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[Laughter] and happy Wacky Wednesday it is Wednesday November 22nd 2017 and time for another edition of blackboard nines breakfast club I'm your host Frederick C Blackburn I'd like to welcome everyone to the Trading Post this evening I hope everyone's having a wonderful Wacky Wednesday you know good Thanksgiving week for all those listeners and here in the US and all that expats abroad who are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow so most happy Thanksgiving to all tonight's episode is episode 98 and is entitled erasing the dangerous Huey P long and as many of the listeners of the show know that while I live in North Carolina and I consider North Carolina home my mother's side of the family is all from Louisiana and so the legend of Huey P long is huge in both fluey Louisiana history and the United States history so we're going to be looking at that from a little bit different perspective and I think this is one of those stories that definitely needs to be revisited and the light of our efforts to understand this battle between the globalists and the nationalists and especially the Jewish New World Order of the Zionist New World Order whatever you want to call it the onion and plan of Greater Israel and reducing all other nations to vassal states of that central government and that great you know Marxist dream and the people who stood in the way of that and how they have been demonized by the Jewish media over the years and I think Huey P long is definitely one of those persons in history that has really been vilified and demonized by the Jewish media and so we're going to be looking at that but if you'd like to join us you can join us in the chat room at bb9 Trading Post you tango calm that's bb9 Trading Post dodge tango calm and we've got quite the crew already here we've got caltrop we've got detox the kool-aid we've got dr. trace uh we've got hot bliss and we had Jim fire mer Bailey Nick Donna and the snippets thank you again for the wonderful cartoons today I'm Bartow Tenten and Wolf's gangs with us and several Anton's so welcome to the Anton so first rule of breakfast club is always be nice to newbies second rule of breakfast club is everyone's a newbie so that said a lot of news this week so many levels it's amazing how much has been going on since our last show and it's definitely one of those weeks of life comes at you fast for lots of people out there and a lot of people are having some serious you got life changes right now so we're going to be talking about a lot of those but I guess here you start out with the local news and one of the stories we were talking about last week here in Wagga County in North cackalacky in the mountains is our local high school had an incident last week where a black student was expelled from school showed up anyway and was making threats against other students and faculties members and was doing things like handing out bandanas to who he said you know if you're wearing this you won't be hurt on Friday and so the big scare was that on Friday something was going to go down and he was going to get even with all of those em efforts as he referred to everybody at the school and he released a rap video on social media and which immediately got scrubbed but the local police got called in the State Police the State Bureau of Investigations got called in the school was basically put on a lockdown the situation they increased police presence at the school and on that Friday over a quarter of the students did not attend classes that's how many parents and students took this threat seriously fortunately nothing happened however what I found incredibly interesting is as this did get to the state level of investigation we have to recall that in our last elections we had a power shift here in North Carolina where we went from a Republican power system with the Governor and Attorney General to a democratic or a Democrat Governor and Attorney General and our new Attorney General is yet another carpetbagging Jew as we call them that came down to North Carolina and got put into office by mainly out of state money and so this administration we have now is definitely globalist multicultural diversity they are the ones that are really supporting all the LGBT all the black live matter the Fiasco in Charlotte North Carolina from last year if you remember our bathroom laws these are the people that are really pushing that agenda against the will of the people they're also very much into the immigration just increased immigration into North Carolina to change the demographic not unlike what's happening in Virginia where you're getting non-whites moved into the area to change the demographic to basically remove White's from any chance of assuming power again and so this story immediately got the public relations treatment and so putting this in context between the school's reaction the School Board's reaction the local police the County police the State Police with other events that had happened in this past year come you know the big events of course were when identity you rope dare to put up a banner at the beginning of the semester and the fall semester the beginning of the new school year here at the local university Appalachian State University and were immediately demonized as white supremacist and the Chancellor Chancellor sherry Everts immediately released this huge press release about no hate at appstate that this white supremacy won't be tolerated and it was just an identity you rope up banner put up and it was not threatening in any way shape or form the SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center was brought in as can Sultan and releasing this press release the local Jewish Holocaust Peace Studies group at the University issued a press release about how white supremacy on campus will not be tolerated of course our local newspaper the Watauga Democrat echo echo echo which is not in any way shape or form a local newspaper went on this soapbox about white supremacy groups in the county and not being tolerated etc and another event to happen was all the cultural Marxists at the high school because the high school is just as bad as the University it's they try a lot of the teachers at the local high school also our junior professors at the University so you have this big overlap between the University and the local high school and so they try to design the high school to basically be a mirror of the University and all its cultural Marxist philosophies of inclusion and multiculturalism and diversity and all of this other and so there was a special Board of Education meeting called because the teachers were trying to figure out how to force the white male students from wearing the make America great hats the red you know a lot of people say you know associated with President Trump's campaign but it's just the mega hats or the make American gray hats where they didn't want that to be allowed at the unit are at the high school but yet they couldn't enforce a dress code to prohibit all headgear because then that would be discrimination against the Muslim females wearing their hijabs or the Jewish supremacist were in their meanie beanies so they had to table the measure because they couldn't I figure out how to have a double standard to say the white males can't we're actually the females to can't wear make America great hats but these other groups can wear their headgear at the high school so and that was a big issue here in the county of how to get those make America great hats out of the high school because that was just not acceptable that was white supremacism etc and so those type of things just over the top media attention at the local level and everybody's talking about it but in this story where you actually had a black student threatening not only to her people but to kill people and cause an event and had already been expelled from school showing up on campus after being expelled and so the final verdict on this this is the headline from the Watauga Democrat echo echo echo from November 20th says no charges made in high school after threat incident and it says no charges were issued in a situation last week after a threat was repeatedly made seamy reportedly made by a whattaya high school student and yeah that's such a dodge because that is a fact that you know it was out there on social media you could see it this student did do this and I've talked to several high school students that were there and have heard this firsthand and had copies of the video the person made so yeah this is a fact not a you know reportedly made they said this is a fact so that's gets into the Public Relation da genus of the article so said police said on Friday an investigation into reported threats of violence at Watauga high school has yielded no credible verified information to substantiate a threat to the students of wall high well I talked about high school and you go on down in the article and the chief of police here it goes on says unfortunately and the police chief is named LeBeau yes and ela beau Boone police captain of police operations said the department would put pressure reliefs indicating and there was an issue then updated the press release says as the information developed quote we do everything we can to alert the community when think there could be an issue and then we try to put information out to alleviate the fears if that's what's warranted based on the investigation I don't know what more we could have done to communicate unfortunately Lobos said social media rumors blew the situation out of proportion wasn't something to the department could control quote we have to investigate through all the rumors to try to determine the truth LeBeau said in this particular case we found out that rumors far exceeded the substance of any threat and then this is what really gets me as officer LeBeau goes on to say our main focus is the safety and well-being of the students and the faculty of the school and we're also concerned about the well-being of the young man so all I could think about when I was reading that was trotsky's observation during the Bolshevik Revolution that governments come and go but the police remain and the police are going to enforce whatever policies