Emmerdale fans split over who attacked Maya – with some unlikely suspects

Emmerdale fans learned that my stephannie Lucia client had been attacked tonight the groomer had pleaded guilty to sending text messages to Jacob Joe Warren plant but to nothing else and after David Matthew openden disappeared many the village pointed the finger at him but fans at home aren't convinced at all when David returned to the shop he wasn't bothered when he learned Maya had been attacked but viewers reckon David being the culprit is too obvious with one saying don't believe for one second that David would attack Amaya while another was suspicious tweeting Maya being beaten I got from David however other fans suspected some other villagers namely Erik Pollard they have Dingle and even Jacob himself one tweeted bet it was Eric he was doing his hip stretches so he was ready to go kick Meyers head in another said my money is on faith attacking Maya she's probably thinking it's for Eric while a third guest wonder if Jacob attacked Maya because he was angry at her saying she didn't love him next week David goes to visit Maya in hospital and the two exchange some heated words but police arrive and escort David out of her hospital room with everything released by Jacob the team turns everyone back home something about David which sees them turn their backs on him and the struggling shopkeeper then does something very drastic Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00 p.m. on ITV let's block ads why

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