Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign From Best To Worst

– Hello, and welcome
to Rank King Astrology. I’m your Rank King, Eugene. Please welcome my special
Rank Priestess, Allison. – Oh, wow. – Pretty good, right? – That was really good.
– Yes. – Thank you. – We are very well-versed
in the way of the stars. And today we are gonna rank
all of the astrological signs from best to worst. Now for everyone watching,
it doesn’t matter if you’re into astrology. You have never seen a
zodiac video like this. This will be one of the only times you’ll see people actually
rank all of the signs from best to worst with no mercy. We are right. You are wrong. Shut up. (fast music) (tense, dramatic music) (pouring) Ooh, the astrolo-tea is hot today. So for you to relate to this video, you should know a few
basics about astrology. One, your sun sign. That’s the sign that you’re
most commonly associated with. – Sun you already know. It’s the deepest part of who you are. – Now you have two other
signs that are very important that factor into your personality. – Your rising sign or ascendant sign is kind of what people meet
when they first meet you so it’s like you at a party. Your moon sign is your emotional side. – Cocktail of different cosmic signs. Speaking of which, it won’t be Rank King without his favorite drink. – Oh my God! – Is it okay if I put the
whiskey in the astrology? You never have to refer to
your horoscope ever again because you can always
come back to this video. Now does this mean that
the sign that we rank worst is, in fact, worse than
the other 11 signs? – No, it does not. It just means I don’t want you around me. (laughing) – The first sign in
the astrological wheel, the hard headed ram himself, Aries. – The baby, the baby of the zodiac. – They do represent the age zero of like, infancy to seven, so they
are literal children. Aries are very bad at
concealing their feelings, which is good in some ways. – Yeah. – I don’t feel like I
know many dishonest Aries. – No, no. They can just be reactionary. – They can be little fucking bitches. Naturally, Aries actually has a pure, stereotypically masculine energy. – Each sign, it’s in an element. So we’re talking about
fire signs right now, and there’s three signs in each element. So Aries is the cardinal of fire. – Yes, and cardinal is one
of the qualities of sign, which you have cardinal,
mutable, and fixed. The different karmas you can have between four different elements and
three different qualities makes 12 signs total. – Math. – Math. So Aries is the cardinal fire. – Yes. – Otherwise for me, known as a spark. The thing is that sparks are sparks. They go hot and then they kinda die out. – That’s something that
I do like about Aries. Even if they get super riled up, they can cool down fast
and just get back to work so they don’t really hold grudges which is something that I like. – Yeah, they’re very like go, go, go. – Yes. – I feel like in bed Aries
might finish too quickly. I’m just saying. – I, yeah, that sounds about right. – They come into a room
like the Kool-Aid man. Oh yeah, here I am, explosions. Where would you put Aries currently in your ranking, high priestess? – Listen, I’m not trying to offend any Aries that I personally know, but in general, I rank Aries pretty low. – Wow, you’re already
throwing the first sign towards the end? – Yeah, I’m right. You’re wrong. Shut the fuck up. (laughing) – Yeah! Astrology, bitches! – Okay, let’s get out of Aries territory. – Yeah, gotta get out of this house. Ooh, this house is on fire. Taurus.
– Taurus. – To the second sign of the zodiac. – So we’re a little older now. – Mhmm, the bull. – We’re teens? – Seven to fourteen,
it’s like preteen age. – Oh, we’re tweens. – And inversely from Aries, they represent the pure
feminine form stereotypically. They are the fixed earth sign, which is, in my mind, represented by a garden. – If they’re really like feeling excited about something,
they get the job done. They’re workaholics. They’re really productive. – I feel like Tauruses overall have a more relaxed way, a lived in way, in which they move and speak. – If they were a tea, they’d
be chamomile, for sure. – Yeah. – Because they calm you down. – I guarantee you, I think
a lot of people out there have a close Taurus in their lives. I do think, though, that Tauruses sometimes can be just
on this side of boring. – It’s true.
– Just a little. – You forget about them. – They’re not the
sharpest in the tool shed. Like, they’re great, I
like hanging out with them, but I wouldn’t like,
they wouldn’t be getting a Nobel Prize anytime soon. I’m not saying Tauruses
are the dumbest sign, but there is a reason
they’re represented by a bull, which is essentially a cow. Cows are not very smart. Do you put Taurus above or below Aries? – I’d put Taurus above. – Mhmm, we just called Aries all babies and Tauruses really dumb so I