that government system puts upon them that's what they're there for is to either and for something are not in for something you're either trying to get to the truth you trying to cover up the truth and that's what the police do and that's how Trotsky was able to manipulate the Russians so easily is through the police by giving them the orders of this is what you investigate this is what you don't investigate and so here it's very clear that the authorities on high declared that this is not going to be an issue and so this needs to be glossed over and it's just like in Sweden with the or in the UK where you have these people coming into the area causing trouble and if you try to bring it to anyone's attention you become the criminal the police go after you meanwhile the police say there's nothing to see here and so I just thought that this was that slippery slope that okay how much does this have to go before the people in the county wake up I mean how much like Sweden South Africa the UK etc does this situation have to get before people wake up or are they just going to sit there with the boiling frog syndrome and let it happen and that becomes just the new normal that's the part and parcel of living in Watauga County of dealing with racist terrorist attacks at your local schools however any type of white identity is slap down with that iron fist of your Marxism and that's the whole thing of that intransigent iron fist which we're going to talk a lot about in the second hour show just that you know Marxist mindset that Jewish mindset of just smashing it down there's no recourse but the crimes that they want to have happen those happen you know to what it's called the blind eye of the law where you know the police turned a blind eye to these things that's the big story on the local scene that we started last week and I'll be continued to follow up with this that's the other thing I like about Thanksgiving holidays and such is you have a lot of family get-togethers and a lot of the people that I will be getting with for the next few days of the holiday season all have children that either go to ASU or to whattaya high school and so it's going to be very interesting to hear both from the parents and from the students of what the current status is and what the students reactions to this are because they're not stupid they see what's going on and they are waking up very quickly here that's the other thing that's very positive about this that they see that this area is being overrun with the multiculturalism to change its demographic on purpose and you have the University especially but also the local media that's really pushing this so now along that same line an article came out this week about Ben and Jerry's this is a very popular ice cream company here in the United States and its Jewish run Jewish owned and it's basically article same Ben and Jerry's lobby's UK's ambassadors for Europe to take in more refugees and the article is saying that ice cream giants Ben and Jerry's have teamed up with George Soros link group to ask their customers to Lobby to eat EU to take in more migrants not invaders but migrants war refugees and Ben & Jerry's has released a new flavor called sweet honeycomb and it has a cartoon cow on the label with a sign saying refugees welcome again that you know there's a public relations term of their war refugees from the Oden yen and plan Wars not invaders and we all know that this is part of that white genocide agenda of the clarity plan to destroy Western civilization and Christianity especially by using immigration as a tool so you basically call them war refugees and who could you know what cold heartless person would refuse somebody sanctuary that's a war refugee that's just unchristian that's just onion right and they're laughing at us for being so gullible so so again it's George Soros and it's the organization the International Rescue Committee IRC which is anis you so all these you know wonderful sounding not-for-profits or non-profit 501 C 3 organizations are all asymmetrical warfare fifth columns to get this agenda passed they're being funded heavily by groups like George Soros is open society foundation and just billions of dollars are being dumped into this and it's what's warfare it's just fourth generation warfare now meanwhile Israel which has to remain ethnically pure it you know they are striving to have Greater Israel as an ethnos state just for Jews this article comes out of mando ice and it says Israel to deport forty thousand African asylum seekers without their consent many to Rwanda and says well Israel will begin deporting twenty thousand African asylum seekers mostly from retreat and the Sudan to an unnamed third party without their consent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a Sunday cabinet meeting according to the Israeli media the refugees will be sent to Rwanda in return for which Israel will pay the African nation $5,000 per head so here you see the double standard of Israel and all of these Jewish groups want these people out of Israel but want them in all of these European North American South Africa Australia New Zealand countries so you always see all these articles about how many rabbis have signed off on refugee programs and supporting it and every time you look it's always Jewish groups that are pushing and they're useful idiot gloriam that are pushing this refugee storyline so I just thought that double standard was very telling let's see if there's any I guess that's the main thing about the immigration at this point a very curious event happened this week where a small aircraft and a helicopter collided in midair over one of the Rothschild estates in the UK and what was very curious about this event was how quickly the story got changed and how certain things about the story started to disappear as far as eyewitness accounts etc and and also just how they're still not releasing information at least up – I haven't seen who actually died in this mid-air collision but this was from Russia today and it says emergency services that confirm several casualties following a mid-air collision between a plane and a helicopter in the English county of buck Hampshire northwest of Isles brewery Wykeham Air Control confirmed both the aircraft took off from their site so why Khmer Park I guess is close by it just basically says that all aboard both craft have died but they're still not releasing any information about who they were so that's anytime you see something happening around a Rothschild event you always kind of want to know what the real story is versus what the media is telling you now oh there's the other star that's going to talk about with immigration as many of you know I used to do as in addition to being a musician and playing in bands and such also used to run a lot of sound do a lot of festival work and this is an article coming out of Russia today and the headline reads date set for first man free festival in Sweden tickets to go on sale in December it says the first man free music event organized in response to sexual offences at concerts in Sweden will be held at the end of next summer tickets will be available in just two weeks according to an announcement ironically released on international men's day and so basically in Sweden the situation is so bad with all of these invaders coming in and raping and molesting and murdering people and so all the events that had been going on forever just you know Sweden like so many European countries it was known for their big festivals and since this huge influx of these invaders they are having to accept the fact that they've got massive crime going on at these events people are you know being assaulted raped etc but yet they're still so into this political correctness cognitive dissonance that they won't come out and say that the problem is with these people who aren't from here that would be politically incorrect and so rather than addressing that they just say well we just won't any men at the festivals and that's going to solve the problem and I found it very interesting that a follow-up article and this was on investment watch blog says that Swedish ministers refuse to mark the ethnicity of rapists reports state 90% are migrants so it says Sweden's justice manors Minister has rejected a proposal by the country's Conservative Party to mark the ethnicity of the people of cused of sex crimes and official reports and so this is a pattern I'm seeing from these Marxists and charge is any type of data that would give ammunition to people that are trying to fight against this invasion of their homelands they are being deprived of that so you can't say that 90% of these crimes are being done not by native Swedes but by these invaders and you know in several of these countries even making that observation is tantamount to a hate crime now so that just you know saying this in some countries could get you either find you lose your job go to prison and that's how insane this is and of course it goes back to that Marxist model of you know the police are going to enforce whatever the authorities tell them to do and so they will turn on their own countrymen and also with these programs where they're trying to get all the indigenous people out of law enforcement and fill the ranks with as many of these non-european non-american non-canadian non south african police our people you know basically stack the deck against the indigenous people say you basically are being controlled by a military-type police force that is from someplace else and they have no loyalty to you and they are just going to do whatever they're told because that's what they're paid to do and this is what we're seeing the United States as well as all these other countries but just trying to put through so-called affirmative action placement programs getting more and more people of color as they're called in to military and police positions and they are more apt to do the bidding of their authority figures so I just thought that that was interesting this two articles side by side now oh why do they always do that the scandals of the life comes at you fast over the past week has been fascinating to see one the Senate race and the u.s. state of Alabama with judge Roy Moore where they are trying