Ep 11. CRUSOE & THE MAGIC LAMP – If Your Dog Had 3 Wishes, What Would They Be?!

finally geez wha-hoo what are you I'm a weenie Judy Wow and I can grant you three wishes but let me first say you should think very carefully not the best first choice but anyway before your next wish think carefully wishes are powerful you could wish for things that would change the world like world peace or stopping climate change or giving me my freedom hmm oh I got it a roast chicken dinner why do I always get the dimwit clients I'm stuffed I should probably head home could you call me an uber you seriously want an uber as your last wish yeah it's almost 5:00 I don't want to miss dinner we don't get over out here in the desert but I'll call you up a Nana Boober someone called a banana Boober hold on here's a bottle of banana smoothie back there if you're thirsty I'm good thanks here we are if you enjoyed my service today please consider leaving me a 5 banana review there you are where have you guys been nowhere hurry up dinner's almost ready you

38 thoughts on “Ep 11. CRUSOE & THE MAGIC LAMP – If Your Dog Had 3 Wishes, What Would They Be?!

  1. ?????????Ahhh,This is one of Your BEST(well all your videos rock,but this was So funny& cute!!!!✌?????)?????????✌????????????✌Pawsome !!!!??

  2. For jack to have the street to his self, ancles to bite and stuff to bark at

    Sam it would be to have an huge back yard, to feel young about 4 years oldish, and he’d prob wish the genie freee. Now course there’s me I’d have diff wishes

    Mine would be to have long hair to back,2. My left leg healed and to be skinny

  3. There is not enough bananas! Why do trolls have to give thumbs down for very good creative and cute videos like this one???? Go away trolls!!!! Love you Crusoe and Oakley!????

  4. Climate change ? Can we not go there ? I come here to escape politically charged topics. Other than that,,, very cute ! Better when the didn't talk imo.

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