13. Funny. Wolves are not watchdogs, nor do they attack without their pack nearby.The
    hybrid is more independent and bonds with the owner for life. I owned one for 17
    years of her life. Sweet girl.

  14. Holy cow! You popped up in my feed for the first time in months! I couldn't find you in my subscriptions. I thought you got banned or something and one of the channels that are blank and say it no longer exists. Happy you are still here!!

  15. i went to twitter and logged back in after 7 years to follow and give support to John Mcafee – this is really getting good – like whoaaaa

  16. No name supposedly died on "national dog-day", maybe they're threatening Trump as a type of revenge, using the whole dog theme?

  17. Thanks for all your hard work. I have a question though…did you change your microphone? For the last week I thought you had a cold, but today I figured it definitely is your recording.

  18. Shadow was the older and wiser dog in kid movie, "Homeward Bound". Not sure if there's a connection?
    Donna Brazile has been living in fear since Seth Rich. That was weird too.

  19. Dog in God the world order thing there the Reincarnation of babylon's Babel and the original World Order these are the dogs and did my gods Starbucks in Reverse is gone little G I think they might be referring to and the different multiple difference of the world order Hot Heads and their families

  20. IPOT you got a shout out from Juan O Savin today with AbelDanger show!!! He said he watched your video and acknowledged that you are on to something with the Dogs! You are an awesome author!!!

  21. Ok El Chapo is singing, Schumer, Pelosi, and Beto and Ex-President of Mexico and daughter involved in NXIUm too. Who is really controlling the Mexican Cartel???? A political Party??? CIA confirmed involved with Cartel…fast and furious and drugs and human trafficking?

  22. There was a recent attempt on McAfee’s life by the cartel. He was poisoned with snake venom. This is NOT about tax.

  23. Anyone who touches or helps in the search of John McAfee for evil inten, I curse. I curse your whole fucking family. Your wife, children, and childrens children. Do not fuck tith us.

  24. Dogs, dogs, dogs! I think this is tweet test for the Dems to unite. Like the Q Movement, they need to unite to speak their 'code'.

  25. Hey buddy I love your videos, so much great info. I think your really onto something bout these dog tweets. I watched an Abel danger video and your channel was mentioned by mad dog himself having to do with the dog tweets. The name of the video was " As dog days approach they go after military veteran whistleblower". Go check it out if you don't already know about it. Thanks and keep up the good info and stay alert cause the evil people will do anything to silence the truth!!

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