their best to demonize him in saying that he is this horrible sexual predator that has done all these horrible things and the people accused and then their stories just keep falling apart and there's no real credible evidence that they can produce yet and all the Jewish controlled media they just keep running the accusation again and again and again and that's part of that psychological warfare of using the media as the enforcement arm if you will of policy that you know you're being tried by public opinion rather than in the courts and this was huge part of Edward Bernays Freud's and nephews model of how to use the media as instead of doing the Fourth Estate as basically a fifth column and the accusations everything is you know when you are dealing with civilized people and somebody is accused of something people take that very seriously because civilized people don't bear false witness they dose don't accuse somebody of something they didn't do so when somebody hears something negative about something you're very apt to believe it and a lot of times especially if it's very sensational you get that emotional programming and you lock that in and so even when you are confronted with evidence to the contrary so many people will still go with the original story and so the old saying from Samuel Clemens Mark Twain was it's easier to convince it's easier to full people than to convince them they've been fooled comes in to polite where you're bearing false witness and people will judge you and it's that guilty until you prove yourself innocent type of thing and so with the judge Roy Moore story it has been a fascinating study with old media the television stations radio the newspapers etcetera that are trying their best to demonize him because he is a threat to their globalist Jewish agenda so they're trying to take him out but the new media of the internet and social media is just shredding these accusations and so the more that they pile on these accusations the less credibility they're having especially with the voters of Alabama so I'm seeing all of these reports of him continuing to surge in the polls the more they attack him so you have this point of diminishing return where the accusation suddenly start working against you and you start looking bad so right now the media if you ask the people of Alabama what they think of the Jewish controlled media in the United States they will basically tell you it's a laughingstock and or it's criminal that's kind of that getting to that level that you know people are getting mad that these companies are allowed to defame and slander good people and for a political agenda and they're seeing through these tactics on the other side of the coin things like senator Al Franken the senator from Minnesota is in freefall right now because those accusation T accusation was made it came out with proof much like the story in the whattaya scenario where this person is you know on the record you know being record at making threats you know that's called evidence that's a fact and so the person who made the accusations against Al Franken you know did so with the physical evidence here are the photographs to prove what I'm saying this person you know groped me molesting me while I was sleeping and so here's the proof and then that has cascaded into several other people coming forward and one of the things about this Jewish senator from Minnesota is he has gone on the record in his own book talking about getting the Jew call on 911 and so it's interesting how that story which has kind of been disappeared by the Jewish media has now resurfaced when he wrote his book he actually put that line in talking about how before 9/11 he got the warning not to go to his office at the World Trade Center and he got the warning from the mayor of New York mayor Koch and so this is clear foreknowledge of a crime and so for that I see that he should be impeached for that because where was he going where's the record of him trying to warn the American people where is the record of any of these Israelis and Jews and dual nationals that got the Juke halt most of them from the ODA government instant messaging service the Israeli instant messaging service that none of them tried to warn any US law enforcement any of their leaders they just stayed away and let it happen and he's one of them and now we find out that he is a repeat offender and lots of people are calling for him to step down and possibly face criminal charges on this so it's very interesting that this has all happened to him in the space of a week that yeah that again that life comes at you fast and another one is mr. Charlie Rose who is from North Carolina which is interesting and Charlie Rose is a lot like Bill Moyers where I used to have so much respect for him because I always thought he was one of those intellectual journalists like Bill Moyers that you know wasn't on the corporate payroll because they work for Public Broadcasting and somehow that was better that was my no they had a higher ethical standard somehow and that's how I used to think which is interesting that I had bought into that I guess you know the liberal world view that somehow you're these people over here you trust more because they're part of the Elite until tell Jen see if you will and so Charlie Rose has always been one of those people that you know did interviews with everybody but then you go back and you realize just how much of the story he'd never talked about in all of these things he was covering and especially to me the litmus test was 9/11 that we tried so hard to get both he and Bill Moyers to address 9/11 truth and they just shot us down every way they could and so with him to find out that he has been this sexual harasser for years and people have been covering it up and now it's all coming out and he was now fired from CBS over these charges and so now Public Broadcasting Service and CBS which is a corporate you know jewish-controlled jewish-owned media here in the United States but they have both fired him so he is also in freefall and possibly looking at criminal charges being levied against him so it's not just losing your reputation you losing your career but you may be going to court you may be going to jail over this and another person I thought was very much finally getting what I think they deserved is the celebrity gene Simmons Hine Weiss who is the bass player for the band Kiss and trying to pull up the story here and this was from MSN and it says headline is Fox News Band kiss excuse me Fox News bans kiss frontman gene Simmons for life and it basically says kiss frontman gene Simmons until this week was a favorite guest on Fox News and Fox Business from Network programs which couldn't get enough of a supposedly outrageous rock star antics mixed with conservative politics has been banned for life from the right-leaning cable channels and basically goes on and says fox finally had enough of Simmons after he crudely insulted female Fox staffers taunted them and exposed his chest and otherwise behaved like the demon character he plays on stage management was not amused and Simmons photograph was promptly posted Wednesday at the security entrance of the company's Manhattan headquarters along with a do not admit advisory Simmons publicist did not immediately respond to a request for comment so again this is one of those pride goeth before the fall where the arrogance of these people that J just really think they can get away with anything that they are not accountable for any of nor the rules that apply to normal people and this is that masterclass mindset and remember the you know Judaism is a master/slave system where there's one set of rules for the elite and another set of rules for everybody else and this idea that they are somehow protect it from any type of accountability for their actions is not the case anymore so I just found that a very interesting development because you know he is the typical Jewish supremacist if you seen any of his videos where he's talking about you know the place for the goyim in the world and that he's just definitely a Jewish supremacist and people are finally seeing that rather than the star image or whatever that you know being starstruck that star worship and they're seeing these people for the very rude antisocial behavior type people they really are and I think people are starting to have enough of it another story here this is coming out of the Los Angeles Times and it says NBC News executive al stood over inappropriate contact excuse me conduct with female employees Matt Zimmerman the executive in charge of booking for NBC News has been fired for what the company called inappropriate conduct with a female seeming with female employees at the network we have recently learned that Matt Zimmerman engaged in inappropriate conduct with more than one woman at the parent company which violated company policy as a result he has been dismissed and so these are just a few of these stories that have been coming out but it's just you know these guys are just dropping like flies and it's to me it just could not have happened soon enough and I hope it continues to happen you know I guess on a note closer in that I got caught up in this week was the Twitter purges I'm sure many of the people listening to this show I named as snippets got caught up in this but Twitter this week just went on a rampage where they started locking of everyone's account and saying you know such-and-such post has been reported for violating our terms and conditions that set our community standards and you have a X amount of time out and Twitter jail plus you have to provide a telephone number and once you provide a telephone number then your sentence will begin and after that amount of time you will be allowed back in your account once you delete the offending material and it was just amazing how widespread this was it's just every place I went everybody was talking about getting banned from Twitter this week and deciding whether or not they were even going to try to appeal I tried to appeal and quickly realize that you know you're not dealing with a person on the appeal so this was very typical Star Chamber Justice where you are guilty and though you may have the formality of an appeal I don't care how much