ePestSolutions: PyGanic Pro Pyrethrin 5% MGK Do It Yourself Pest Control

Hi, I am Jeff with ePest Solutions. Today we are talking about PyGanic Pro – this
is a product that is 5% pyrethrin, this is a natural botanical insecticide derived from
chrysanthemums. It is labelled for indoor and outdoor uses,
it can be used in barns, dairies, and poultry houses; this can also be used in a food handling
plant. And it is a non-residual insecticide, so being
that it comes from a plant, it doesn’t have any other additives, it’s just pyrethrin,
you can use this in a green or organic program. But this is what you would want to use if
you are looking for something that has a very quick knock down and it doesn’t leave any
kind of residual or chemical build-up; it breaks down relatively quickly. But we always have this in stock, order today
and we will ship it to you today – free shipping. Order later on tonight; it will go out first
thing tomorrow.

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