ePestSolutions: Suspend SC Deltamethrin Pest Control

Hi, I am Jeff for ePest Solutions. Today we are talking about Bayer’s Suspend
SC. This is a concentrated insecticide. It is very easy to use, it has a squeeze measuring
cup. You just want to poke the seal, put your lid
back on, shake it up really well, squeeze it, it is going to come up the straw and fill
up the measuring cup here. It has seen different measurements on it. For clean-outs or heavy infestations you’re
going to want to use the product full strength – that is going to be one and a half ounces
to a gallon of water. So if you use the entire bottle full strength,
this is going to yield 10 gallons. If you use this at the maintenance level,
which would be just to provide regular treatment for a structure that you have been treating,
it’s going to be three quarters of an ounce, that’s going to make 20 gallons. This is a product that is going to be great
for spiders, it is great for bed bugs, it is also a fantastic broadcast product for
fleas, so you broadcast the carpet with this. but roaches, there are a number of insects
that this is going to be fantastic for, but a lot of pest control operators, myself included,
use this as a regular product around people’s homes. So order today, we always have in stock, it
will get shipped to you; free shipping. Order later on tonight, it will go out first
thing tomorrow.

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