evidence or argument you have for me I was trying to argue both from a First Amendment in the United States freedom of speech and also the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights that guarantee the right to free speech and that that trumped any type of community standard and of course that fell on deaf ears because you're probably dealing with an AI robot anyway and so that was not passed and then when I tried to ask what about my post violated the community standards it just basically said my appeal had been denied they would not give me any specifics and this is what I've run into time and time again with specially big systems for example like when CNN banned me several years ago and I tried to appeal that you know the the the appeal is just to make it sound legitimate but you know it's Star Chamber justice if they want you gone you're gone and so the other aspect of this which I thought was a psychological thing was just a two-fold was one having to put in more personal data and you think okay you're now mapping a social media account with your personal phone number and I heard several people say that their phone numbers would not work that it had to be a smart phone that would support the sims systems the simple simple instant message service type system and so when I put mine in they basically sent me an access code that I had to put in and send back and then it activated my phone and for a bit I was getting Twitter notifications on my phone until I got into the settings to turn that off so there was that one part of feeling more vulnerable a lot of people don't trust social media but then you know you're really giving more information than you want it to do and so that's the psychology there the other thing was the psychology of forcing you to admit you were wrong by deleting something you post it and you think about that most people it's just like whatever I don't care just let me back in but at another level you're thinking well I don't see that I should have to do that because I don't find that offensive I thought it was funny and clever for example in mine and that it did not threaten or impose hate or violence on any persons and so that is that part of the learned helplessness where their brain taking you down and making you give up something and again they're playing a zero-sum game so you're having to give up a piece of something in order to keep using the service and so again the psychology behind this gets into the both group conformity work of Solomon Asch I'm seeing the ash Solomon and the authority work of Stegeman but anyway I'll think about it in a minute but you know just the having to bow down to this intransigent entity of the state kind of thing and that's where they're wanting this to go in the centralized model where you know the state is all-powerful the system is all-powerful the individual has no rights only privileges that can be granted or revoked and so I really go back to that you know we need to follow this up and I plan to with groups like here in the United States the FCC etc because to me this is a First Amendment issue of freedom of speech on a media and you can't deny somebody phone service because you don't like what they talk about you can't deny somebody the use of the postal service because you don't like what they write about now if somebody's making threatening phone calls are making threatening letters or threats by mail yeah we have loss for that and if that's the case then you bring somebody to court and that's the legal system but here you have a extra governmental agency a company a corporation that is imposing a rule of law that's outside of constitutional law and I guess this is my big complaint here is there overstepping their bounds and that's what they're trying to do they're trying to impose a new system that Trump's nation state law and it's all about Star Chamber justice vs. innocent until proven guilty you know that you have a right to face your accuser for example who complained about my posts for example why can't I face my accuser what law have I violated and it's like an Internet this is our community standards and so it just goes back into that psychological trying to create the perfect go I'm we talk about so much on The Breakfast Club show the Thea that's what they're trying to do with that symbolism of the perfect ashlar the G and the Masonic Square and compass where the you know we're trying to mold the goyim into obedient slaves and they're using psychological tactics to do this and one of them is of course the fear and the isolationism of you know you're banned from the group that group conformity and this is kind of the same mindset that the Marxist have imposed in the educational system when they did away with paddling in school and replaced it instead with the timeout programs which is to me much more damaging to the child because it's that sense of helplessness you know you can bear the lash of the whip but the idea that you they can just cut you off and banish you from the group and you have no recourse to me that is very damaging to a young child psyche and they do the timeout programs you know starting in preschool here in the United States and we see what the product of you know 20-some years of that type of psychological warfare against children has produced these children that you know did not face spankings in school but instead were constantly being exposed to this you either abide by the rules or you're going to be ostracized you're going to be put in timeout and shamed by your peer group and that to me again that was far more damaging to the child but you know these are just kind of things and you know I'm following this up is both the anti-defamation league and the SPLC which you know have the hubris to set themselves up as the moral authority for all Americans and now the world as they go on to social media both with Facebook and Twitter to impose so-called hate crimes enforcement so this is an article that actually was somebody sent me from The Daily stormer and it says anti-defamation league and Twitter promised to silence all political dissidents by December 18th it says Twitter has been praised in the past for its role of facilitating communications between jihadis trying to violently overthrow the Syrian government aiding the Ukranian coup d'etat against a democratically elected leader and seeking to mobilize students and riots in Iran the anti-defamation league agrees that Twitter being used for this pries with Twitter being used for this purpose but the use of Twitter to criticize and expose the powerful in the u.s. that's a hate speech Jack Dorsey is now saying operation goyim no shut it down will go into full swing on December 18th on that day even moderate critics of Jewish power Israel and other issues the status quo doesn't want you to question will disappear into the night and so this is a quite a comical article but it's very serious topic that you know they continue and I saw another post about Southern Poverty Law Center with their hate tracker application that they're teaming up with Facebook and Twitter to impose and so this idea of hating white people hating straight people etc that's fine and dandy but if you dare criticize Israel with facts or bring up the facts about the history of Judaism etc just you know the things that I tweet about you know will be considered a hate crime and will be punishable by you know this type of Stasi system that they are setting up and this is what it is it's a modernized Stasi from the old Soviet model and the East German models so this is what we're up against here and so I have set up you know backup accounts for many of you know I've already been on gab AI for some time so gab dot a I and also I set up an account this week on wrong think dotnet I don't know if you're familiar with that one we're also working to move the videos to other sites like bit shoot etc in case we start getting censored from YouTube because I think YouTube might come after me next and so we're looking at video backups for that but as far as you know Twitter alternatives you can find me at Gaby I and also wrong think net and again my account there my avatar there is Blackbird nine just like it is on Twitter so I guess you know it's just good to have a backup yeah cuz main thing is the communique has to go through so you always have a backup path for your communications so yes Twitter's more popular you reach more people but when you're trying to cool and get information out always have a backup system always have your plan B now getting on – I guess world news real quick Zimbabwe's robert mugabe was finally forced to step down this week and so Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has shocked expectations that he would resign by pledging to remain within two days he had to completely recount that and step down and of course the economy promptly completely tanked the students are all rioting at the universities are refusing to go to exams and if you've seen any videos it's just a free-for-all and what used to be a very beautiful country before it was turned into exam Bob way it was Rhodesia and this is the same kind of thing we're seeing in South Africa where it's just more destabilization more white genocide and it's going to be very interesting to see what they replace him with there in South Africa me excuse me in Zimbabwe now real quick I just wanted to thank everyone again who dominated this week it has been so wonderful to be able to send the money to our folks in South Africa and been working with miss Karen Smith from Radio Free South Africa to get the funds where everybody wanted them sent and especially with the South African family relief project so so much thanks to all who donate it and we're trying to get some video shot of especially the South African family relief project you know where the money's going and so you can actually see that the money is being well spent bye miss Lee Oxley and the crew down there but just wanted to thank everyone again for donating to some very worthy cause because the white genocide is getting out of control in South Africa and we need to step up you are listening to Black Bird nines Breakfast Club I'm your host Frederick C Blackburn and tonight is episode 98 and is entitled to racing