Episode 1: Arriving at Battersea | Behind the Scenes at Battersea

They’re tenacious
They’re inquisitive They know a good story when they smell one Britain’s most highly esteemed (and probably only) animal journalists They’re going behind the scenes of the
famous Battersea animal rescue charity for a whole month the average time it takes an animal here
to get rehomed armed with onboard cameras
they have exclusive access to explore every inch of Battersea’s centres seeing how the animals here get ready
for their new homes Arriving at reception for the first time they introduce themselves to Becky
part of Battersea London’s Intake team Becky tells them that the first stop at Battersea
is a full health check-up for all animals including animal reporters It turns out to be an exceptionally
thorough examination and was not negotiated in Misty’s contract Check-ups complete, Peanut is off to
report on the kennels catching the attention of her neighbours
Gizmo and Bonnie with her “purely journalistic”
investigation of the kennel blankets And the ever-committed Misty is interrogating
the softness of Battersea’s bedding Well, it seems to have passed the test Stay tuned for more reports from Britain’s
most highly esteemed animal journalists

5 thoughts on “Episode 1: Arriving at Battersea | Behind the Scenes at Battersea

  1. I have a question! What mix of breeds is Peanut? I have a staff cross who she looks similar too, and I'd be interested to know what he might be mixed with 🙂

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