Emily Ratajkowski Debuts the Cutest Puppy Alive on The Tonight Show

-So I kind of cheated.
I brought the puppy. -Oh, no, you didn't cheat
at all. -'Cause it's really all
I want to talk about. It's become my whole life.
-You're not cheating at all. Now what —
-Say hi, you're doing so good. [ Audience "aw"s ]
He's doing so good! -Now, what is this little
puppy's name? -His name is Columbo.
-Hi, Columbo. -He's a total mutt.
But you can see from his paws he's going to be
a very big boy. -Oh, he is.
-So I think one day I might have to bring him
back and — you know, when he's
a full grown man. Say hi. Oh!
[ Audience "aw"s ] That's a big deal. -I got a kiss from Columbo. Oh, my God.
-Oh, my God. -What a good dog.
What a — Ooh, he's a good — -Wow, I'm so glad he didn't
do something else. [ Laughter ] -No, he's such a good
little flirt. -Yeah, he's really good.
-Do people freak out when you carry him around?
-People — I — It's changed my life. My whole perception of New York
is different because people are
coming up to me and they're like,
"Hi, can I get a picture?" And I'm like, "Yeah, sure." And then they're like,
"Of your dog. [ Laughter ]
"Obviously. Like, of course." -Getting over you.
-Yeah. So, I've been loving it.
I feel like — -Have you been wanting
a dog for a while? -Yeah. And I guess, like,
it felt like a big step. You know, I wanted to take care
of this little boy. And it's been absolutely a joy. I sing to him…
-You do? -All the time. My favorite track is Beyoncé's
"Baby Boy." ♪ You stay on my mind ♪ When he gets on the floor, when
he's on his back, it's "Maniac." Basically a whole playlist.
[ Laughter ] -How old is he now?
-He's nine weeks. -Nine weeks old.
-Yeah. -He's a baby puppy.
-He's doing so good. He's not even nervous.
-And he's going to grow up to be how big, do you think? -60 pounds.
-Oh, wow. -Yeah.
-Columbo, you got to come back on the show when you're —
-Yeah. What do you think? -Yeah. You even know your name,
don't you? -I mean, I'm — we're trying. Potty training,
the whole thing. -Look at this,
are you kidding me? -I know.
-Can you get cuter than this? -It's really — it's just
kind of — oh, my God. [ Laughter ]
-He's that cute. Oh, my gosh. -Oh, I love it. -Emily, last time I saw you
was at the Met Gala. -Yes.
-I just want to quickly say, you were stunning that night.
-Oh, thanks, Jimmy. -As you always are.
-Thank you. -But man, oh, man.
I mean, that's like — it's a big deal when you go
to that show and everyone's decked
to the nines. -Yeah.
-But you were just — I mean — -Well, I have to tell you
I really actually — I really appreciated you
coming up to me and letting me know
that you loved my look. Because, you know, you get ready
for these things, you have, like, two minutes to look
in the mirror. And then you came to me
and were so genuinely excited and were like,
"You really nailed it." And I, like, took that with me
and walked through the rest of the night like that.
-Oh, really? -So thanks.
-Oh, please, pal. -Yeah.
-Are you kidding me? You couldn't see
all the people behind you after you passed them. Everyone was like —
[ Gasping ] "Oh, my God.
She's stunning." -It's nerve-wracking.
-It is. -You walk into this amazing
museum. And there's this big
wall of flowers. And then there's like, every
celebrity you've ever dreamed of meeting, or not meeting. -Yeah, you see everybody. -No, but, and everyone
looks amazing. And you're just kind of like,
"I really hope I belong here, honestly, so…"
-You beyond belong there. But I mean — and everything's
going great. -Yes.
-Your swimwear line — -Yes.
-Is now also doing lingerie. -Yes, and ready-to-wear. -The name of your line
is — remind me. -Inamorata.
-Inamorata. -Yeah, and actually,
the last time we were here, we talked about Cher.
-You did. -Because Cher is such a huge
influence for the line. But obviously, she was the whole
inspiration for my Met look. -But she showed up
at the Met Gala. -Are you okay? Yes.
-Did you know that? -Okay, so there were people
talking about it. And I was like, "If she shows
up, I'm really in luck. This will be a good night
for me, and camp and the whole theme,"
and she was amazing. She's 70 years old.
-She was unbelievably amazing. -I was — yeah, I really
enjoyed her performance. It was great.
-She was phenomenal. -Yeah.
-Let's talk about your acting side of your…
-Yeah. -…all of your work
that you're doing. "Lying and Stealing."
-Dog owner. -Yeah, exactly.
The list goes on. -Yeah, "Lying and Stealing"
with Theo James. It's a story of sort of
a heisty type guy. And I play a little bit
of a female con man. -Yeah.
-Who lies about her name. And we kind of pair up
to take on the bad guys. It's fun.
-It's super fun. I want to show everyone a clip.
Here's Emily Ratajkowski in the new movie
"Lying and Stealing." Take a look at this. -Will you, um,
be my fake boyfriend or not? -Sure. See if we can spy on him. -Okay. -[ Breathing sharply ] Is, uh, that him, 6:00? -How'd you do that? -I don't know.
It just seems like him. -Yeah. But there are a lot
of candidates here. -Only three Italian ones. That guy, and he's not creepy.
He's almost dead. That guy through there,
and that seems pretty obvious. -What about that guy? -That guy's Jewish.
-How do you know that? Okay, that's very impressive. -Bingo.
-Mm. -Here comes your boy. -Okay, he thinks
I'm half Italian. -Speak Italian.
-Sure, not really. Ah, Giovanni.
-Bella. -[ Speaks Italian ] [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah, Bella, Bella, ciao! Emily Ratajkowski, everybody. "Lying and Stealing"
is on DirecTV June 13th and in theaters July 12th. Goodbye, Columbo.
It was a pleasure meeting you.

