Endura Flap, Hale, PetSafe & Ideal Freezer Comparison Test

We actually placed some pet doors in the
freezer overnight. We then pulled them out of the freezer to compare how they
stood up to the non-frozen version. The Ideal Pet Door here you can see actually
shrunk quite a bit, so that it cannot pull up that bottom magnet anymore. So
you’ll see there’s a gap. And this freezer only goes down to five degrees
Fahrenheit. The PetSafe door here you’ll see is stiffer like the Ideal Door, but
not quite as shrunk, though it will shrink more over the sides. You can’t
really tell, but it did gap just a little bit on the sides. Over time these gaps
will be bigger, and of course as it gets colder it will be more significant. The
Hale Pet Door performed a lot better than the other two.
It did stiffen quite a bit, but it actually remains sealed a little bit
better due to that stiffness. The fuzzy weather stripping on the sides enables
it to remain sealed. The Endura flap you’ll see here didn’t really change at
all. It’s still sealed just the same and it also remained sealed on the sides due
to the magnets. So you don’t get any gapping at the
sides or at the bottom, even though they were in the freezer together. The
material that the Endura flap is made out of actually remains flexible in the
cold much better than vinyl. You don’t lose
any of that sealing capability due to the bellow design.

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