think we’re on a great roll. You don’t want your auntie’s horoscope. – That’s over. It’s 2019, it’s canceled. – Oh my God this whiskey is hitting hard. Now there are certain signs, regardless of if you’re
even into astrology, that have reputations outside of the cosmic universe. – Yeah, oh, it’s polarizing and let me just start off by saying Kanye West, Trump, two
very prominent Geminis. – I’ll add two more. Keith Habersberger. Ned Fulmer.
– Ooh! (laughing) – Oh shit, right at the bottom. No, listen, I actually like Geminis. – Oh, me too. – Yeah they get a lot of, the stereotype around Gemini is that they’re two-faced, Which is such a Kindergartner
way to say something. – That’s stupid, that’s
your Auntie’s horoscope. – Honestly I think
Geminis aren’t two-face, they’re like multi-faced. They’re very good at talking
a lot of game sometimes without the follow-through. – Yes! – A lot of chatting shit up but they are repped by the teenagers. They’re like 14-21, which makes total sense. – Oh, socially they’re the best. – Love partying with Gemini. – Social butterfly. – Emotional maturity is sometimes dicey because if you think about it, like teenagers, a lot of emotion but they don’t quite know
exactly where to direct it. Air mutable. – So that makes sense. – It’s a changing air,
it’s like electricity. – Yes. – Yes, their morphing air, their buzz. Fantastic friends. Terrible lovers. – Yeah I like ’em around me. I just don’ wanna date them. So you’re gonna put them
above the other two? – I am. (tea pours) – Cancer is water and cardinal. – Stream. – Like a river, like a stream. So Cancer represents the
age group of 21 to 28. It’s kinda like the
post-teenage, marrying age. – [Together] Quarter-life crisis. – Existential. – Yeah, so you’re getting married or all your friends are getting married and I feel like that can
translate either way. Like they can either be very in touch with other people’s and their own or they can just feel
like really manipulative. – They can be moody, if they’re stressed out about something they’ll take it out on other people when it’s really just
poor time management. – And most Cancers I know, the emotional aspect
isn’t that they cry often, it’s that they know how to fake-cry. There’s a big difference. – Ooh, well I think also Cancer represents Mother Earth.
– Yeah. – It’s where we come from, it’s who we are, it’s in us. – Yeah, it’s not a
sexuality, it’s a sensuality. – Yeah. – I feel sensuality if I’m around Cancers. They’d be good for like
a snog and a cuddle. If any sign is a lot like their symbol, I’d say Cancers are quite crabby. So Cancers can be this
gentle, adorable crab eating a cherry or then you can look at them with
their big ass pinchers, chasing some, like,
poor bird down the beach and then eating it with its weird, like mouth mandibles. Think about all the ocean
creatures that exist. You don’t really remember the crab when you’re looking at a dolphin. You got a dolphin! Who’s gonna look at the fucking crab? I’m gonna put Cancer above Aries, behind Taurus. – We have arrived to none other than – [Together] Leo. – The Lion. They are the fixed fire sign. – They are so fixed! – It is a sun, that’s what Leos think about themselves. Leos make sure they’re not forgettable. – That’s what drives them in life. – Every Leo you know says they’re Leo says it with the most like smug smirk. – Ugh, they love being a Leo. So good in bed, so attractive, so funny, life of the party. – Because of that, they have a certain amount of, here’s the key word, entitlement. – We have one in the Try Guys. – I’m not surprised because Leos are in the
entertainment industry always. They’re super funny, they’re spontaneous, you just like have a good time them but then they’ll take you to a party and then leave you to be in the center and be like whoa, whoa, whoa, look at me, look at me, look at me! – Literally the sun. My mom’s a Leo. She probably was fucking shitty as a kid but now she’s a brilliant, charming, charismatic star-quality, blessed woman. – I’m gonna put them above Cancer. – But below Taurus. – Everyone else, yeah. – Leos are gonna be very
mad in the audience, ’cause they know that they thought they would be number one, that’s just what Leos like to do. – Oh they always think they’re number one. – Well guess what, Leo? – I’m right. You’re wrong. – [Together] Shut up. – Virgo, a very highly-populated sign. – Famous Virgo, Beyonce. – She’s the super-star Virgo but she’s grounded in
terms of her personality. And Virgos are the raising the child era, the sort of like late-thirties, where everything has to
be done a certain way. Virgo is interesting because I feel like out of all the signs Virgo
has a lot of diversity and personalities. And this is my theory, Virgo is Earth but they’re also mutable so for me mutable Earth is like clay. You take life and you mold it the way you think it should be. – Kind of controlling. – A little controlling, that’s where you get the bad side of Virgos and some other Virgos, they let themselves be the clay. So, they let the experience shape them. – And you do not want to cross a Virgo. – That is off the board. – It’s like probably the last sign that I would want to be mad at me. And they’ll argue with you to the death. They’re right, you’re wrong,