40 thoughts on “Emily Ratajkowski Debuts the Cutest Puppy Alive on The Tonight Show

  1. Never been a fan of Fallon, he’s not a good interview. He fawns over his guests rather than ask interesting questions and forget about the childish party games, c’mon man. It’s just a dumb show

  2. Don’t mind me I’m just gonna shove my nose into your dogs face and make him like my nose so it looks like he loves me.

  3. You got to give it to her, though. She knew nobody would even bother with listening to what she was saying but she brought the puppy along anyway.

  4. Have they recently trimmed the fat on this show? And by fat I mean running time. There is no more intro, it's just that guy saying "here's Jimmy". Also, his opening monologue seems shorter jokes.

  5. et si travoltat cherche une production pour faire des films mieux que celui là je le soutient parceque sans nous il n'y a que de la merde.

  6. en tout cas c'est mon idole mais je ne suis pas godard pour parler d'elle comme de Brigitte bardeau. ou mieux de parler de piscine pour la voir en mayo de bain et elle est magnifique. meme si elle cherche encore a etre model pour avoir un bebe avec un riche ou pire de seulement en etre fan.

  7. il manquerais plus que le film soit de moi pour en faire un style usa de canne pour me tuer. et sa tete est moins biens présenté et ça deviens plus de faire d'avoir des roles avec des acteur qui doivent remplacer les grand noms du cinema. et peut etre pas la garder si elle pense faire d'etre le cinema sans avoir fait de film pour avoir un oscar deja.

  8. et j'observe beaucoup les actrice parceque les films sont plus tourné pour elle que les acteur sauf pour des films d'adolescents. mais il faut beaucoup et et plus qu'un style megan fox pour parler d'harvey weinstein pour dire que c'est les hommes alors que c'etais peut etre juste de coucher pour utiliser des capotes.

  9. c'est une vraie sex symbole. et je serai heureux de travailler avec elle encore si elle accepte que son corps est devenu un art au milieu d'ecran vert et de plein de scenarios que je n'ai pas fait. mais elle est vraiment facile et simple au point que c'est qu'elle n'aime que la vie .

  10. She is not giving any attention to a dog she is bringing on the show. In my experience she is using the dog as an object to get more views. Poor dog!

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