the dangerous Huey P long if you'd like to join us in the chatroom you can come out to Blackbird 9 you see me b b9 trading post tango calm that's b b9 trading post tango calm and I always tell people that when they ask you to well what do you words what's your religious background and I always say well I'm one-half Baptist excuse me I'm one half Catholic one half Baptist and one half scientist and if that confuses you imagine how I feel because my family here in North Carolina the Blackburn side of the family they're all Baptist and have been in North Carolina since colonial days from the English side you know the Blackburn's a very English name but the my mother side comes out of Louisiana and the Catholic side and by way of France and so it's very interesting that here in the United States we have such a difference of history between the states and sometimes hard for people to understand just how big the United States is that you know the country the size of Germany for example or South Africa is about the size of Texas just one of our states and so you think we have you know 50 states in this republic and so this is a very large mass and has very very different history so when we talk about Huey P long and Louisiana we kind of have a very very different history than what we talk about when we're looking at for example the original 13 colonies of the colonization from like the pilgrims etc and we always think about this time of year Thanksgiving oh the pilgrims came over at Plymouth Rock etc in the Mayflower and you know that was the Protestants from here but Louisiana yeah that's a very very different story so here at The Breakfast Club we always say you know we'll start out our timeline either at the last great Ice Age or at the beginning of the Piscean age and so tonight we're going to start out there as they begin into Piscean age and 0ad and we think about the symbolism of we as we move from the age of Aries and that you had that symbol of the RAM and the esoteric symbol of the scales that idea of an eye for an eye justice those systems all morphed into the Piscean age that has the symbol of the two fish and the Virgin the Virgo symbol and especially that symbol of the madonna with child and so we always think of the Blessed Mother Mary with the baby Jesus for example as one of those symbols of Virgo that has been such a part of Western civilization for 2,000 years and so when we look at how that system developed of Christianity moving into Europe and then to the new world we also have to remember that you had this other element the Jewish element that is still clinging to another system that they say no no no no no the New Testaments null and void we still have the Torah and the Messiah hasn't come yet etc we reject this and then you have the other aspect of not only you're dealing with the Torah but you're dealing with the Talmud and the Kabbalah and the Zohar and all these other esoteric dark dark dark philosophies within that Judaic system that you know and again that it's a master slave system where non-jews are considered cattle and so this is these are two very very different systems that have been competing for the last two thousand years so when we look at the development of course you start out with you 33 AD when you know Jesus Christ is crucified in Jerusalem and the passions you know we always talk about the you know the four passions of the crucifixion and that play between what was happening with the Roman Empire and the Jewish kingdom there in Jerusalem and the war that happened between Rome and the Jews and you have to realize that that war never ended so in 70 AD we always think that won't just start here you know it was in 33 AD you know we say Jesus Christ was Superstar and he was going up against two main power systems the moneylenders that were using a system of money where they define money as debt that is always key that unlike other monetary systems that developed where money was defined as value the Jews define money as debt money is created when somebody goes into debt and the other big power system was the Pharisees the chief rabbis that priestly class interpreters of the law that you know just maintained that the law is written in stone it's unchangeable there's one law for the Jews and one law for everybody else and that's the basis of the Noahide laws that you know those seven rules are for the goyim but then you have the Talmud and the Torah for the Jews the Masterclass and so the moneylenders and the pharisees and part of what was going on with the war with Rome was just like what was going on with the Hellenistic Greeks with the Maccabees where the Maccabees were these zealots that would not compromise they would not try to assimilate they said we have to be in Ch arge use our law and you have to be our slaves and we're going to do everything we can to enslave you to us so here you had this faction of the zealots and that's you know the latinized term but that would not accept the benefits of the Roman land governments or its civilization and it's completely intransigent and the what was amazing about the zealots like the Maccabees they would use any means necessary against both the Romans and fellow Jews that they thought were compromised honorable that were cooperating with the Romans that you know weren't following their rules and so they would attack fellow Jews if they thought you were violating their view of the laws and this is you know we talk a lot about mashiro law for example that you know it's the whistleblowing laws of Judaism that ones you can't let inform on the crimes of another G before any Gentiles and so the zealot Rhee movement was what was the basis of their downfall because they would not compromise with the Roma's at all and kept attacking and so the Romans finally had enough and so it's 66 AD the great Jewish revolt against run by the zealots led to full out-and-out war and so in 70 AD Rome breaks through and destroys the temple and this sets off the diaspora you know and then an 82 AD the great the grand arch of Titus was erected by the roman emperor Domitian shortly after the death of his brother tied us to commemorate Titus's final victory over the Jewish rebellion and that has ever since become a symbol of Jewish hate against the West against you know both Rome Western civilization especially Christianity and for centuries Jews would refuse near the Jews in Rome would refuse to walk under that arch and what was telling was when Israel was finally created in 1948 all of these Jews from around the world got together and made a point to walk through that arch backwards as a symbol of defiance that you know they have returned and now they're going to seek their revenge against Rome so like I say yeah that war never ended so by 135 ad Giroux Jerusalem was totally destroyed and Jews were prohibited from the city and of course we talked about you know 180 area Marianas composed the first Christian Bible with the four books Matthew Mark Luke and John we talked about in 313 Constantine declares Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire 379 Theodosius settles the long-standing problem by allowing the Goths to settle south of the Danube as allies of the Rome because the areas that would become France they resist it against so much of the Roman Empire and their development as coming into the Roman Empire happened more under the what we call the Holy Roman Empire and so when we look at you that development 379 was one of the first steps with Theodosius by allowing the Goths segment to settle and become allies with rock and then in 481 Clovis the first the Frank became the leader of the tribe at age 15 and invaded Gaul and what was interesting there is once he was victorious he converted to Catholicism and set up his capital in Paris and his dynasty became known as the Merovingians and his name was latinized from Clovis to Louie then of course 527 and purchased in Ian ascends to the throne in Constantinople in 570 this is when Mohammed is born in Makka and so that begins the development of what would become Islam in 650 the girl the Quran the teachings of the Muhammad were written down in 674 dagger bear the second was crown Merovingian king of Austrasia this was the Merovingian king of the franks and it basically covered that hill area of france belgium luxembourg parts of the netherlands of germany and so that's basically what we consider how those areas that would become France became Chris and I or christianized dagger bear ii was assassinated by the order of Pepin the fat on in 679 and he his son Pepin the 3rd found at the Frankish dynasty of the Carolingians in 714 and his son was Charles Martel and in 732 at the Battle of Tours Charles Martel the hammer as he was known stopped the muslin invasion dat the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France and that was key to preserving Western civilization from being overrun by is then in 768 Charlemagne ascends to the throne of the Carolingians and eighteenth assuming 800 he was crowned the king of the Holy Roman Emperor Empire and that's basically when you get what's known as the Holy Roman Empire is an 800 from Charlemagne then meanwhile where are the Jews you ask well the Jews are moving all through Europe setting up shop and promptly getting thrown out moving someplace else playing the victim setting up shop getting thrown out so over 200 times out of a hundred nine locations they've been thrown out also you get the factor of the Kazarian conversion to judaism and then those Kazarian jews moving westward as they are getting run out of their lands due to the yeah the Mongol hordes and you know that type of thing so you got this push westward into Europe of the Jews but you've got a low population a very cryptic religion a very you know unlike Christianity and other religions that are open-source shareware where you're trying to get people to see that this is a better way yeah the Jews are this is our religion it's not for you this you know this is our secret cryptic stuff we're going to even write everything in a lettering scheme that there's no way you're even going to understand what it says that's the thing about Hebrew it's a very cryptic lettering scheme where you don't even have the vowels in place in the words you have to know we're