Enjoying Some Rat Kisses | Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

NARRATOR: Doctor T to Cookie, the smallest member
of Gary and Lisa’s family. Let’s talk about your rat– I don’t have to
yell at you, sorry. Let’s look at your
little friend here. So this is your precious. Cookie just turned a year old. I’ve had her since she
about six weeks old. Saw her in the pet
store, held her, knew she was great immediately. Love at first sight. Love at first sight, yes. Oh, she’s cute. She looks like a
little wild rat. – Yes.
– Is she? No. Oh gosh, no. You can ask her for a kiss. If hold her close to your
mouth, she’ll give you kisses. You say kisses. Oh, she’s like, I
don’t know you yet. Another day, we’ll get kisses. So I heard she had a seizure
a couple of days ago? Two nights ago. I was just getting ready
to go to put them to bed. Gave them their yogurt treats. And I saw that she was ticcing,
and foaming at the mouth. I just threw on clothes and
ran to my nearest emergency. What’d they say? Idiopathic. Gave her, I think it was
0.5 milligrams of Valium. Oh, good. And, you know, she slept
and stopped the seizuring. We like the Valium, yeah. And she was acting a
little weird yesterday. Wouldn’t go up the ramps, up
the other levels of her cage. That’s her cage. You have a mansion. Yes, you do. So, their palace. But I got that the same
day she had the seizure. Oh, that’s not your fault. And she also got
into my cup of beer. Oh, still. A little. So I didn’t know if
that had anything to do with messing with her brain. Man, the rats in New
York, they probably drink six packs a week, so– I just wanted her to
get a quick look over. She’s gorgeous. She’s in great body condition. I don’t feel any kind of
lumps on her anywhere. Her hair color is
absolutely stunning. So I’ll give you
two cents on what I think could be happening. First, idiopathic,
like they said. Idiopathic just
means, I don’t know. Right, who knows– And who knows if
it’ll happen again. But, I do have some bad
things that could happen in a rat that would cause that. So it’s a tumor in their brain. It’s called a pituitary adenoma. And she’s a little young. She’s only a year old. So it wouldn’t be the
first thing I’d jump to. If she has another seizure,
I want you to let me know. And then at that time we
should do some blood work. And then, make
sure that’s normal and then try her on medication. Well, hopefully, that
was a one time situation. Yes. And it will go away
and she’ll be fine. Hopefully.
– Yes. So after talking
with the owner, she would like to take a
more conservative approach and monitor Cookie at home. But she absolutely is gorgeous
and healthy otherwise. Watch this. Kisses. Kiss. I can see she’s took
some of your lipstick.

31 thoughts on “Enjoying Some Rat Kisses | Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

  1. I had a rat who had seizure problems, she would have a seizure attack once in a week. Hopefully we treated her with seizure medecine for children everyday and it worked pretty well !

  2. Cookie is so precious! I don't see many fancy rats with full brown coats like that in pet stores around here. Most of them are hooded or hairless. I hope she's doing alright.

  3. I had a girl named Hanna, my favorite rat, she was the sweetest rat I ever had and the last one I owned due to it being so hard to loose her, who looked just like this rat(AKA Agouti) who had seizures for the last year of her life, she would seize and then go into a blind rage and attack anything in her way including me. She sadly had to live alone because she tore apart one of my rats during one of her first episodes and the rat she attacked ended up in the emergency with major injuries and broken toes. There was no medicine that helped and but fortunately, her seizures were not often, once or twice a month at most.

  4. Aww. Rats are so intelligent and can be such kind pets. It's so sad to think that thousands upon thousands are tested on for the sake of makeup and other human products. 🙁

  5. Um lipstick has stuff in it that isn't OK for rats. And I was told by a vet not to let my rat kiss my lips because WE can pass diseases like herpies, the mouth kind, I mean and regular colds and everything else humans can get to our rats

  6. This lady needs another rat, I don't care for people that say they love their pets, but then don't take proper care for them

  7. that sunds like the rat was choking on food. the foam at the mouth is the saliva they spit up to help get the food out

  8. Cookie? Awww, I had a rat named Cookie. I took him to the vet because he was lethargic. The vet gave me liquid antibiotics. But he was so bad off that he wouldn't even swallow it; it just dribbled out of his mouth. He died the next day. I bawled like a baby, mostly because I felt so guilty that I hadn't noticed sooner that he wasn't well.

  9. The vet acts like a giddy clueless city girl at the petting zoo and the SLAMS you with knowledge.

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