EVERY Adopt Me Pet Trick – (SPOILER) Fully Grown Red Panda (ROBLOX)

hey guys it's let's do this gaming back with another roblox that taught me video and yeah there's another sneak peek in the test server today I'm going to show you the tricks that a fully-grown pet can do so let's check it out this is on the red he's a red panda so let's go ahead and show you the tricks so the first trick you'll learn is a sit now that one's pretty obvious yeah he just sits on his bottom so that's fine so let's try another trick let's do lay down oh yeah so that's like a drop so that's a pretty cool trick too now we'll try bounce oh yeah so he's pretty excited hey I like that one let's just some look at that one again so that's bounce yay and now we'll have a look at a roll over oh isn't that cute yeah let's do that one again roll over oh so cute alright so let's have a look at the next trick the next one you'll learn is a back flip now you've probably seen this one before and yeah he does a pretty good job about not to be outdone I can do a back flip – haha alright so and the final trick that your pet will learn is to dance so let's see it yeah so dancing on hinds and this one looks really good when you've cut a unicorn because you get a dancing unicorn so these are the tricks that your pet will learn now I'm not sure if it's the same trick for every pet but I guess we'll see when Adame pets comes to the live server and I have to thank a rainbow Chloe for giving me this red panda so a thank you robo chloe and please go and subscribe to her channel because as she needs more subs to in fact we all need more subs so please subscribe and until next time it's bye for now

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