someone needs to shut up. (laughing) – The worst thing is a Virgo that fails. – Ooh, well they’ll blame everybody else. – Virgos are literally
just virgins in denial. – Okay I know we talked a lot of shit but I like Virgos.
– Oh! – Let’s put them underneath Gemini but I cannot believe Geminis
are so high on my list I’m repulsed by many Geminis. – We’re only half way through the Zodiac. – Okay, we’re only half way through. – Yeah we’re now entering the second half of the wheel. What do we start with in the seventh sign? It is… – [Together] Libra! – Libras are an air sign, cardinal. – That means they’re active air, they’re like wind zephyrs. – Very easy to get along with, great conversationalists. – I think Libras really value sharpness. On the most complete level,
enjoy intellectualism. – We like to look at
things from all angles, from all sides. Libras can be a little, I think, cold. Someone once said it’s the steel hand in the velvet glove. Not very judgemental, I think. – Oh Allison, all that’s so nice and sweet about Libras but I gotta lay it down hard. – Okay, come for me. – Libras are the fakest
sign of the zodiac. It’s just, you know, I just wish sometimes my Libra friends won’t act like they know about something when they don’t know about it. But they’re the first ones to be like, yes. – I mean, I think a Libra
fear is not being liked. – People-pleasing, steel
but with a velvet-y finish. – And definitely bottoms. (laughing) But a power bottom. – Oh, that’s right! Do you think Libra is better than Gemini? – Yeah I do. – The Libra has spoken. She’s acted like she wasn’t gonna do it but she did it, she
put herself at the top. – I feel like you might
put Capricorn at the top. Listen, we’re not at the top top yet we still got several signs to go. – I have got a lot to say about myself so wait until you get to Capricorn. We are the king of self-hatred, so. We’ve finally come to the other most hot-button sign of the Zodiac. – [Together] Scorpio. – Wow, I’m pouring some tea for this one. They’re very mysterious. They’re into the macabre. – It’s an intellectual routing. – It is, okay I find them really smart. – Yeah. – They’re sexy minds, I think. They see things before you see them. They’re very perceptive. – Scorpios are fixed water. Ice, ice baby. The worst thing about Scorpios is they’re very black and white. Libra can see all of the gray and Libra actively considers
everything in between. – And lives in the gray. – They live in the gray. Scorpios, they know what black is, they know what white is. Everything is definitive. I think Scorpios are the hardest people to change their mind on something. – They hate you or they love you and they right away put you in that box and then you’re not
getting out of that box. – However, all of that extreme energy, that intensity translates really well when it comes to sex. – They are very sensitive and emotional and they are very perceptive. So those are all amazing traits for sex! – Yeah, in bed! – And everything is about them, it’s a narcissistic sensitivity. – They’re sensitive like other water signs but they weaponize sensitivity. – Yes. Ugh. – Like venom. Also Scorpios all look like penises. Men and women. I mean it’s the serpentine feel but I think Scorpios all
look vaguely phallic, they all look kind of penis-like. Just look at your Scorpio friends. – I like them. – Above Libra? – Yeah. – (claps) Scorpio is taking the lead? You love that weaponized sensitivity. – It’s just raw humanity, you know? – Sagittarius, the sign everyone knows how to spell and– – We just say Sag. – Do you say Sag? – It’s like ugh, too much. – I mean Sagittarius are often too much. Sagittarius, represented
by the centaur archer so they’re like shifting, changing fire. They’re like, oh my God
I’m gonna get real weird. They’re like plasma. Yeah, they’re just like space dust. I haven’t kept a lot
of Sagittarius friends, does that make sense? – You know, nobody can keep a Sagittarius. They’re really adventurous, they like to have fun, they have a lot of energy, they move partners, they move jobs, they move where they live, they like to keep it moving. They’re in the flow. – I’m envious of their sense of just like, not giving a shit. – Yeah. – I really like that. And they do strive towards this idea of like there is no limit. – And living life to the fullest, I think. – A Sagittarius is like a horse that shits in a field and you point at the shit and say hey horse is that your shit? And then it goes (whinnies) I’m a horse and trots away, hair blowing in the wind. They’re just gonna pretend everything is fancy free and they’re just gonna go on and be like this is
