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hey everybody rob from karma comic chameleon coming at you with another entitled parent story entitled family attempts to dog nap my sister's service dog let's jump right in so this is the second of my three encounters with entitled parents that relate to my little sister service dog sorry it took so long to get out Mori issues with my mom have arisen lately and I am a single potato caring for to needy tater tots I do have two other stories the first that explains how I came into custody of my beautiful little sisters after my parents were allowing the elder of the two to be physically mentally and sexually abused for six years and the other a brief encounter with an entitled parents who didn't believe my sister needs a service dog because she has mental illnesses I'm also far from the best storyteller as well as writing in general so bear with me it's also a long story I'll be using the same false names for my sisters that I've used for all my other stories Amy who is 17 Liza who is 8 I'm their older brother and I'm 29 and this all takes place in Australia now as briefly mentioned in my other entitled mother story I do my best to get a me outside for at least an hour a day and this normally involves taking her service dog for a leisure walk as a family which she enjoys and is accustomed to at this point on this particular day a new playground had just opened up nearby so I thought it might be fun to take my girls somewhere different and as Amy likes to play fetch with lickety-split her service dog whom is a cross between a purebred German Shepherd and a mutt mixture of several different breeds this one specifically bred with calmer easy to Train temperaments I made sure to look into the rules regarding off-lead dogs as a service dog she's allowed pretty much everywhere if she has a lead and vest on and isn't disturbing the peace there was a nearby field where off-lead dogs were permitted but the area around the playground only allows on lead dogs which is normal for my area so armed with doggy doo-doo bags sunscreen water and Lickety splits vest and lead we drive down to the new park new areas do make Amy anxious so we walk around a bit too forget an understanding of where everything is and during this time lickity-split has her vest hand lead on dutifully walking at Amy's pace like the best dog oh she is as there are quite a few little kids around and we don't want them distracting her but most seem to understand what lickety-split vest means however one kid in particular whom will dub leg little entitled girl does approach and ask to play with lickety-split amy has selective mutism she can't talk in certain most situations I take the duty to explain that lickety-split is working right now and can't be distracted but I point to the field and say we might be playing there later if amy feels up to it she normally doesn't mind other people throwing the ball as long as they don't actually touch lickety-split or her little entitled girl Huff's and says that dogs are for playing not working I asked her if she's ever seen police dogs on TV or anything to which she hesitantly replies yes and I explained that those are a different type of working dog lickety-split job is to take care of my sister because she gets frightened very easy and her dog makes sure she doesn't get hurt if she gets scared the little entitled girl then turns to Amy who is getting a bit fidgety and keeps tugging on my shirt her silent signal that she wants to move away from this while lickity-split is in her alert stance when she has a feeling something around could trigger a me or cause her harm the little entitled girl then throws her arms up and shouts boo which of course causes her to jump and hide behind me starting to cry Amy even to this day is very timid and doesn't cope well in strange environments with loud noises and sudden movements but towards her the little entitled girl starts laughing and calling Amy retarded Liza who is very protective of her big sister then pushes the girl and scold her for being mean and I decide that we've all had enough of this girl and hurry my sisters along so we can find somewhere for Amy to calm down in peace we find an area out of sight from the little entitled girl and I sit Amy down on a bench in the shade where I can work towards calming her down before deciding if we should just go home thankfully she wasn't too bad as far anxiety attacks go just breathing heavily hot and she was crying quietly I asked her if she wanted to go home but she declined and asked we just stay away from little entitled girl because Liza still wanted to play in the playground and said she didn't want lickity-split off her lead I'm hesitant but agree knowing that because amy is trying to overcome her anxiety she does sometimes want to push herself out of her comfort zone and I would just have to keep a close eye on her and make sure she isn't pushing herself too far the next little while is quiet Liza playing in the background while Amy and I sit in the shade with lickity-split laying beneath the bench and Amy reading a book as you'd expect more kids came to ask to give pats to our dog but I politely turned them away with no issues no little entitled girl or so I thought little entitled girl comes running up to Amy and meet with her mother in tow jabbering her finger at me while blabbering about animal abuse now most my attention was on my sister rather than what this lady was saying so the conversation isn't exactly word for word this also took place months ago the mother looked me up and down as if I had no business being in the area my suburb is the next one over and considered slightly higher class asks if lickety split is my dog I explained how lickety split is in my name but she is registered as Amy service dog in Australia if you are a hunter 18 parents or guardians are considered the owner of dogs even if a registered service dog is serving a minor when she turns 18 Lickety splits ownership will be transferred to Amy the parent gave me a look as if I hit her child she then snarls at me something along the lines of how dare you make an innocent animal work and brainwash it into being able to do nothing more than follow your demand I just shrug and tell her that she's entitled to that opinion and ask her to leave as she was upsetting Amy she then demands I hand the dog over to her as a dog as spectacular-looking as mine should not be forced into slavery I give a simple nope and wave her off she leaves surprisingly with her daughter complaining about how she wants a dog that is well-behaved enough to sit like lickety-split is a about half an hour passes and we were packing up to leave Amy quietly asks if we can throw the ball just a little for lickety-split because she doesn't feel it's fair for her dog to miss out on the fun so we head back to the field remove Lickety splits lead and vest after checking little entitled girl or her mother weren't around side note her dog tags also say that she is a service dog as well as have my name address and phone number on them and this will be important later and we begin a small session of fetch with lickety-split taking turns throwing the ball as we usually do now