ePestSolutions: EcoExempt and EcoPCO Pest Control Aerosols

Hi, I am Jeff with ePest Solutions. Today we are going to talk about EcoSmart’s
family of aerosols. This is the EcoExempt Jet, and this is the
EcoExempt KO. These are products that are exempt from classification. They don’t require a warning label, and these
are products that are completely green; they go with any green programs. If you are looking something that doesn’t
have any kind of man-made chemical, this is totally green. The EcoXempt Jet is going to be the wasp and
hornet killer, this is a contact insecticide. Now on this side we have the EcoPCO products. These have some green ingredients in them,
but they also have some man-made synergies. The EcoPCO ARX has got a green residual, but
it is synergized. This is the EcoPCO JetX, this is also going
to be a synergized wasp and hornet killer. And the EcoPCO ACU is a contact insecticide. So these do require classification but they
are still very low impact products. These require no classification at all. So we always have all these in stock.

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