Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks explains Dr. Leonard Coldwell

dr. Kawa I've seen a couple of your videos in the past and one of them I thought was interesting that you said every cancer can be cured in two to six weeks can you talk a little bit more about that and and what are some of the ways that that's possible the in my experience every cancer can be cured in two to 16 weeks some cancers can be cured in minutes because every doctor in the world that's in office for 20 years or longer knows cases of spontaneous healing there's even a book out called spontaneous healing by a guy I really don't like and just stating that there are cases of spontaneous healing that means if it's possible we just have to find a way to access this that's number one so we all know about this it also happened very often when people go to Lourdes or to these religious places and it's not really the place that cures them as the expectation and the way to that place that cures them the second you get rid of acidosis and toxemia the second the body gets alkaline and oxygen-rich was juicing a lot of greens like lower fields everything it's green as a lot of chlorophyll gives the body a lot of oxygen getting your body alkaline was good calcium was good nutrition was good trace supplements trace minerals will help to alkalize the body so that means the second you Arkell i'm the cancer already stops they can take a couple of days a couple of weeks but it stops you get the body to a healing pH level with the pH scale goes from 0 to 14 so 7 is neutral and you need to be slightly alkaline 7.36 is ideal but in the healing phase you should go up to 7.5 it's a little bit over alkalizing the system a great friend of mine dr. Martin in Germany is using oxygen more step therapy for example where you take the blood out they get ionized oxygen and to lead the black back in and it uses 12 times and you have basically by new blood like it like a newborn baby so you already eliminated of oxygen you see the blood coming out looks like black they put the oxygen in and it becomes pink and it's like legal doping you you get it and you feel so energized since you're so vital and there are we know basically was what I used my what my MDS in in Europe used is vitamin C injections intravenous vitamin C injections hundred cc's a day three times a week that's what we used in certain cases more often and very often believe it or not in my personal experience the tumors of the cancerous growths was basically gone within a couple of days and because vitamin C is so powerful honor the greatest healers out there you can fix nearly every heart problem cardiovascular problem was was vitamin C they want to take it off the market so it's basically it's going to become a prescription medication and then it's synthetic and will not work anymore like vitamin E but I mean II basically helps you to cure very easy and fast blood pressure problems in any way shape or form that's why they made a study was artificially created by the many chemical created by the mini he said see it doesn't work no of course not chemicals don't work nature works if nature creates a problem nature creates a solution very simple and easy if it didn't exist hundred years ago you don't need it today it's very very simple and when you want to help somebody to educate themselves to eliminate his or her own cancer really really fast I would basically start instantly was a vegan diet or the raw food diet my friend Paul Nissan is one of the greatest raw food chefs he has fantastic books out there about raw food so it's accessible for a couple of bucks how to do it his feed videos all over his website and I would go instantly on a raw food diet I would go make sure if I don't have diarrhea kidney disease to drink a gallon of water a day was half a teaspoon of sea salt another day because we need salt for everybody function we electricity and this electricity can only be produced with enough salt basically so if you have a lack of salt you have a blood pressure problem see and we're not supposed to have salt though – especially if we have high blood pressure as a word okay it's the opposite the problem is they are talking about table salt they often table salt as 1/3 plus 1/3 send in 1/3 salt so this the glass or the sand is scratching the arteries and they start to bleed so now cholesterol goes there to stop it from to make you survive to stop it from bleeding so that you don't bleed to death internally so now they say the cholesterol all of a sudden is the cause of the high blood pressure because it narrows the blood ways and that's completely absurd because you die of not enough cholesterol you do not die off too much they're people with cholesterol of six hundred perfectly healthy never been sick in their lifetime so what do you do was a patient in a burn burn unit you give them 20 to 25 hot-bod X a day because they know only cholesterol can rebuild when new healthy cells really really fast nearly 87 percent of a cell is built on cholesterol so where does the new cell potential foundation come from if you have a lack of cholesterol everybody should have at least 250 combined cholesterol and then they tell you LDL and HDL are good at bad cholesterol it's not in cholesterol it's a protein that transports cholesterol so they have too stupid to even narrow it down the right way so if you look at the facts and if you look what they know and what they don't know you know that dr. Gary now stated it and a lot of other people the medical profession the medical doctor statistically has a shortest lifespan of 56 years of age the highest abuse rate of alcohol and drugs the highest suicide rate only the psychiatrist is higher and so you go to somebody that has a lowest life span highest suicide rate highest drug abuse rate to ask them how to have a happy happy long life I think we should rethink our way of thinking you

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  1. I recently asked my doctor if she believes the body can heal itself. She came back with an emphatic NO. Enough said.

  2. Take organic vitamins and minerals, drink beer, eat veggies and eggs and watch George Carlin and Bill Burr stand-up comedy videos. cancer cured.

  3. tired listening and watching FAIRY TALES ABOUT "CURING CANCER " …ALL I SEE IS- PEOPLE DYING … trying all this natural cures even going to those clinics paying big money and still die…..

  4. Scary to see 7 million views on this rubbish. Table salt is 1/3 glass and 1/3 sand? If you believe this you are a idiot.

  5. Getting your body ALKALINE is how you heal your body, buy the PH strips at a health food store to see how ACIDIC and ALKALINE your body is. I have healed myself from two different disease by doing this!!! I love this, it works!!! Try it yourself, nothing to lose!!!!

  6. Stop cancer by alkalizing body with "healing pH" … Inject Vitamin C (ascorbic ACID) … No thank you, I'll stick to MD's who actually understand basic chemistry.

  7. THIS is probably why the Alkaline diet has been "Debunked" by scientists, never to be talked about again….. This is also what the late Dr.Sebi promoted. The answer is healthy food but society as we know it wants it a secret. $$$

  8. "If it didn't exist a hundred years ago, you don't need it today." Does that also go for mobile phones, the Internet, Leonard Coldwell.

    Does he know what the life expectancy is today, vs. 100 years ago?

    Based on life expectancy 100 years ago, this "Doctor Coldwell" would have died over 10 years ago. Clearly he isn't just using what existed 100 years ago. Cheat.

  9. Of course there's a cure for cancer in nature. Cancer is caused by man made chemicals in everything and modern day pollution. Our cells don't thrive because they're being damaged by it. The soil is another thing that needs to be left alone. The quality of the soil determines the quality of the plants grown in it and so on. The same with animals eating from the ground up. Affects the meat etc

  10. "Doctor" Caldwell…about the loosest use of that term I've ever heard. His "qualifications" are not recognized by ANY legitimate source. This is dangerous information he's passing around as absolute and factual. In theory, he is but our bodies are not theory….here's the research he is using and falsely claiming as fact.http://www.aicr.org/patients-survivors/healthy-or-harmful/alkaline-diets.html

  11. The nhs knows there is a cure for cancer but there no money in the   cure only in the   medicine if the doctors started  curing people they would go out of bussines

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