my life I’m space dust, watch me ride a rainbow. I would say more in the middle. I think after Virgo before Taurus. – Oh, interesting. You know who we’re moving onto now? – It’s you. Capricorn. – Capricorn. Capricorn time. – [Together] Woo! – Let’s get that tea hot! – New Year’s Eve! – It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming. Jesus was a Capricorn. Now Capricorns are a cardinal Earth sign. You know what that means? We’re mountains, which means we’re stubborn as fuck. We’re giants. And by giant I mean giant egos. We’re late bloomers and we’re making up for a lot of time, you know? I didn’t date until I was like in my mid-twenties. That’s a Capricorn thing. But I still thought I was
better than everyone else. Capricorns are very
intense, focused people. Sometimes it’s on things like career, sometimes it’s on things
like relationships. – The ambition comes from wanting to do so many different things and
be so many different people. – Now I think a lot of Capricorns are sophisticated, we seem
like we like nice things. We can be pessimistic, in a way that’s just
so hard to get around. Like there’s no sunshine that can pierce through the pessimism of a
Capricorn who’s depressed. My God. – Oh my God, 100%. – When Capricorns are depressed, ugh we’re just like woe is me, everything is in decline, I mean we on the age retirement. Every Capricorn has a
distinct feeling of sadness. – Yes. – It just emanates from us, which isn’t always a bad thing. – No. – I find it attractive
sometimes in people. – Well then if you channel it they’re some of the funniest people in the Zodiac and they don’t get a
lot of credit for that. – They have a very dark sense of humor. – Yeah.
– Knock, knock. – Who’s there? – Death. Where do they go? – I’m ranking you pretty high up. Let’s see. I’m gonna put Capricorn before Gemini. – Really?
– Third. – We’re actually entering into
the Age of Aquarius again. – Right now.
– Yeah. – Holy shit. We just need a little more. – We need a drink for Aquarius. – And a little more liquor. Can have just like a tiny bit? – I need some too now. – Yes, Aquar- whoa. Aquarius is an iconic sign. Made iconic really by like the sexual revolution
movement in the ’60’s. Aquarius is paradise, right?
– Well– – Yeah, it’s what they strive for, what they live in, this idea of paradise. – Yeah, ’cause they’re
a little delusional. – Super delusional, y’all. Aquarius is associated
not only with revolution but the idea of change, so uprising. Which I find exciting a lot of the time. They’re very interesting friends. – I appreciate their perspective always, they’re really creative and something I really like about them is that they see things from a bigger perspective. They are contrarians. So they don’t like what other people like, they’re not gonna be into mainstream shit. They’re considered weird. – Some days they’re just kind of posers. – They have the same
thing that the Virgo has is like they’re kinda on a pedestal. So they think that they know you better than you know yourself. And that they, like are
smarter than you, always. – They can make people
believe things that they say. I feel like a lot of
cult leaders are Aquarius or a lot of Aquarius people are in cults. But really, the coolest
thing about Aquarius is that every single Aquarius is an alien wearing a human mask. – Yes, oh my God. They’re aliens. – Exactly, they’re aliens. They look at things like aliens. – They are, like, don’t know
how to interact with things. One of the most awkward
signs, I would say. But they also are very controlling. They’re looking at us like oh how do I control all
these little pieces. – They’re manipulative. – They’re very manipulative. – So I’m going to have
to put them pretty low. After Sag.
– Just under the middle. – Yes, they’re aliens. – They’re aliens. If you really look at
your Aquarius friends, their heads are shaped like light bulbs. We have one sign left and it’s about to get (sparkle sound) fishy. (laughing) – Cheers. – We’re at the end of the zodiac. – Wow. – We’re at Pisces, the 12th sign. Water, mutable, they’re the ocean baby. – They hate you but they love you. That the first thing
you know about Pisces. Even if they bring up
things, start fights, they will always come crawling back. – If you think of Aries at the beginning at the Alpha, Pisces is the Omega. They inhabit everything. Which is very complicated. Pisces are at death’s door. The Zodiacs previous to them has just compiled into one person. – Always are like oh my God, you’re not listening to me. It’s a really big thing for them. So they need to be heard. – You know what Pisces have? Savior complex. – Ugh, they’re so heavy, it’s an unbearable heaviness of being. – Heavy, no one can tell me what to do. – And I regret this and I regret that and you hurt me then and I don’t know. – I also love you and I love you but I hate you, ugh. Pisces are just, they’re a mindfuck. Every Pisces I’ve met has
