Epic Easter Egg Hunt In Our Backyard For Little Live Pets Chicks Kids Toys

Hey, everyone! It’s Sandra from the Disney CarToys Channel,
and I’m here with Alex, Ava, and Baby Adam and Baby Adam is holding his own little Branch
Easter basket. Today, we’re going to do a Easter Egg Hunt,
and Ava, we’re going to get eggs for you and Adam. Yeah. Yeah, and whenever you guys want, you can
put an egg in his basket, and that’ll be super-sweet, ‘cause, I don’t know if he
can pick them all up on his own. Well, if he’s working with me, he could
pick one up. Yeah. Maybe you can get something cute for him,
but these are seriously like the best surprise eggs I’ve ever found, like the best toys,
so, whoo! Yay! Are we getting ready? Yeah. We gotta be nice. Yeah. Roll. Gotta be nice, and no crying. Hey, yeah! No crying! Okay. We just realized that Baby Adam like pulled
out tons of hair from Branch. Here. You can hold it, just don’t pull out all
his hair! Here, Ava. Let go. Let Adam hold it. And when Adam’s holding on to it, he’s. Yeah. He’s, he’s he’s balding. Uh-oh. Okay. So, are you guys ready? Yeah. Let’s do this. Let’s each grab five eggs, and then you
can open them up, and then we’ll give some to Baby Adam, and then we’ll get more. So, wait, wait. Start here. Starting line right here. Okay. Ready. Set. Go! Find eggs! Go, go, go, go! Go. Got more toys. Oh, wow! Four! You can open the door. Come on, Ava! Okay. Five. Okay, five. Ava, how many do you have? Two. You have…one. Two. Okay. Keep on going! Here, Adam, er, Alex, you can help him, too. Or, help her. Oh, yeah, wait. There’s a big one. Okay. One, two, three. And then, where else can you find some? Four. Good job, and then, one more. Here. Uh! Yay!! Two! Yes! Okay. So, let’s open up some eggs. So, Ava’s going to open one first. What toy one do you want to open? Maybe this one. Okay, the red one? Mash it! Uh! Oh, that’s cool! So, this is Thomas T…actually, wait, wait,
wait. Why don’t we….do you want to save this
for Alex, and maybe if he got something really cool? Hey, Alex? I want you to open one. Like, maybe you won’t want to trade, so. Yeah. Okay. Open one of yours. Oh, This. Oh, that’s cool. What if I got the Golden Kick? That’d be like super awesome. That’s like a limited edition, so how many
would know how many they made? So, these are the. A thousand. Okay. Here we go. These are the brand new little Live Pets. They’re really cool, ‘cause they hatch
out of the egg, and you can like have them hatch, and un-hatch over and over and over
again. Do you want to open yours too at the same
time? Yeah. Yeah, let’s do it. See here? It’s like tweet, tweet. Oh, it’s tweeting! Okay, let me see yours. Let me make sure we got. Mom! Look! Wait. What? Oh, you got the purple one! It’s cute! Huhuhuh! That’s really cute. Okay, let’s see what Alex got. Oop. Oh boy! It’s already hatching. Wait, wait. Did you get a blue one? Yes. That’s cool! I got triplet! That’s really cute. You can push their feet down, and put them
back in the egg, and they’ll hatch out, but they kind of hop around. Can I have the egg? And they’re super cute. Yeah, you can keep the egg. I think Baby Adam wants to look at it, too. Yeah. Aw, look at it. Go get it! Oh, there we go. Thanks for sharing. He’s happy with that. That’s cute. Okay. Um. Alex, which, where’s your eggs? Okay. Ooh. Whoa! Holy cash. Okay. Let me have this one. Let’s see. Oh, cool, buddy! It’s like a spiky one. So, squeeze it. That’s cool! Where did you get these? I don’t know, The Easter Bunny mailed it
to me. The Easter Bunny named Amazon. Okay, Ava. Do you want to open..I kind of want to see
what’s in here. Or, do you want to see. You see. Maybe we’ll see what it is. Okay. These are the brand-new Hallmark Itty-bittys,
and Hallmark actually mailed these to us, so, thank you, Hallmark. Aaaand…it could be any. It’s like a surprise egg. It could be any four of these Looney Tunes
characters, but we don’t know which one. I want Marvin The Martian, but which one do
you want, Ava? Who’s Marvin The Martian? He’s the alien with the black face and the
helmet. He’s really funny. Yeeaaah. Oh! Which one? Oh, Bugs Bunny! That’s cute! That’s actually perfect for Easter. And my bird just hatched. Hop, hop, hop. Oh! Your bird hatched again? Yeah. Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop,
hop. Okay. Okay, Alex? Yeah. So, he has Branch Trolls. I actually got two of these. If you want, you can open up both of them. Hey! I have two, too! You do? Yeah. No way! Okay, so here’s this. Branch is famous! Yeah, oh, and let’s see what you got. Oh, so you got the Branch and Poppy Candy. That’s cool, and you can open up the other
one, ‘cause some of them are just.(Bamm!) Ava! What are we doing? Can you open this one for me? Huhuhuh. Yeah. Okay. Oh!! This one, you got all the ones for Alex, all
Alex toys. Uh! Robin? Yeah. That’s cool. It kind of looks like the Lego Robin, too. Here you go, and you got two candies? Yeah. Of course, it’s the Lego Robin. That’s so cool, and then we have the Guy
Diamond Egg. These are Ava’s. Okay, and uh! Ooh! Jellybeans! These are really, really, good jellybeans. Do you want to eat some? Yeah. And you can eat some candy. Yeah, those jellybeans are like, they’re