the vowel sounds go you just have two consonants also instead of most solar-based cultures of this time period where the scripts are read left to right Hebrew was read right to left like the lunar cycle where the waxing and waning of the moon goes right to left the solar religions as you're facing south and the Sun goes east to west it's you know left right so it's just very very different so you know the Jews are moving through this Christon Eyes culture of the Holy Roman Empire and trying to establish power base trying to establish wealth and at the same time getting thrown out but every time always playing the victims right so in 1099 of course the prior designs formed then 11:18 the knight templars were found it and then you know we about all of that howell year the knight templar basically was the enforcement arm of the Priory of Zion setting up international banking system 1182 the earth expelled from france by philip ii and again in 1306 the Jews are expelled from France 1307 all the Knights Templars are arrested that's course the famous October the 13th then at this point you start to see the beginnings of the exploration of the new world of course we all know about you know 1492 with Columbus also 1492 the Jews were expelled from Spain but that's where we begin to see the beginnings of exploration of the new world now the first recorded history of Louisiana was in 15 twenty-eight a Spanish expedition under pen fellow the narváez located the mouth of the Mississippi River so they basically got into what we called the Gulf of Mexico now isolated the Mississippi River and that was in 1528 and 1542 the Spaniard Hernando de Soto expeditions skirt at north and west of Louisiana and then followed the Mississippi River down to the Gulf in 1682 a French explorer by the name of Robert Cavalier D Lassalle named the region Louisiana to honor francis king louis xiv who was known as the Sun King and of course you know we know that that Louis comes from when Clovis the first had his name latinized to Louise so that's the tie in there so in honor of Louis the 14th the Sun King Louisiana was officially named now another aspect of Louisiana's history that I find so fascinating is the mix of religion and culture because you had a huge Catholic base in Louisiana but in the northern sections you had a huge Protestant base especially Baptist also Louisiana because it did have boast rice fields and sugarcane fields that was one of the first places that they would bring in slaves from Africa like the Jews were doing throughout the Caribbean and South America so unlike what you learned in public education so many of the slave ship slave markets and slave plantations were Jewish owned and controlled versus they you know in the media and the public education they make it sound like these were Christian endeavors but the majority were Jewish so you had this Jewish slave market system established very early on in Louisiana's history and so it was 1710 that the French Jews introduced African slaves to New Orleans okay so that New Orleans then in 1722 royal a coordinates defined all the land south of the Great Lakes between the Rocky Mountains and the Alleghenies to the Gulf as Louisiana so you think about that huge swath all the way up through the middle of what's now the United States was all considered Louisiana so from the Allegheny's which are over from the Appalachian Mountains you know over in West Virginia down through that area all the way to the Rockies then up to the Great Lakes all the way down to the Gulf that was considered the territory of Louisiana in 1803 the Louisiana Purchase and this was eight hundred and twenty eight thousand square miles of land the u.s. paid fifty million francs which was about 11 million u.s. dollars and a cancellation of their debts which amounted to about 8 mil 18 million francs so you're looking at a total deal of about 68 million francs or 15 million US dollars for the Louisiana Purchase and this course this happened you know in the time of Napoleon's reign and Thomas Jefferson was president of and we were getting ready to go to yet another war with Great Britain you know the war of 1812 and so that idea of working with France to have that territory over there so we wouldn't have to worry about the British surrounding you know the colonies basically so that was very key and 1812 Louisiana became the 18th US State on April 30th 1812 so that right hand as the war was happening you know that's when Louisiana became a United States official state then in 1815 of course Napoleon loses to Wellington at Waterloo and the big winner there of course was Rothschild who was basically able to buy up all of England for pennies on the dollar due to deceit basically because he made it look like he had information that Napoleon had won england had lost and he was liquidating all his assets everybody liquidated and then his agent bought everything up and then you find out that Wellington had won the day and Napoleon had been defeated now the first synagogue established in Louisiana is the Touro synagogue in New Orleans in 1828 by 1860 a census showed that there were 330 1726 people in Louisiana enslaved which was nearly 47% of the population of the state so Louisiana had this huge slavery economy unlike states like North Carolina for example so this was one of the things that I was there when we bought it sort of thing and that has been a huge factor in Louisiana politics ever since is you had the Jewish presence that wanted slavery that you had a Catholic presence and then you had a Protestant presence in the state then in 1843 the Jewish organization known as Binet breath was founded in New York and that is key because this was an organization founded on organizing Jewry and the New World to take control because from day one this is what people need to understand that there has always been two factions fighting for the United States you had the great experiment which was the constitutional republic open source jury by your peers print your own money all those wonderful things that our founding fathers designed and then you had the great work and this was Jewish interest as you know this was just another Federation of what would become world Jewry that they controlled the money supply they controlled the two-tier law system you basically had an organized crime ring and a slaving system and all the Vice controlled by the Jewish interests and you know B'nai B'rith was key to establishing Jewish power in the new world as it will in 1861 this is right when the civil war is gearing up and because Louisiana did have such a huge slave population they voted to secede from the union and become part of the Confederate States of America on 26 January 1861 now right before that in 1852 a Jew by the name of Judah Philip Benjamin who was a wealthy slave owner and plantation owner was elected to the US Senate from the state of Louisiana he was a very very powerful Jew and was very instrumental in the Civil War and I urge you to go out and one go back to the archives of the breakfast club shows and we did a three-part series on the u.s. uncivil war last year but also mr. Mike King has done some incredible work on the Civil War and the Jewish Masonic Mecca nations that went on behind the scenes to make that war a reality and what the objectives were and it was so much of it was Jewish interest and Freemason interest so Jew Judah Benjamin was key to that and he was a senator from Louisiana in 1852 in 1861 wants Louisiana seceded Jefferson Davis who was the president of the Confederate States appointed Judah Benjamin to be the Attorney General of the Confederate States of America when the southern states lost the war in 1865 Judah Benjamin grabbed the money and ran basically and he escaped back to Britain where he was welcomed with open arms and there's actually still monuments to him in the south and in England for you know his great contributions whatever but um yeah it's just very interesting the role he played so definitely look at Judah Benjamin because you didn't learn about him in your grade school classes on the Civil War I guarantee you know Louisiana was very hard hit in the period known after the Civil War known as the reconstruction and this was the time period 1865 to about 1877 now during that period a company was formed called Standard Oil and so in 1870 there was a company on this new technology of oil and it was founded by none other than john d rockefeller so you can imagine which side rockefeller fell on in this you know grand chessboard of being the globalist elite or being a constitutional republic also during this time period around 1877 white Democrats began complete achill control in the state of Louisiana now it's very interesting to me to see the Democratic Party of my grandmother if you will and my great-grandmother etc versus what the Democrat Party is now the you because now we've got the cultural Marxist moved in from the Frankfurt School by way of Columbia University etc the so-called New Left they have completely taken over the Democrat Party just like the neocons have taken over the Republican Party but one time year the Democrat Party was very very different and it basically took control of Louisiana in 1893 QEP long was born in Winfield which was the seed of wind parish now Louisiana is interesting and that it doesn't have county designations like North Carolina does most of the states in the United States you have the state and then you have counties in each county has a county seat you know the courthouse etcetera and then you have a state capital well Louisiana instead has parishes and there are 64 parishes in Louisiana and one in the central northern area is called when parish and that's where Huey P long was born and unlike New Orleans which was very Jewish and very Catholic when parish was mainly Southern Baptist that actually had a strong affinity with the Union so they were kind of surrounded by people that supported the Confederacy but they were mainly Union supporters in that parish so in 1896 three years after Huey P long was born Theodor Herzl writes his famous treat C for Lord Rothschild called the Jewish state where he's proposing how to get the Jews back to form the Jewish state which would become Israel and re-established Jerusalem