been thicker than other signs. – Oh they have a great ass. – Great ass. – I wonder if Pisces, in a way because they are the last sign, have a certain amount of
wisdom with which they speak. Pisces are very follow-able. – I like going deep with them. I appreciate no surface
level conversations with them ever. That ranks high for me. – Wait, high enough to be at the top of your ranking? – Oh my God! I think Pisces is number one.
– Wow. Allison, your final rank
is number one Pisces and at the very bottom baby Aries. However this is not your show. It’s time to close ranks. I’ve made some executive decisions about your ranking, which I fully respect but it is wrong. Again, all of these signs are great in their own way and we’re
making huge generalizations. I have ranked as my worst sign, Cancer.
– It is? – Not that Cancers are the
worst but they’re at the bottom because they aren’t overly emotional like a lot of horoscopes say but they can be super
emotionally manipulative. I don’t trust when bad intentions
act innocent and sweet. – Cancer was my second to last. – Gemini is my second-to-last. – That’s not wrong. – I’m sorry, I had to
think about it a while. I love my Gemini friends but the historically problematic Geminis ruined their sign’s reputation. Plus I’m 100% sure they’re
gonna complain the most about this ranking because they’re obsessed with
how people view them. – Third last. – Pisces. – Oh my God! Flopper-oony! – I actually dropped Pisces lower because while we respect how deep
and multi-faceted they are, their complexity often turns into, like crazy complications and it’s extremely difficult getting along with a moody Pisces. – Fourth to last? – It’s Capricorn. – Oh. (laughing) – It’s me. Okay, look, I know everyone expected me to place my own sign high but Capricorns can admittedly be too
harsh and way nihilistic and I know that the Caps watching probably give the least amount of fucks
about their ranking anyway because life is sad and I’m sad. Aquarius. – I’ve had Aquarians rip my heart out. – So I enjoy how a cool
and forward-thinking they are but it’s sometimes
hard to really connect with an Aquarius on a personal level. I trust the idea of the sign but I don’t always trust the people. Because I can’t trust you if you might take over Earth. – Okay, seventh place. – Aries, I’m an Aries
rising, I think they’re much better people than you say they are even though they’re like a
child playing with matches and will set your house
on fire if they’re mad. But I like that my Aries
friends are transparent about all of their feelings. – Okay, top six. – I put Taurus. I know, they’re sometimes so boring. You know I actually rely
on my Taurus friends and they’re not really as
dumb as they might look. They stubborn but soft and I truly believe that if you bond with a great Taurus, they’ll
have your back for life. – Eugene, your list is
very much about trust. – I hate that I put them here. I had to though, after
really thinking about it but I put Leo. I fucking despise are
narcissistic Leos are and I bet they are also all
complimenting themselves in the comments but the
sheer amount of fun, charismatic Leos I’ve met outweighs their big ass egos. – I’m totally confused right now. Oh my God. – I kept Libra there. I love Libras. Libras have a playful, whimsical energy that is always welcome in my circle. So they might come
across as fake sometimes but I think they do it out of the goodness of trying to keep
everyone happy and heard. My number three. Mine is Scorpio. Scorpios are controversial but unlike Cancer or Gemini or Pisces I don’t think that they’d
stab me in the back. They would stab me in the front and I respect that. They make their opinions known beyond a shadow of a doubt. I can’t believe I’m saying this. Okay, I think I’m going
to say my number one, because my last two signs are Sagittarius and Virgo, I think my number one is Virgo. – Wow! – My number two is Sagittarius. Everyone would love to be around a fun Sagittarius. They can be high-minded and flighty but I think they’re
most aspirational sign. I mean they dance on moonlight and shit fucking space glitter. The reason I ranked Virgo number one, above Sagittarius is Virgo is the people’s people of the Zodiac. Even though they have a lot of neurosis, I feel like I can understand it and relate to many of their traits. Their flaws are in ways everyone’s flaws. – I feel like they’re a great equalizer. – Yeah .
– Wow, that was. – Wow, we just, and we finished the astrolo-tea. – I need to go to therapy right now. (laughing) – So, comment below if you agree, if you disagree, if you’re
a very, very angry Cancer. – [Together] I’m right. You’re wrong. Shut up. – Virgos must be celebrating
world-wide right now. – This is the first time
Virgos have ever won anything. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Just look at your Scorpio friends. Look in the mirror Scorpios at home and you’ll be like wow I do
kind of look like a giant penis.