the Branch’s jellybeans. They’re really good. Okay. We’re getting it, and, oh! More jellybeans! Cool. Okay, so you guys can save these for later. Okay. Is that all of our eggs? And then, here, Alex. You can open up this blind bag. Oh! Thank you. Yeah, you’re welcome. You can read all, eh! Here you go. Aaaaand it’s a piece of paper! Boy, that’s not exciting! Huhuhuh. Worst Easter, ever! Huhuh. Oh! Here we go. Oh! This is cool. This, oh, it’s Percy, but he’s got a lot
of bandages on him. I think he’s like the coolest one I’ve
ever seen, besides the Super Hero ones. Yeah. That’s cool. Well, we’ve got a lot of junk here, but
there’s more eggs. Yeah. So, go out, and each find four. Here, Ava. Here’s your basket. Ready, set, go! Go, go, go, go! I can’t. Huh. Huh. Ow, ow, ow! Huhuh. Your little arm’s stuck. Okay. That’s fun. Geez, it’s like the monkey’s hand in the
cookie jar. Oka. So, one. Go get your basket. Two. Two. There’s a big purple one in that cube. Go, go! Go to the cube! Ah! There we go. Two. Go again! There we go. How many do you have? How many do you have? One, two, three. I see another one by the trampoline. Oh, yeah. Oh, there we go. Awesome! Okay. How many do you have, Alex? Four. Four. Okay. Sweet! Here. We can just open it here if you want. Okay. Okay. So. What is this? What?? No way! Is that So Cutel? Hulk. Ultron. No way! You guys both got really cool prizes! Yeah. That’s cool. Little Poppy Itty-bittys. These are from Hallmark. Oh, and then, hey! Alex! You got like real goodies! So, you got Hulk and then, Ultron. And then, I got this. That’s cool. And then? These magballs are great! Yeah. Hey! I’m okay. You can naturally. I, I got two of the Bugs Bunny…the ones
that. Oh, wait. Can you have one? Yeah. You guys can share it. Because. Yeah, you know. Okay. So, Alex is going to open up his Mag Ball,
and I’ll open up these. Oh! Which one is this? I don’t know! Okay. So, these are the awesome Looney Tunes ones. Oh! Marvin The Martian! Look at what I wanted! Yeah! Is this so cool? Oh, thank you. Is this for me? Yeah. Yay! He was always my favorite, and like Dad’s
favorite, too. And family favorite? Yeah. Everybody loves a Martian. Uh! Thank you. And then, ooh! What in the. You got like a weird one. Ew!! Can we see what it is? Yeah. That’s this one right here. Um, Slom, Slobulus. Slobulus. At least I got my own bouncy ball! Yeah! That’s cool! And then, let’s see, ugh, what’s in this
one. Okay, and oh! Hey! We’ve got like one of each so far! Yeah. Daffy Duck! That’s cool! Let’s look at him! He’s cute! Here. Actually, do you want to give it to Baby Adam? Okay. He loves ducks! Yeah. Here you go. Now, they’re opening their Troll candy eggs. Oh!! I think, Ava, I think the blue ones have the
like multi-colored candy, and then the yellow one is jellybeans. Here. Do you want me to try it? Oh, you’re close. Let’s see. Oop! Oh! What did you get? Is that what you think? Oh, yeah! See? She got the multi-colored ones. It’s happening. Oh, there we go! Jellybeans! Yeah! So, those are really good. Awesome! Now. You take a bite of these! Yeah, you want to…..Oh, so I think it’s
just broke at the factory. Those are good! So, the last one is free for all. Ava gets a head start towards her basket,
take it, and now, Alex can go. Go, go, go! Oh. Wait. Alex! Okay. Wait, wait! There’s some more here! That one. Mommy! Where is mine? Huhuh. You’re supposed to grab’ em. Oh! There we go. Okay. Let’s see. Keep on looking for other ones. Those might be the last ones. Did you find? Poppy, Poppy! I can pick. Oh! You have the pink Poppy one! Cute. Okay. Let’s open up our stuff. So, Ava got another Trolls egg, and then Alex
is nice enough give Ava one of his prizes. So, let’s see. Oh! You got a just green and blue candy. Are you going to put that in your pocket? And then, Whisker Haven Pop and Stick Mini-Pets. That’s cute. Mom, I got. Pumpkin and Dreamy, and then, what did you
get, Buddy? Oh! Jungle in My Pocket! Cool! Oh. Aah! Hahah. Baby chicks flying! Where’s Baby chick flight? What did you get? Oh, it might be a lemur. I think you got a lemur. That’s cool. Let us see. So these are pretty cool, ‘cause they got
like a little suction cup, and you can put’em right here and they, ah! Pumpkin! And the stick on, and they make like little
popping sounds, too. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. And this is our last toy, right? Yeah. Is it? Okay. There we go. So, let’s see. This may be the new cold pick ultra-rare. Something. Be our guest, be our guest! What don’t we get special. Yeah. We’re singing. Okay. Here you go, buddy. And, it’s salamander. What did you get? Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty kitty? It’s cute! Well, kitties do like to sleep a lot. And then, oh, what’s that? And. Awake kitty. Skippyjon Jones. Skippyjon Jons. That’s cute. Skippyjon Jones. From the book. Oh, yeah. That one. Well, I hope everybody enjoyed this video. I think Baby Adam did. He got some really awesome toys. So, um, please remember to give us a like. subscribe to the Disney CarToys Channel, and
in the comments, let us know what your favorite prize was today.

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