ESO Pet Guide – Get 7 FREE PETS in the Elder Scrolls Online

Hello everyone,
my name is Tianlein and in this video i show you free Pets which you can acquire in the
Elder Scrolls Online With free i mean that you don`t have to purchase
the pets with crowns at the crown store, but for the most of them you need access to some
DLC`s. Take a look in the description if you want
to go direct to a specific topic For the first pet the Darven Spider “Razak`s
Opus” you just need the base game of the Elder Scrolls Online Travel to the north of Bangkorai and not far
away from Hallins`s Stand you will find the public dungeon Razak`s Wheel here you have to complete the quest “The Mystery
of Razak” To obtain the Quest you have to examine a
dead Imperial Researcher which you can find infront of the Razak`S wheel dungeon For the following two pets you need the Imperial
City DLC. The Necrotic Hoarvor Pet can be acquired by
completing the achievement Imperial City Challenger To earn this achievement you have to complete
the veteran hard mode of the White Gold Tower dungeon and the Imperial City Prison dungeon Also you have to complete both dungeons without a death of any of your group members Additionaly you have to complete a speedrun
of both dungeons. That means you have to finish the veteran
White Gold Tower in 30 minutes and the Imperial City Prison in 45 minutes. You don`t have to complete this challenges
in one run The Stonfire Scamp pet can be obtained by
completing the the Barathrum Centrata event in the Imperial Sewers This pet is a very rare drop of the events final boss, the Simulacrum of Molag Bal Be aware that a maximum of twelve players
can earn the event reward. If there are more players some will get nothing
from the Simulacrum Boss. You need the Imperial City DLC to access the
Imperial Sewers and keep in mind that the Imperial City is a PvP area. If you own the Morrowind chapter you can collect
there one more pet To obtain the Dwarven Theodolite Pet you have
to collect its seven parts in the public dungeon Nchuleftingth in Vvarvdenfell I created already an in depth guide how you
can obtain this Pet which i will link in the description below Also if you don`t want to collect these pet
parts or you don`t own the Morrowind chapter you can buy the Dwemer Theodolite Pet Runebox
at the guild stores too The next pets are much easier to acquire For this cute Jackal you need the Thieves
Guild DLC. When you enter Abah`s Landing for the first
time this pet will be added to your collection For the next Pet you need the Clockwork City DLC The Skintillant Dovah Fly is acquired by traveling to the Brass Fortress in Clockwork City for the first time And last but not least we have the Echalette pet which you can acquire in the Orsinium DLC For this pet you need travel to Wrothgar and
when you enter for the first time the city Orsinium this pet will be added to your collection It is important to know that if you have ESO
Plus and your subscription lapses the pets or other rewards will remain available to
you in your collection. So you can freely decide if you want to purchase
the DLC`s or subscribe for a limited amount of time for ESO plus And a big shoutout and thanks to Batman and
Maverick for helping me out! Hopefully you enjoyed this quick overview
of the free pets which you can acquire in the Elder Scrolls Online It would be great if you subsribe, like or
leave me a comment Have a good day and until next time Tschüss

54 thoughts on “ESO Pet Guide – Get 7 FREE PETS in the Elder Scrolls Online

  1. I didn't know about the first two pets at all and the clockwork city one is really super cute. Thank you for another educational video ^_^

  2. Now I regret buying that dwemer fly that was available past month. This one with the Clockwork City DLC is MUCH better IMO. =/
    I'm working on the Theodolite right now. I've already got 4 pieces, so I'll get it eventually.

    Will you be making a guide for the Witche's Festival as well? Haven't participated in it the previous years so a guide to how to get things would be nice. 🙂

  3. I thought about buying that dovafly in the crown store, and I am certainly glad I saved my money if I am going to get one just for walking into the new DLC soon.

  4. Wow awesome video. I'm really looking forward to getting the clockwork city dlc pet. It's a shame we have to wait a month on Xbox! Amazing video though 🙂

  5. These guides are so well made. Very professional and easy to follow. I wish I would have found this channel when I first started playing

  6. I fell in love with the so ugly he's cute free echalette pet. Just seeing his always active cheerful movements in the background while I'm in battle or standing in a bank makes me laugh. no other pet comes close to my little Pig pen.   🙂

  7. I've only been playing ESO for a few months now, and just discovered your channel. You have great videos, really clear and helpful for newbies, thank you!
    Have subbed – keep up the great work 🙂

  8. You are so polite. I love how you respond to people with very classy gratitude. Hat's off to a fabulous, very organized, and interesting channel. Subscribed. I love when people remember the people who made them popular or famous. 🙂

  9. Until the end of the year you can get for free a Bassilisk pet(you find it in the featured tab of the crown store). Here you can find the official announcement:

  10. What's difference between base game dwarven spider per and the one you get with Morrowind digital deluxe edition?
    I would say that there is none haha.
    They look absolutely the same. I'm glad I didn't pay extra 15€ for that edition. I also won imperial war dog from mystery boxes event. The only difference between dwarven and imperial war dog pet is colour.

  11. Echelette.. I don't own this DLC but I recall getting this pet after a daily quest I did with a group 2 years ago. Tho I have not entered the city yet.. do you need to own the DLC for this pet? He's asked after a while with his sounds haha. I always run with the sanguine goat ever 4 days his eyes glow red and it talks, it whispers. Can't hear unless its quiet & headphones, an ESO pet that they discontinued. The welwa pet is my favorite. But I need that clockwork city pet! Only have ESO plus right now. Orsinium was the only one I purchased as I love that one, morrowind and the imperial for the horse, skin and pet. Didn't really want that whole DLC for the horse but I'm a collector XD helpful thank you!

  12. Dragon Bones DLC! New Skin and Personality:
    You can also collect some free Polymorphs in ESO :o)
    ESO Memento Guide:
    ESO Costume Guide:
    ESO Skin Guide:

  13. I can barely understand you but I keep watching cuz I love the content you put out and I enjoy the sound of your voice. I'mma subscribe.

  14. Well pets are cool looking and all, but everybody will complain about it if I'm in a group (unless it a summon) so I stopped using them sadly, but I'm not complaining because I know it causes lag. If they had some sort of use like my assistants/summons I'd use them.


  16. You can collect one more free pet in game, orange kitten with big ears, need to buy or collect parts, like dwemer teodolit. )

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