and of course in 1897 you had the first World Zionist Congress held in Switzerland so this kind of is setting the battlefield of you've got these new zealot Jews the modern Maccabees as I call them that are all about setting up and reclaiming the Holy Land and from there they decide they're going to rule the world and everything we see at the beginning of the 20th century is just that Jewish century rollout as a means to achieve that end so again you know the first World Zionist Congress is 1897 now meanwhile Huey P long 1908 is completing high school and one of the stories is he was expelled from high school because they had imposed a new 12th grade you know when he was there you graduated after 11 grades and then they said we're gonna do 12 grades and he tried to do a petition to stop it and they expelled him from school so he would then be a traveling salesman from 1908 to 1913 in 1913 he married Rose McConnell and they had a daughter by the name of rose and the sons Russell and Palmer and of course 1913 was a key year because Woodrow Wilson is president and that's the year that we saw the treason of the Federal Reserve System which was not federal it was a private Jewish controlled central bank an international jewelry it had no reserves and it was completely unconstitutional and anticipate experiment was supposed to be because we were supposed to print our own money and that was why the United States the great experiment was so successful because you did not have that usery that debt enslavement that you have with Jewish central banks well of course that has been the running battle from day one with the great experiment is the Jews always trying to establish their central banks and people trying to have independent banking this is also the year that the anti-defamation league was formed you know and these Jews that try to take the moral high ground always remember that it was founded because Leo Frank raped and murdered a young woman and got caught and faced justice and when the Jews tried to get him out of it the population rose up and made sure that justice got done and so the ADL was set in place to ensure that those uppity goyim never took the law into their own hands again and they've been very very effective in doing that running roughshod over the United States ever since and it's amazing how much power the ADL and the SPLC and B'nai B'rith etc have in the United States and then 1914-1918 we see World War one in 1917 is when James Balfour wrote the Balfour Declaration basically pledging Palestine to the Jews and the deal there of course was if the Brits will give the Jews Palestine the Jews in America will ensure that the Americans get into World War one and so that's basically what happened all the Americans were against going to war in Europe going to war in general but due to the power of the media we ended up in World War one and that was part of the Balfour Declaration in 1915 Huey P long attended Tulane law school in New Orleans after one year he convinced the board to let him take the bar exam and he passed he then set up a private law practice in Winfield and later in Shreveport and his main focus was on representing small plaintiffs against large businesses and he would go on one of his sayings was that he never took a case against a poor man and so you get from the very beginning of his career that you know Huey P long was definitely a populist mind set person and so that idea of I never took a case against a poor man he made his legal practice all about representing the individual up against the large businesses which of course made him very many enemies of the power elite especially the Jewish power elite now on the international stage of course 1917 is the you know we have the Bolshevik Revolution going on we had the Armenian Genocide we had the holiday more going on so you know the Americans are sitting are the ones in the know are seeing this rise of marxist communism taking over all of these countries and they're trying to warn people about international Jewry so in the writings of the time you see people like Henry Ford emerge father Coughlin emerge you know that are trying to warn people about the inner the threat international Jewry and the Federal Reserve posed to the great experiment and they're doing this not only with newspapers but also the new media of radio because radio is now you know coming into its own people are being able to afford radios and listening to these broadcasts these people are doing now in 1918 Huey P long is elected as the state Railroad Commissioner and as in that role in 1919 is when he first took on Standard Oil and remember that's Rockefellers oil monopoly over a tax because all that oil that they're drilling in Louisiana and that was one of the resources that Louisiana has you know there was great fishing in Louisiana there's great farming in Louisiana but there's also lots of oil and natural gas in Louisiana and he wanted the people of Louisiana Louisiana to be benefiting from that oil that Standard Oil was pulling out of the ground and he fought and won for a tax hike or a tax on that oil which made him an enemy of the Rockefellers and the Jewish bankers that were back in the Rockefeller in 1920 Henry Ford founds the Dearborn independent and this is a movement you saw where these very intelligent business leaders are seeing how controlled the American media is by Jewish interests and so they start putting out their own newspapers and so Henry Ford founds the Dearborn independent newspaper and and it's 91 issues he covers so much of this that's later or bound into his book the International Jew so in 1920 he put out one collection called the International Jew the world's foremost problem in 1921 Jewish activities in the United States also in 1921 Jewish influence in the American life and then in 1922 aspects of Jewish power in the United States so you know Henry Ford is spot-on you know seeing you know what's going on in the European theater especially in Russia but also in Germany and trying to warn the Americans that they're going to do it here because this is world Zionism they have a globalist agenda and they're working with the Freemasons you know and the Freemasons haven't quite figured out that Hiram Abiff gets killed in act 3 in other words there's no place in the new world order for you know the white people but you know the white civilization wise Christianity has to be destroyed for the Jewish New World Order to come into play now in 1923 is when Richard one codon of clarity right span Europa which calls for the genocide of white European Western civilization by using immigration so that's known as the clergy plan so right in the middle this is when you know the clergy plan comes out you know oh and it's also 1921 where Huey Long takes the name of kingfish after a popular radio character from Amos and Andy of all places and takes on the motto of every man a king and subsequently every woman a clean so that was so key to his philosophy that you know every man a king every woman a queen and his character the King fish from the Amos and Andy that's a kind of mocking a freemason her because the king fish was this kind of a conman that was always trying to get Amos and Andy wrapped up in these get quick schemes and you know Amos and Andy were the simpleton blacks on the radio and that when they used to do them in blackface and then these blacking actors when they did television but originally it was white people acting as blacks but they would make fun of Freemasons and it was the master of the mystic Knights of the sea Lodge and King fish was the head of the lodge so that's where the name of the King fish comes from so again you know kind of making fun of the Freemasons which didn't go over well either in 1924 he runs for governor he loses but he made a very very good showing in the polls he definitely got everybody's attention in 1925 is when Adolf Hitler in Germany writes mine Kampf and when you see the books that Huey P long wrote you can tell that he was inspired by the same types of philosophies that the National Socialists were inspired by especially the mine cop work in 1926 is when father Charles Coughlin begins his radio broadcasting on wjr in Detroit Michigan so here you've got you know father Coughlin up here with Henry Ford basically saying the same thing and you've got Huey P long down in Louisiana saying the same thing you've got Mussolini and Italy saying the same thing and you've got Adolf Hitler in Germany saying the same thing and yet several of the people in you know the UK that we're saying the same thing but got shot and you know shouted down by the Jewish control and the Freemasons but you know people were talking about this model it was kind of like the next step of the great experiment we're actually going to make the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution work even better with this idea of the individual and the state working together in harmony or in unison which was the antithesis of the Marxist model of you know the state and the individual that you know there's a master/slave system versus a peer-to-peer system in 1928 Huey P long is elected governor and it was by the largest margin in state history and he ran on the platform of educational reform so he had basically ninety-two thousand and nine hundred forty one votes versus three thousand seven hundred and thirty three votes right as he assumes his governorship is when the Federal Reserve and the international bankers create what's known as the Great Depression where they're trying to destroy all the independent Gentile banks and buy them up for pennies on the dollar buy up all the real assets and so the Great Depression was a real big asymmetrical warfare if you will fourth generation power grab of resource and you know that was completely synthetic again mr. Mike King does some great work on what really happened with the depression and what you were told happened in the depression in 1930 uep long founds his own newspaper the Louisiana Progress now during his governorship from 1928 to 1930 – he really went in and cleaned house of God you know a lot of the Communists out of the government Louisiana got a lot of the career bureaucrats out got a lot of the corruption out mainly went after a lot of the