the park is set up so the field is right next to the carpark with a row of bushes separating the two and the area we were standing in had a few trees shading some picnic tables as Liza is taking her turn to throw the ball it hits a tree and bounces through the bushes lickity chases after it and I tell my sisters to stay put while I follow just to make sure she doesn't end up on the road despite Liza's throw not being too hard lickity-split wasn't directly behind the bushes like I thought she'd be in fact I couldn't immediately find her after passing the bushes I looked around for a moment before hearing Lickety splits distressed barking and bolt into the carpark finding a family of five attempting to wrestle lickety-split into the back of their car the family including little entitled girl her mother father a boy most likely middle child and an older girl appeared to be the oldest the father was holding lickety-split jaw shut while the children were attempting to move her into the trunk of the car my dog was not making easy for them and since the mother seemed to refuse to get close and the father was fighting to keep her head under control they were struggling quite a bit I yelled at them to let lickity-split go and several things happen in quick succession the entitled father lost his grip on Lickety splits head while the two girls jumped back leaving the brother holding her hind legs off the ground lickety-split barked several times before the entitled father again tried to hold her muzzle which she responded to by biting his arm and flinging herself at the boy snapping at him until she managed to land a bite on his ankle and bolt to my side I grabbed her collar and yelled several obscenities at the family for attempting to steal my dog at this time a security man arrived explaining how someone had reported an incident and asking what was going on at this time Amy and Liza had also come looking for me most likely hearing the barking and yelling as well as just wondering why I was taking so long Amy was on the brink of a panic attack and lickety strained against my grip to get to Amy so I let her go telling Amy and Liza to quickly put her vest and lead back on the father is now yelling at the security man at how they found what they had assumed was an abandoned dog that they were planning on taking to a shelter to adopt the poor thing when I appeared and beat the dog until she was so scared it bit him and his son and he now demanded the dog be put down immediately the security man looks over at lickety-split who was taking a defensive stance in front of my sisters and snarling at the family before looking at me and asking what my side of what happened was thinking this could take a while I asked him to hold on a moment while I moved my sisters and lickety-split off of the road and into the shade amy is having a panic attack at the prospect of her dog being put down and sobbing for me to protect her dog at this point I just wanted to get her home where it was much easier calming her down so I turned back to the security man and the family and explained the mist thrown ball how I'd come to make sure my dog didn't end up in the road and how I found the family attempting to steal my sister's service dog when the entitled mother interrupted screeching howl that's proof he abuses the dog no dog should be made to work the security man then pauses before he states his grandma has a guide dog because she's going blind pause from the family security man turns to the kids and asks if they were trying to move the dog in the car the older girl confirms this security man then asks if they waited to see if anyone claimed the dog the girl shook her head and the entitled mother then claimed the dog had no tags I point out Lickety splits beautiful handmade bright purple and blue collar stating it has my phone number and address on it before asking security man if I could take my sister's home I didn't even care about pressing charges for the attempted dog napping I just wanted to get Amy home and as she was really struggling to calm down thankfully security man understood took my details and explained this would most likely go to the police as my dog had bitten two people I wasn't too worried about this as my state's law says that if a dog bites or attacks someone it would be put down unless it was provoked to do so he would make sure to save all security footage as evidence as he could clearly see I cared for my dog and family he let me go but warned me that lickety-split must be kept in my name and her residents can't change or it would have worse legal repercussions I assured him we weren't going anywhere before uttering my sister's to my car to get home I left the car park and drove to another at a sports field closeby before trying to calm Amy down going through our normal method of grounding her before giving cuddles and talking her down from her panic attack she's still shaky when I pulled away but I wanted to get her home where she could lie down and relax so she just cuddled the toy she had brought and her dog the whole way home while crying softly Amy normally sits in the back seat with lickity-split and Liza no matter where we are going we ended up ordering from a restaurant Amy's favorite for dinner and watching a movie together snuggled up on the pull-out lounge the girls both fell asleep there and I let them be this was before amy was back in school but I gave the next off from her tutoring and worked from home since she was still upset the police did get in contact with me about lickety-split biting two people but confirmed they had seen the security footage and agreed that the situation had provoked lickety-split to do so there was also a whole court procedure where the family was adamant the attack was unprovoked and they were just trying to help what they thought was a stray dog but one of the cameras had caught a very clear display of lickety-split color which has my phone number not to mention entitled mother and little entitled girl had seen me and my sister twice that day which cameras had also caught the parents were fined and given community service and since I just wanted it to be over I didn't press further but we haven't been back to that Park since I'm still stuck on where that entitled parent said that that dog was in for a life of slavery that dog sure has to work a little bit but I'm sure it has lots of time out of its vest and can play around and enjoy life just like other dogs do that dogs providing a meaningful service and I think it has more purpose to its life than some people I know I'd like to take a moment to thank our channel members for supporting the channel Carol mellow died GB 1791 Neil Beresford math cowboy Canadian Jen and Casey B I appreciate all of you you can become a channel member as well by clicking the join button down below getting a special icon beside your name in the comments and some custom emotes once again this is Rob from karma karma chameleon I want to thank you for watching if you liked what you saw remember to hit the subscribe button like and share the video with your friends also make sure you follow the link in the description to give the original authors of these stories an upvote on reddit itself