100 thoughts on “Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign From Best To Worst

  1. sun: aries
    moon: leo
    rising: pisces

    “Aries are like alphas and pisces are like omegas”
    Me: bruh what am i, an abomination?

  2. Alison: “This is the first time Virgo’s have won anything.”
    Me: “As Virgo” “Sigh” Your Right.”

  3. So I call my sister a fish since she’s a Pisces and she always gets like really mad at me, but my dad would say its because she loves me and I’m like. “Then why does she always seem like she wants to kill me”

  4. Lets see. My personal ranking as a fellow sun Capricorn.

    (All of my best friends are and I really love the amount of creativeness in them. They always seem so spacy and innocent and cute but actually end up being really deep, surprisingly sexual, and intelligent people. They are also fairly mature. I do think sometimes they can be a bit too sensitive to criticism as well as super complex. Which for some people that's difficult to deal with.)

    2. Scorpio
    (They are ridiculously loyal and I love that "all or nothing" kind of idea. They are dedicated and very up front. But I do agree that the Black and white shit is irritating.

    3. Capricorns
    (Yes I ranked myself high. But this is purely based on who I get along with. I love other capricorns. Just not myself. XD I think that they are mature and smart with that sort of cool chilling side, but also really quirky and funny. I agree that they are pessimistic. They also suck at sharing emotions. Which makes them hard to read.)

    (Any gemini I meet I can sorta vibe with. They can get along with lots of different crowds which is nice. But some sides of them are some spooky shit. My sister is Gemini so I can tell you for sure.)

