[ENG/CC] Kim Yongguk – Cat Butler’s Brag EP. 8 BEHIND

[Cat Butler’s Brag BEHIND]
[Tolby & Rcy Difference 2] (“My way” Rcy) (Hyung-baragi Tolby)
[t/n : which means only look at hyung/hyung-fool]

11 thoughts on “[ENG/CC] Kim Yongguk – Cat Butler’s Brag EP. 8 BEHIND

  1. Thank u so much for taking your time to sub all the episodes and behind the scenes of housekeeper’s brag!!! i really appreciate your hard work!!! thank u!!!! ??

  2. I think simple that Rcy dont like Yongguk. Even TaeHyun did Rcy's uncomfortable face, that means Rcy did not get well with JBJ and the dorm.
    I dont know did anyone of you have a cat, but I did pet a lot of cats, and really, some cats are not get well with me. Our personality are not suitable for other. Just that. So I give them to another one, who can care and love them more than me. It is ok. And if anyone wonder, I am having a cat for 7 years, so I am not just a person who pet cat as an entertainment.
    Btw, you can see Tolby is friendly with Yongguk (and almost everyone else) than Rcy. So I think it is not because of Yongguk behaviour that Rcy dont like him. Tolby like him. It is just feeling.

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