powerful Jews in the government he got free textbooks for children in the state he started adult literacy programs and over a hundred thousand adults learned to read during his governorship he built roads bridges hospitals and schools he ran a national natural gas line to New Orleans which completely changed quality of life in New Orleans in 1929 he did a special legislation tax on oil this is when Cecil Morgan and Norman Bauer moved in to try to take him down and when you research this you see that they were basically working with both the Jewish banking system and Standard Oil to try to take him out and they tried everything to impeach him from blasphemy to abuse of power bribery charges but nothing they came up with would stick they just couldn't ever get evidence of malfeasance and wrongdoing but they just kept trying now in 1930 while governor Huey this long decides to run for US Senate now that was a bit unprecedented if you know your governor but you decide to throw in your hat for a US Senate race he wins and defeats the incumbent Joseph E Ransdell and it's a really weird history there where he's kind of doing both jobs rather than giving up either seat of power and this time period he built a bridge over the Mississippi River an airport in New Orleans he instigated a gasoline tax to fund projects he built the new Capitol building which was a modern sky scraper design and the new governor a mansion also built the Charity Hospital he expanded Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and established the LSU Medical School in New Orleans so just the building projects were on par with what was going on with the National Socialists and Germany because he's basically using an Americanized version of the same type of model then in 1932 Franklin D Roosevelt defeated Herbert Herbert Hoover in the presidential race now Franklin D Roosevelt was one of these people who sounded like he was saying the same thing as people like Huey P long people like a off Hitler people like father Coughlin but he was actually working with the globalist interest and the bankers and so that became evident real quick that his plans were more Marxist than social National Socialists so it was that two different types of socialism at play there and when Huey P long assumed his Senate race at first you know or his Senate seat at first light father Coughlin he was very supportive FDR went out you know campaign for FDR etc really was instrumental in getting FDR elected but the Communists in the country really went after man for example in 1935 headline from The Daily Worker which was a communist newspaper in New York City called Huey Long louisiana's Hitler is the sole lawmaker talking about his authoritarian practices in Louisiana comparing him to and of course this was the Communists in New York at the Daily Worker in 1933 is when international jury during the month of March Purim international jury declares war on Germany then that same year long released his autobiography every man a king and it's interesting to compare his autobiography with mine Kampf and see the similarities and the differences of how a German person is approaching this problem of international jewelry and how an American is approaching this problem and then in the FDR what they called the hundred days of spring of the New Deal in 1933 again Huey P long was a total supporter but in November FDR recognized the Soviet Union and that's when the split started to happen where people start at seeing FDR as working with the international communists Huey P long was very supportive of the glass-steagall Act of 1933 which separated basically investment banks from regular banks to help people protect their money and it was when the glass-steagall Act was destroyed that we saw the 2008 2007 financial crisis in the United States where basically you know millions of hardworking Americans lost everything that they had worked for their entire lives all their savings you know went up in the biggest Jewish ripoff of economic terrorism ever because glass-steagall had been repealed and they were able to swoop in and basically steal everything and then say oh wow you just lost it and there was no recourse so they will probably get out of history is one of the biggest thefts ever was you know getting around glass-steagall in 2007-2008 but you know glass-steagall went in place in 1933 and QEP long was a big supporter of that and he you know was an outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve FDR described him as one of the two most dangerous men in America the other two being General Douglas MacArthur now it was around this time that Huey P long started his share the wealth program to compete with FDR's New Deal ISM and that's when FDR started seeing that Huey P long was no longer an ally but now a political rival and Huey P long said that Karl that his share the wealth program was not from Karl Marx but from the Bible and from the Declaration of Independence and when asked if he was a communist he always said hell no so by the summer of 1935 shared the wealth clubs had over 7.5 million members nationwide he had over 25 million radio listeners and he received more than 60,000 letters per week supporting him which was far more than anything FDR ever got in 1935 he wrote my first days in the White House or his second autobiography but he didn't get it published before his death so that was one of those that was published after he was assassinated but basically he was laying out his presidential ambitions for the 1936 elections and he was looking at the support of father Charles Coughlin and also the Iowa agrarian farmers union president Mile Arena and so you can see the kind of support base that he was trying to set up versus FDR support base and then he went out on international speak or excuse me a national speaking tour at this time his adversary set up what they called the square deal Association and this was a anti Huey P long group there in Louisiana and it was made up of former governors John M Parker and roof and G Plaza and New Orleans mayor teeth Simms walmsley and they on January 25th 1935 showed up with 200 armed men and took over the courthouse in Baton Rouge and long had the governor send the National Guard out and there was gunplay but nobody was seriously hurt or killed but you can see how serious things were getting that you know you actually had militias on the street like you were seeing the Communists in Germany etc that you know they were trying to overthrow these governments by any means necessary and then in August 1935 long announced his bid officially for the US presidency one month later after he announced his bid for the United States presidency on September 8 1935 he was at the State Capitol and it was a special session to try to remap the election districts to unseat his political rival Judge Benjamin Henry Povey and this was called House bill one and judge Pahlavi was one of those people who had been in that seat forever had been an adversary and thorn in the side of Huey P long from day one had always sided with the Jewish banks and the Standard Oil folks etc and so like you see happening in modern politics he was trying to redraw the districts to remove his support base from being able to vote for him Judge Papi's son-in-law was dr. Carl Austin Weiss now you'll see that a lot of people say that it's disinformation that he was Jewish etcetera but everything I'm seeing is that Weiss was indeed Jewish he had ties to New York jewelry also he had studied with the Jews in Vienna before the National Socialists came to power and everything so Weiss was definitely a globalist he was definitely a Zionist and he showed up and shot Huey P long point-blank in the state capitol building Huey P long bodyguards immediately retaliated and opened fire and Weiss was killed instantly Huey P long died two days later in a hospital and there's a lot of speculation about what happened there because he was trying to get his surgeons in there's evidence that his surgeons were being delayed and one point he was making a recovery and then the next thing you know he was dead and so that's part of that white coat syndrome especially when you're dealing with Jewish doctors because part of the Talmud is that it's okay to let a goyim die by refusing to help them because then it's just God doing what he's supposed to do Huey P long last words when he died on Tuesday September 10th 1935 at 4:10 a.m. at the age of 42 was God don't let me die I have so much to do now hundreds of thousands of people are said to have attended funeral memorials and he was buried on the Capitol grounds there in Louisiana now what's interesting there was conversely thousands of people attended the funeral of dr. Carl Weiss standing in the pouring rain and it went on record as being the largest crowd of any assassin in US history and it reminded me of dr. Baruch Goldstein who on February 25th 1994 dr. Goldstein who was a New York Jew who went to Israel went into a mosque and Palestine and opened fire on the praying Muslims there killing 29 Palestinians and wounding another hundred and twenty-five and on his tombstone dr. Brock Goldstein's tombstone he said it is said he gave his life for the people of Israel its Torah and land and so with this dr. Carl Weiss person who assassinated Huey P long before he could challenge Franklin Eleanor Roosevelt and who would bring the United States into World War two against Germany and against the National Socialists and allow the Soviet Union to basically take over the majority of Europe all that was stopped with an assassin's bullet by dr. Carl Weiss so again that idea of Jews using assassination of their political rivals to achieve their ends by any means necessary and so I just wonder is the assassination of Huey P long yet another in a long line of Jewish assassinations against Gentiles to keep us from achieving what we are supposed to be achieving in Western civilization so with that said you've been listening to Blackbird nines Breakfast Club I'm your host Frederic C black but I'd like to thank you all for coming out this evening and I hope everyone has a wonderful week and a wonderful Thanksgiving and until next time I will see you all at the rendezvous [Laughter]

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