23 thoughts on “Entitled Family Tries to DOG-NAP My Sister's Service Dog! | r/EntitledParents | #111

  1. Entitled parent floor should be replace with lego with spikes and their kids should not graduate at all and i hope they become homeless

  2. My Friends brother also Has a Service dog, the dog is very playful ä, and as soon we leave their house/garden He gets very protective

  3. From personal experience, I've found that casual remarks about using terminal force tend to work quite well on entitled parents. Who would have thought that sounding like a psychopath can scare idiots away.

  4. First, I love how he talks about his sisters as "my girls", and second; if an animal doesn't want to work, you can't force him. But dogs want to work, they want a family where they know what their task and place is. We rescued an 8 year old dog who hadn't had any guidance for over 5 years. We took her in and within no time, with the help from our other dog she was my luitenant; if I gave an order to a pack of neighborhood dogs, she made damn sure every dog listened. Dutch Shepard btw.

  5. Must have been a park in Victoria… Try a stunt like that in my state of Queensland and the Entitled Family would be having a hearing from their hospital beds!

  6. What is wrong with these stupid people who think that a service dog is animal abuse. I am sure these idiots would not approach a police officer and tell him he was abusing his police dog. Also what about sheep dogs I suppose these idiot people would also claim sheep dogs are abused.

  7. I would have 100% knocked at least one of them out, because at that moment all you would feel is rage and adrenaline, which the other family would probably not have going for them

  8. I would have beaten the entire family if they did it to mine. I’m only a teen but I would attempt to inflict as much damage I can.

  9. Screw that entitled family. Throw the book at the mother, father as well as anyone else of their family who laid hands on the dog. After they got first aid treatment. Also, take the dog to the vet immediately after for a check up and charge the entitled family not only for that but Amy's E.R. visit as well.

  10. Op is a more merciful man than I. Especially since I'm high functioning autistic with an incredibly short fuse when it comes to those who harm animals. I would've pressed charges and use anything and everything I could to stack as much fuckery as I could upon them. Teach those damn brats that's there's a little something called consequence.

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