    (They're chill and cool, but also like low key scary cause I don't really know what that bitch be thinking. But they okay and I get along with them alright.)

    (My other sister is Virgo. I think that virgos have pretty good intentions most of the time and they're chill so… Yeee… But I struggle getting to know them.)

    7. Taurus
    (They're very down to earth which I appreciate. But a bit too stubborn about certain shit. Like their way of doing things. And too lazy…)

    8. Cancer
    (So I think cancers are usually pretty sweet but a bit too emotionally turbulent. And kind of stubborn in the most annoying way possible.)

    (Way too head on for me. I also find them rather immature. But they can also be fun and weirdly adorable. Stubborn as fuck as well in the way a child might be. )

    10. Libra
    (I do think they can be a bit fake, but I also can see that they are just trying to make everyone happy. I just don't like the sort of vibe they give off.)

    (I'm all about full commitment and deep connections. I don't like how fast they jump people to people.)

    I struggle with life of the party people in general. I also think Leo's are two self concerned. Both of my parents are Leo sun so…. That's where I really draw my conclusion. I don't hate Leos. I just feel like they care way too much about their own shit and live in their own little world. They don't notice the emotions of those around them or their destructive behavior. And I also think they need to stop thinking they're better than everyone else.)

    Hope y'all ain't offended. This is based on my personal experiences. But I keep an open mind to everyone.

  5. "Sagittarius are like space dust… I also admire that sense they have.. of not giving a fuck" … "okay I'll put Sag in the middle' ?? jealous B…

  6. Me : EKK! yey lemme skip This part and *sees ranking*
    Me: (As an Aries) IM STILL WORTHY
    Btw im indonesian

  7. Gosh, I know you're not gonna care about any thing that I say, but I'm gonna say it anyway. I'm a Taurus, and I just wanted to say that every single taurus that I have ever met has been interesting and smart. I also wanted to point out that I am top of my class, and so Frick you, also taurus are not boring well, ok, they're kind of boring but I will agree with what you said about us, being really loyal friends, I think most of my friends come to me for strength and loyalty, because of how much mistrust there is in our school, so yeah, that's my two bits. it's a long comment, so sorry everyone, like, if you agree that, he didn't get all of your character right.

  8. sigh I'm a leo, and I have low self esteem, anxious around people, hate being the center of the attention, and would always assume I dont matter. And yet my sign says I have to be a cocky self centered bitch ?

  9. Aries can be pains in the butt, but we can also be wicked loyal. Stubborn, brutally honest, but never fake or overly emotional. I agree with a lot of what y'all said but I have to disagree with being the worst.

  10. Leo’s aren’t as bad as you think sometimes when a Leo likes to be in the middle they find someone in the middle and they may not be sure about themselves and Leo’s are confident and help them find there selves

  11. 12. cancer
    11. gemini
    10. pisces
    9. capricorn
    8. aquarius
    7. aries
    6. taurus
    5. leo
    4. libra
    3. scorpio
    2. sagittarius
    1. virgo

  12. Scorpios are literally the worst humans. They did not deserve that high of a rank. Every scorpio I’ve ever met is crazy af.

  13. I was really rooting for Eugene to give Aries a higher rank! I will take the #7 but I think we at least deserve a #4. ? I still love you Eugene!!!

  14. As a Leo, in a family of Leo's, I'm honestly pretty surprised that leo isnt last (because my parents are classic Leo's and I dont have the classic leo personality- I dont even talk to multiple people at the same time). But there are people like Zach that shove leo up in the ranks. ?

  15. WHY DID THE AQAURIUS PARTIALLY SUBSCRIBE ME… except I'm not an alien and I dont try and trick others I try and avoid all social contact and I do think I'm smarter than alot of people….because I am..people have told me and I test years above my grade

  16. My stepdad is a Sagittarius and I hate him does that make sense I'm a Scorpio my mom is two or is it just because he's my stepdad

  17. I’m happy to be a Leo but because I got the good quality’s of them but I understand why there ranked low I would to

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